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The visit

Cutis Dermatology has two locations, Taringa & Indooroopilly. Take note of which clinic you will be visiting.

Please bring the following for the first appointment:

  • Referral letter (if you have one)
  • Medicare or DVA Card
  • Completed new patient registration form

​Before your appointment:

  • It is important not to wear a make-up if your condition involves your face or you need a skin check.
  • Copies of any relevant blood tests, biopsy or test results that may be relevant to your consultation
  • Obtain pictures of your problem if you have taken any.

Running late? 

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your initial appointment as the patient registration process does take time. Please call the practice if you are running late as this will impact patient appointments following your own appointment. Depending on the time constraints, the next patient may be seen before you, alternatively your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Sorry, we’re running late

Our clinical staff will make every effort to run on time, but delays are possible due to unavoidable patient circumstances. The most common reason is that the patient/s before you were late, giving a flow on effect. Other rare causes of delay include extended procedural times.

Cancellation policy / Failure to attend a scheduled appointment

We understand that urgent matters pop up & last-minute cancellations are inevitable. Contact the clinic if you need to reschedule. The earlier the better.

We will also send you an SMS message to confirm your appointment at least 3-4 days before the scheduled appointment. If we do not receive confirmation from you at least 24 hours before your appointment, this appointment will be cancelled & offered to another patient on our lengthy waiting list.

A fee will be charged for failing to attend your scheduled confirmed appointment, and for last minute cancellations of less than 24 hours’ notice, except for unavoidable circumstances. Inform us as early as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment to avoid incurring such fees.

Interstate & overseas patients

Cutis Dermatology frequently sees patients from all around Australia & the world. Both our clinics are located 30 minutes from the domestic & international airport. If you are having procedures, take note of the timing. We suggest giving yourself at least 2 hours leeway, especially if you are having procedures.

The Visit FAQs

What are the fees?

Cutis Dermatology is a private billing practice. Every effort is made to ensure that our professional fees are reasonable. They reflect our expertise, time, commitment & equipment levels required to provide you with the best standards of specialist care.

Our fees do involve out-of-pocket costs except for DVA cardholders.

Which clinic do I attend - Taringa or Indooroopilly?

Our administration team will triage you accordingly. We have specific equipment levels, depending on the clinic. Complex laser & surgical procedures are conducted in our Taringa clinic.

Note, your follow up consultation may be at another clinic, depending on what equipment is required. Both clinics are located 4 minutes drive apart.

What’s the parking & access like?

Free street parking is available nearby and a limited number of car parking spaces are provided onsite. There is a time limit of 2 hours, which is plenty.

Access is provided for wheelchairs in both clinics.

Will private health insurance cover any treatments?

In most cases no, as most of our procedures do not require hospital stay. Some overseas health insurance companies will partially cover treatments.

Can procedures be done on the same day?

Simple procedures can be conducted on the same day, providing there is adequate time. Examples include-

Medical: Biopsy of a rash or suspicious lesion. Phototherapy, curettage of lesions, steroid injections for keloid scars or hair disorders. Lasers for rosacea & red spots.

Cosmetic: Simple dermal fillers & cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections can be performed on the same day.

International & interstate patients: Every attempt will be made to ensure you have treatment in a timely manner. We do hold slots for these patients & in most cases you can be treated within 72 hours of your appointment.

Can you drive following a procedure?

Your dermatologists or nurse will advise you prior to the procedure. To ensure utmost patient comfort levels, we do, on occasion, provide conscious sedation. You cannot drive home if you have had any sedative or narcotics.

You can drive home if you have numbing cream, injections or laughing gas (after 30 minutes).

What is the difference between a dermatologist & someone who does skin consults?

A minimum of 4-years extra education. Dermatologists are doctors who have completed the Australian Medical Council Accredited Specialty training program for all skin disorders including skin cancer, hair, & nails.

Dermatologists can provide you with advice & treatment that in most circumstances other doctors cannot provide.

Some of our dermatologists have extended their subspecialist skills in procedural, laser, cosmetic & injectable work. Cutis Dermatology also has specialists who treat skin disorders in children, whilst others have a subspecialty in hair disorders & women’s dermatology.

Are my photos private?

Yes, they are. Any videos or photos that may show your identity are flagged for permission of use prior to posting. We respect your privacy, so please tell your clinician if you wish that no photos are used.

Do I really need a referral?

For medical & procedural cases yes. If you are having cosmetic work, no.

There is an overlap that gets really confusing, as there are specific criteria under Medicare ruling. Examples include-

  • If you have red blood vessels seen at 3 meters or more, there is a Medicare claim
  • If you have significant objective acne scars, it’s considered medical with a Medicare claim for some procedures
  • If you have birthmarks, Medicare will partially cover most treatments
  • If you have spots such as syringomas, there is a Medicare rebate
  • If you suffer from sweating, Medicare covers injections to the underarms but not the hands, face or scalp
  • If you have significant surgical or traumatic scars, Medicare covers treatments

You will need a current referral to receive the full Medicare rebates, otherwise you may have higher out-of-pocket costs. It’s hard for the administration team to make a call on what is claimable or not, hence if you are in doubt, obtain a referral.

What happens if I cannot afford treatment privately?

We understand that some patients may not afford private fees, in this case we can refer you to the public hospital system. Our specialists work at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, Greenslopes, Brisbane Children’s Hospital & Mater Adults.  You can request a referral to these hospitals or have your case transferred to the public system. Note that appointments will be triaged as per hospital terms & conditions.

When do we refer you to another dermatologist?

Cutis Dermatology has subspeciality dermatologists, every effort will be made to fit you into the correct dermatologist for your concern. Please check with our reception team to ensure that your primary concern can be seen by the treating dermatologist.

Hair loss disorders: Dr Esh, Dr Heba & Dr Sarath
Paediatric dermatology: Dr Heba, Dr Belle & Dr Esh
Female dermatology: Dr Esh

Do we do telephone consults & email advice?

No, not for initial consults, however if you are experiencing problems with your medications or if you have postoperative complications, your concerns will be forwarded to our nurses. In most circumstances our experienced nurses will action this enquiry, & if required pass it to your dermatologist.

How do I get an urgent appointment?

Cutis Dermatology provides a RASH or Rapid Access Skin Help clinic. Patients are seen within 48 hours of a GP referral (in 90% of cases you are seen within a day).

Rapid Access forms can be downloaded from this site, alternatively ask your GP to categorise the appointment as URGENT.

What if I am unhappy with my standard of care?

If you have any concerns regarding your standard of care, please consult our practice manager, Lucy Sachs. She will investigate the complaint & will get back to you as soon as possible.

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