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Jessner Peel

Jessner Peel combine alpha hydroxy acids with beta hydroxy acids. This peel can treat acne, photodamage, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles. Recovery can be tailored according to the number of coats.

Key Points

  • Jessner is a superficial peel
  • It combines lactic acid, salicylic acid & resorcinol in the one solution 
  • Jessner can be employed as an all-round peel to improve dull skin & acne
  • Jessner can be used to potentiate & amplify other peels including TCA 
  • Recovery can be tailored to the patient
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Jessner Peel at a glance

For: Pigmentation, acne, fine lines
Procedure time: 15 minutes
Duration of results: Variable
Back to work: 2-5 sessions
Recovery: 0-4 days
Anaesthetic: Nil
Your specialist: Nurse
How much: $

Our results speak for themselves


What is Jessner?

This peel combines lactic acid, an AHA with salicylic acid, a BHA & a molecule known as resorcinol. Each element of the peel plays an important role.



  • Lactic acid is a hydrating & exfoliating acid.
  • Salicylic acid is a keratolytic & penetrates the oil gland. It is also anti-inflammatory. 
  • Resorcinol potentiates penetration of both acids into the skin. 

What can a Jessner peel do for my skin?

Jessner peel is an all-round peeling agent. It can treat fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, pores & congestion. It can improve pigmentation, & enhance the light reflex, making skin more luminous. In summary it improves skin quality & texture.

What is the recovery following Jessner Peels?

Recovery is proportional to the amount of pre-peel prep, & the number of coats. This can range from a few hours to 4 days. 


Your nurse will discuss downtime prior to the peel. 

How many sessions will I need?

3-5 for optimal outcomes. These are spaced a month apart.

What chemical peel is best for my skin condition?

At Cutis Dermatology we employ over a dozen chemical peels, from very superficial to super deep peels. Book a FREE* consultation with our nursing team to discuss your goals. 


*T & C Apply. Reception will guide you through the assessment process.


Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

Jessner peels are great for improving skin quality as well as reducing clogged pores & blackheads. We also combine Jesser with TCA peels to deliver a super strong deep peel to remove wrinkles, sun damage & unwanted pigmentation.

Is Jessner safe in all skin types?

Yes, providing we limit the number of coats in darker skins. Pico lasers are better & safer in ethnic skin. 

What is Jessner TCA?

This epic peel gives epic downtime but also epic results. Classified as medium to deep peel, this combination goes down to the mid dermis. Jessner TCA has a recovery of 8+ days. It is performed by a dermatologist only & requires sedation. It treats-



  • Moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Skin laxity
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores, pigmentation

What are other chemical peels for acne?

Retinoic acid & salicylic acid peels are best for acne. The former works by reducing acne at a molecular level, whilst salicylic acid is a powerful exfoliator. 


Our nurses at Cutis will guide you according to the severity of your acne & downtime. These peels are $120. 

What are other skin rejuvenating peels?

Superficial peels include retinoic acid, lactic, & glycolic acid peels. AHA peels have no downtime, whilst retinoic acid peels have a 3–5-day recovery. 

We also perform medium to deep peels. This is more involved & is performed under sedation. Downtime ranges from 8 to 14 days. 

What is the best peel for pigmentation?

Cosmelan & Dermamelan peels are best, however downtime varies from 4 to 10 days. Other peels for pigment including glycolic & low concentrations of TCA


Dermatologists prefer lasers as they are more effective & cost less than peels (in the context of pigmentation). Jessner peeling has been reported to reduce melasma pigmentation, however this is the exception rather than the rule.


Learn more (link to Cosmelan peels in this section) 

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