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Double Chin Treatments

Our specialists can offer several procedures that can help you effectively improve your profile. Visit our Brisbane clinics to learn more about how our double chin treatments can help you.
We are versed with non-invasive procedures including:
  • CoolSculpting
  • Liposuction
  • Fat Dissolving Injections
  • HIFU – Ultherapy
  • Tempsure
  • Genius RF Microneedling

Our results speak for themselves



Double chin treatment brisbane

Cryolipolysis for submental fat & double chins

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    Double chin treatment brisbane 3

    Cryolipolysis for submental fat & double chins

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      Submental fat reduction & tightening with HIFU. This reduces the double chins.

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        Treatments for Double Chins

        Best for: Double chins
        Down time: 0-2 days
        Comments: Good treatment for some3
        Best for: Under chin fat
        Down time: 2-3 days
        Comments: Most predictable treatment
        Fat Dissolving Injections
        Best for: Focal fat pockets
        Down time: 21+ days
        Comments: Multiple sessions
        HIFU – Ultherapy
        Best for: Laxity & bulk
        Down time: 0-2 days
        Comments: Best for thicker skin
        Best for: Mild laxity
        Down time: 0 days
        Comments: Gentle neck & chin contouring
        Genius RF Microneedling
        Best for: Laxity & wrinkles
        Down time: 3 days
        Comments: 2-4 sessions
        What is the cause- excess fat, skin laxity, or both?
        Fat dissolving injections? Think again

        Often referred to as a “double chin,” the presence of pinchable fat & excess skin can upset the harmonics of the lower face. Unfortunately, this area doesn’t respond to diet or exercise, despite the healthiest lifestyles. Our dermatologists are experts in both  non-invasive procedures ranging from fat- freezing, fat dissolving injections to liposuction & skin tightening.

        Though our dermatologists were one of the firsts to use deoxycholic acid or fat dissolving injections, we have moved away from this procedure 5 years ago. Why? Because combined downtime is over five times longer than liposuction & in most cases cost more. The results with minimally invasive procedures are infinitely better than fat dissolving injections. 

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        The importance of skin tightening
        Predictable under chin fat removal

        One of the biggest mistakes we see is to only address fat without skin tightening. Fat removal in patients over the age of 30 should ideally be combined with skin tightening procedures. We employ techniques such as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, RF microneedling or bipolar radiofrequency. Combination treatment sharpens the jawline for a better lower face profile. 

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        The most predictable method of removing under chin fat, together with tightening skin of this area is liposuction. We often employ RF skin tightening during this procedure to give outstanding, predictable, & safe results in ONE treatment session. Recovery is less than 48 hours, & the effects are permanent. 


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        Often referred to as double chins, the presence of pinchable fat & excess skin can upset the harmonics of the lower face. Our specialists can offer several procedures that can help you effectively improve your profile. We are versed with non-invasive procedures ranging from fat- freezing, fat dissolving injections to liposuction & skin tightening.


        What is the least invasive way to treat double chins?

        The least invasive procedure is that of CoolSculpting, using the CoolSculpt Mini applicator. This simple, painless procedure takes 40 minutes to perform & gives predictable results, providing the appropriate fit of the vacuum seal. 

        CoolSculpting uses cold to ‘freeze fat’, in turn destroying unwanted fat cells. 

        What is the recovery following CoolSculpting for double chins?

        Typically, 1-3 days. You will experience some mild swelling & redness after the procedure. This is much less compared to fat dissolving injections- more on that later. 

        Does CoolSculpting give permanent results?

        Yes. One treatment can reduce fat by up to 25%. Most patients undergo 2-3 sessions for a permanent 40% reduction in chin fat.

        What is the most predictable way to remove double chin fat?

        If you are after the best, most predictable results with the least amount of downtime, chin liposuction is indicated. This procedure is performed by our specialist dermatologists in an operating room located at Cutis Dermatology. Liposuction-



        • Efficiently removes the majority of submental pre-platysma fat
        • Has a recovery time of 2 days
        • Can tighten neck skin at the same time as fat removal
        • Gives the best results
        • Is minimally invasive

        Learn more (link to neck liposuction in this section) 

        How do we tighten neck skin?

        Skin tightening procedures can also be used to tighten and tone areas of the face and neck, including the jowls and jawline.

        We provide a bespoke solution including-

        • Kybella fat dissolving injections
        • Tempsure/Pelleve skin tightening
        • RFM with Genius RF
        • PDO threads + RF NuEra
        • Liposuction + laser skin tightening

        What is involved with fat dissolving injections?

        Fat dissolving injections, called Kybella or Belkyra in Australia, involve injections of deoxycholic acids. This acid is the same acid found in bile salts. It works by dissolving fat. 


        Injections take 15 minutes to perform, however recovery is prolonged. Factor in 3-4 procedures spaced 6-10 weeks apart & you will see why we don’t recommend this treatment, even though we’re competent in performing Belkyra injections. Refer to the reasoning below.  



        What is the recovery time following Belkyra?

        Recovery time after Belkyra is typically limited to 4-7 days. Pain or swelling can be treated with a cold compress. Swelling is normal after Belkyra & shouldn’t alarm you if it makes the treated area look even larger.


        The swelling should hit its peak at 48 hours but can last a few weeks. During recovery, you may also experience mild bruising, burning, or numbness. Factor in 2-4 sessions, & the recovery time can add up. Therefore, most dermatologists & plastic surgeons prefer liposuction or CoolSculpting Mini to treat under chin – double chin fat. 

        Do fat dissolving injections tighten neck skin?

        Although Kybella or Belkyra is meant to dissolve chin fat, it can tighten loose neck skin as a secondary phenomenon. This is an unexpected (but good) side effect. It is not predictable, but certainly welcomed.  

        For more predictable results, we use devices such as radiofrequency microneedling, Tempsure, HIFU & other radiofrequency devices. Our specialists also employ collagen stimulating dermal fillers & lasers to address neck laxity. For severe laxity, a surgical neck lift is indicated. 

        What are the risks associated with fat dissolving injections to the neck & lower face?

        As dermatologists, we see the results from our own patients, plus side effects that have been referred to us from other clinics. This gives us a better understanding of the results out there, including the side effects. Risks of Kybella & Belkyra include-



        • Prolonged swelling: can last up to 4 weeks
        • Scarring: we have seen cases from other clinics. Occurs when injections are superficial. 
        • Prolonged lumps: Kybella causes fat necrosis & nodules
        • Nerve damage: Especially lower face off label Belkyra

        How many fat dissolving injections will I require?

        Most patients notice results after 2-4 Belkyra treatments. Factor in a downtime of one week for each session, you can expect up to one month of recovery. This includes limitations on work & exercise. As a comparison-



        • CoolSculpting Mini for double chins: 1-2 days recovery. 2-3 sessions.
        • Liposuction: 2-3 days recovery, one session only.

        How much are double chin treatments?

        The price depends on the complexity of treatments & associated procedures such as skin tightening. As a guide-



        • Chin liposuction: is cost effective in the long run because it requires only one session, with a recovery time of only 2-3 days. 



        • Belkyra is the most expensive method, if you factor in the total recovery time of 3-4 weeks. 

        CoolSculpting can be an economical method of treating under chin fat, especially if you respond to one session. Most require 2+ sessions for optimal results. 

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