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Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Fraxel laser resurfacing is one of our most widely performed procedures at Cutis. We utilise this laser for skin rejuvenation as it addresses sun damage, pigmentation & wrinkles. Most patients require only one treatment. Our dermatologists have been instrumental in developing the international guides for this laser.

Key Points

  • Fractional lasers treat a ‘fraction’ of the skin’s surface area
  • This results in faster healing times & less side effects
  • Fraxel is an excellent laser for wrinkles, pigment, & solar keratosis
  • Our Brisbane clinic performs High Density Fraxel, reducing sessions from 3 to 1
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Fraxel Laser Resurfacing at a glance

For: Pigmentation, wrinkles, solar keratosis
Procedure time: 25 minutes
Duration of results: Years
Back to work: 1 session
Recovery: 5 days
Anaesthetic: Numbing, gas
Your specialist: Nurse
How much: $$

Our results speak for themselves



Laser Resurfacing treatment cutis dermatology brisbane 48

Thulium 1927 Fraxel + Q switch nano laser. One session only, 5-day recovery. Classed as medium-light resurfacing

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    fractional high density laser cutis dermatology

    Fractional Thulium high density – 1 session.⁠

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      Fraxel Laser treatment cutis dermatology brisbane

      Fraxel laser resurfacing

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        What is Fraxel laser?

        Fraxel laser significantly improves skin quality, pigmentation, & stimulates collagen. This laser rejuvenates skin cells below the skin’s surface, helping to smooth out the creases that cause wrinkling & scars.

        What can Fraxel treat?

        Fraxel laser is marketed as a do-it-all laser. Here is the marketing spiel, read more to understand what Fraxel is really good at. Fraxel treats-

          • Pigmentation
          • Melasma
          • Wrinkles
          • Enlarged pores
          • Acne Scars
          • Sun damage
          • Hair loss
          • Pores
          • Dull skin
          • Stretch marks

        But what does Fraxel treat really well?

        Marketing jargon aside, Fraxel treats 4 conditions really well-

        • Flat age spots called seborrheic keratosis
        • Fine lines & mild wrinkles
        • Solar or actinic keratosis
        • Enlarged pores in lighter skin types

        We employ this laser in the HD setting, which means only one session is required (in 90% of cases).

        What is the recovery time?

        In normal density, 4-5 days.

        In high density (HD), 5-6 days.


        Healing goes like this-

        Day 1-2 darkening of skin

        Day 3-4 flaking & red

        Day 5-6 healed


        Your dermatologist or treating specialist will give you an accurate indication of downtime.

        What is the Fraxel laser cost?

        Our clinic provides comprehensive Fraxel packages, tailored to every patient.

        Single treatment Fraxel laser $1290

        Fraxel treatment packages: 3 sessions for $3,069

        *$1290 single treatment normal density, $1690 super high density Fraxel laser (dermatologist prescribed).

        How would I know if Fraxel is the best choice for me?

        Cutis Dermatology Brisbane has over 35 lasers, & we will give you the best advice possible. 

        Book a FREE* consultation with our nurses, they will assess your skin & understand your goals.  *T&C applies.


        Fraxel laser brisbane

        Is it painful?

        Yes, hence why we use 23/7 specialist strength analgesia. We also use a cooling system to help. In some cases, we use nitrous oxide laughing gas. The procedure takes 20 -25 minutes to perform. Post laser, there is no pain.

        Why Is Fraxel DUAL Called DUAL?

        Fraxel DUAL is a tested and proven laser with two distinct wavelengths. One wavelength will trigger the skin to produce new collagen, the 1550 wavelength and another will target pigment and damaged cells to force them into exfoliation, the more superficial 1927. The DUAL is well known for its effectiveness in reducing pigmentation.

        How does Fraxel compare with HALO laser resurfacing?

        Fraxel is much better than HALO in the context of skin rejuvenation. The 1927 wavelength of Fraxel targets pigment far better than the erbium of HALO. 

        Combining Fraxel with CO2 elevates the collagen stimulating effects. Hybrid resurfacing with 1927 & CO2 wavelengths give superior results, & in most cases only one treatment session is required. 

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        How does Fraxel compare with microneedling?

        No comparison here. One treatment of Fraxel is far better than 12 sessions of microneedling.


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        We perform a special setting with Fraxel known as HD or high density. This means most  treatments are completed in only one session, saving treatment & recovery time. 

        How does it work?

        Fraxel uses fractional laser skin resurfacing technology. This means that small sections of laser light energy are delivered to the skin. This reduces collateral damage to the surrounding area & enables faster healing times. 


        The percentage of skin treated is controlled by us, hence we can tailor the density according to your skin condition & downtime.

        What is Hybrid Fraxel resurfacing?

        This combines another wavelength with Fraxel, meaning two lasers in one session. The most frequent combination is with CO2. Hence patients are getting a far superior treatment in the one sitting. 

        We also combine Fraxel with pigment specific lasers including Q Switch & Pico lasers. This reduces the number of treatment sessions to only one.

        How good is Fraxel for sun damage & sunspots?

        Fraxel is the standout treatment for actinic or solar keratosis. With a heal time of only 6 days, it compares favourably with Efudix (4 weeks), Aldara (6-12 weeks) & PDT (one week). One treatment clears between 75-85% of sunspots. 

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        How many sessions will I require?

        In 90% of cases only require one treatment, as compared to other clinics whereby 2-5 sessions are the norm. 

        Cutis uses the HD function of Fraxel, which means we apply the laser using High Density settings. This covers up to 95% of the skin’s surface, as compared to 50-70% with normal settings. 

        High density means far less treatments, better outcomes, with an extra downtime of only 24 to 36 hours. It is also a huge cost saving for the patient.

        Can Fraxel be used on all skin types?

        Yes, but the argument is ‘are there better ways to treat darker skin types?’ For darker/ethnic skin we need to reduce the power & density of the laser. This means more treatments. 

        Darker skin types will benefit more from pico laser treatments. They cost less, offer better results, have less downtime & much less risks compared to Fraxel.

        Conversely, Fraxel is best for lighter skin types as the physics of the wavelength dictates results. Pico lasers don’t work as well in lighter skin types as the target is pigment. At Cutis, we apply specific lasers to specific conditions & ethnic skin types.

        Can Fraxel treat melasma?

        Fraxel 1550 was the first laser to get approval for melasma in 2006. Since then, laser technology has moved on. We now use lasers that offer better outcomes with less downtime & costs. 

        Dermatologists still use Fraxel as the last line against stubborn pigment. In this setting Fraxel is used to create channels to allow pigment to come to the surface. 

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        Can Fraxel treat stretch marks?

        Fraxel is one of the better lasers for stretch marks, especially old ones. If you have white, papery, or silver stretchmarks, fractional lasers it the treatment of choice. 

        If you have red stretch marks, the best laser is a vascular laser. 

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        What is the go with Fraxel & acne scars?

        Though the 1550 wavelength can help treat acne scars, dermatologists prefer scar directed therapy. This means we match your scar type to the best treatments possible. However, if you have done your own research & would like Fraxel, our team can easily provide you with treatments. 

        In the context of acne scarring, CO2 lasers or RF microneedling provide better results, with less downtime & costs.

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        What is the Fraxel RePair & what is the difference?

        Fraxel RePair is a CO2 laser. It is outdated. We did use this laser from 2014 to 2016, since then we have replaced with it with the eCo2, Ultrapulse, Mixto & CO2RE.

        What are the side effects of Fraxel lasers?

        This laser is extremely safe. Side effects are rare but include-

        • Infection
        • Flare up of rosacea
        • Flare up of melasma
        • Post treatment skin colour changes

        Fraxel should not be used as a primary treatment for melasma. It can be considered in recalcitrant cases. Fraxel laser brisbane

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