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Hybrid Laser Resurfacing

Hybrid laser resurfacing is the most popular form of skin rejuvenation at Cutis. This treatment combines the best laser wavelengths in the one treatment. The type of lasers we employ is tailored according to your concerns, skin type & clinical findings.

Key Points

  • Laser resurfacing addresses deep wrinkles, laxity, pigmentation & sun damage
  • One treatment will make a significant difference
  • Hybrid entails the combination of 2 or more lasers in the one sitting
  • This is the most cost-effective method of skin rejuvenation
  • Hybrid resurfacing is best for lighter skin types 
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Hybrid Laser Resurfacing at a glance

For: Unparalleled skin rejuvenation. Deep wrinkles, laxity, pigment, sun damage
Procedure time: 45 minutes
Duration of results: 3-7 years
Back to work: 1 session
Recovery: 4-10 days
Anesthetic: Numbing, blocks, gas
Your specialist: Specialist nurse
How much: $$-$$$

Our results speak for themselves

Acne scars
Acne scar revision brisbane Cutis

Hybrid laser resurfacing can markedly reduce scarring with minimal recovery. Asian skin type.

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    Laser Resurfacing treatment cutis dermatology brisbane 35

    Broad Band Light + Hybrid NA laser can improve skin quality & reduce wrinkles. 3-5 sessions for best outcomes

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      Lip Rejuvenation
      Perioral Lip rejuvenation treatment cutis dermatology brisbane 1 scaled

      Hybrid laser resurfacing, ablative CO2 &
      erbium. One session, 10 day recovery

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        What can hybrid resurfacing do for your skin?

        Hybrid Lasers Resurfacing

        Hybrid lasers resurfacing is a novel laser treatment which improves the overall appearance of moderate to severe photoaging & sun damage. Using two different lasers we treat both the superficial & deeper aspects of skin ageing. 

        This treatment increases dermal collagen & hyaluronic acid, in turn improving deep wrinkles, age spots & pigmentation. Skin looks fresher, more vibrant with a natural glow & luminosity. This treatment also removes age related barnacles known as seborrheic warts & fatty deposits known as sebaceous hyperplasia. 

        How many sessions will I require?

        Most patients require only one session to have the best results. This is because combining two lasers in the one treatment amplifies the effects of each laser wavelength.

        Are hybrid laser resurfacing treatments painful?

        Using numbing gel, blocks, gas & or conscious sedation, treatments are well tolerated. After the laser treatment you will feel warm for a few hours. Recovery from there is uneventful. 

        How long does it take to see results following treatment?

        Results can be seen within the week. Skin will look and feel refreshed with better luminosity, reduced pigmentation & better light transmission.

        Wrinkles will be markedly improved & surface changes corrected. Collagen remodelling takes a few months to peak, so the best results are seen 2-3 months after the procedure.

        How do I care for my skin after hybrid lasers?

        We recommend that you refrain from putting on makeup for 5 days after resurfacing. Our clinicians will give you an exact time frame of skin recovery, based upon the settings we use.

        In most cases we bring your back the next day for LED phototherapy, as this accelerates skin recovery & minimizes downtime

        As the skin begins to heal, you should apply moisturizer several times a day. This will reduce any dryness experienced after your treatment & speed up healing. 

        Sun exposure after the treatment should be avoided as skin is more sensitive to UV.  Following treatment, you are required to apply a SPF 50+ sunscreen twice a day. You can go back to your normal skincare routine 10-14 days after the laser treatment.

        Can hybrid laser resurfacing be used on darker skin types?

        For darker skin we substitute non-ablative lasers for pico fractional lasers with short pulse CO2 lasers in the one session. Pico lasers treat the upper layers of skin, whilst CO2 lasers treat the deeper layers. 

        The caveat is that dark skin patients will usually require 2-3 sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart. This is to reduce the chances of post laser skin darkening. 

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        How safe are treatments?

        Hybrid resurfacing gives the same benefits as more aggressive fully ablative laser resurfacing, whilst minimizing downtime & risks. 

        For the superficial component of the laser, the top layer of skin remains intact. This results in a safe, but effective low risk treatment. CO2 is performed in a high power but lower density, speeding up recovery, without compromising on the results. 

        Rare side effects include-

        • Infection
        • Delayed healing
        • Prolonged colour changes (red, dark)
        • Flare up of rosacea (easily managed)


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Our signature skin rejuvenation program consists of deep CO2 & superficial non-ablative lasers combined in the one sitting. One session can rejuvenate skin by over 10 years.

        What can I do to amplify results following laser resurfacing?

        The use of appropriate skincare will accelerate & preserve results. Our team will go through your skin care routine & prescribe suitable products based on your skin type & goals. 


        Low downtime AHA peels & light lasers can keep your skin clear & wrinkle free for many years to come. Injectable hyaluronic acid & muscle relaxants can augment results from laser resurfacing. 

        How does hybrid resurfacing compare with microneedling?

        No comparison. Microneedling is best for delivery of actives into the dermal layers of skin. Microneedling results in the context of skin rejuvenation is modest, even after a series of treatments. 

        Lasers function to deliver skin rejuvenation at another level, as they deliver controlled heating. This stimulates more collagen than ‘cold’ techniques like microneedling.

        What is the cost of hybrid laser resurfacing?

        Laser resurfacing is more affordable than you think. Hybrid laser is classed as level 4 resurfacing. As a guide, our nursing team performs level 1 to 4 resurfacing

        Our specialist dermatologists perform level 5 resurfacing which is commonly reserved for severe sun damage, deep wrinkles and photoaging.  

        • Level 1 Laser Resurfacing $460 per treatment (Clear & Brilliant)  
        • Level 2 Laser Resurfacing $1090 per treatment (Fraxel)  
        • Level 3 Laser Resurfacing $1,490 per treatment (High density Fraxel) 
        • Level 4 Laser Resurfacing $1,890 -$2490 per treatment (CO2 fractional laser +/- Fraxel laser) 
        • Level 5 Laser Resurfacing $3,990 -$5990 per treatment (CO2 fully ablative / Erbium)  

        What is the next step up from Hybrid laser resurfacing?

        The next step up is reserved for deep wrinkles, sun damage, smoker’s lines & eye rejuvenation for marked laxity & wrinkles. We perform one of two treatments-

        Fully ablative laser resurfacing using CO2 & erbium lasers. Downtime of 7-12 days. This is classed as level 5 resurfacing. 

        Deep peels including croton oil phenol or Jessner TCA. Downtime of 7-14 days.

        What is the next step down from Hybrid lasers?

        A step down from Hybrid includes the following lasers.

        CO2 fractional / LARI or laser assisted retinoid infusion. This treatment has a downtime of 2-4 days. It is best for mild textural changes, fine lines, enlarged pores. It is classed as level 2 resurfacing & costs $790-$990 per session. 2-3 treatments typically performed. 

        Fraxel laser resurfacing: 2-4 sessions are required. Costs $890-990 per session. 

        Pico fractional lasers using Picoway or Picosure Pro. Ideal for darker skin types. 2-4 sessions. Best for pigmentation, fine lines & pore refinement.

        What should you consider before undertaking hybrid lasers?

        Laser resurfacing is an investment of time, effort, and money. Here are some helpful pointers which may help you along your skincare journey. 

        • Correct procedure: is this the best procedure for your concerns? Hybrid resurfacing addresses skin quality in moderate to severe photoaging.
        • Balanced goals: remember to address skin tightening & volume replacement
        • Recovery: downtime is one week. If this doesn’t suit your lifestyle, other smaller procedures may be indicated.
        • Maintenance: results following laser resurfacing are predictable. Skin care post laser will optimize your results & increase outcome longevity.

        Want to know more about Hybrid lasers?

        Book a FREE consultation with our laser nurses at Cutis Dermatology. They will guide you accordingly. 


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