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Tixel Eye Rejuvenation

Tixel skin rejuvenation treats facial & eyelid wrinkles. This revolutionary treatment can tighten eyelid skin with minimal downtime. Tixel provides excellent results with low pain, low downtime, low costs & quick patient recovery.

Key Points

  • Tixel is a non-laser, non-surgical treatment for wrinkles
  • It is especially good at treating wrinkles around the eyes
  • Tixel delivers short contact heating to contract & stimulate collagen
  • Recovery can be tailored to downtime- typically 2-4 days
  • All skin types can be safely treated with Tixel
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 Tixel eye rejuvenation at a glance

Best outcomes: 2-5 sessions
Procedure time: 10 minutes
Duration of results: Years
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0-4 days
Anaesthetic: Local numbing gel
Your specialist: Dermatologist, nurse
How much: $

Our results speak for themselves



Tixel Eyes Treatment

Tixel resurfacing is great for around the eyes. This result is exceptional & not the norm.

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    Eye rejuvenation Brisbane

    2 sessions of Tixel on eye area

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      Eye rejuvenation Brisbane

      2 sessions of Tixel on eye area

      Ask us more about this treatmant


        How does Tixel work?

        Tixel uses superheated nano technology to stimulate collagen. It delivers very short contact heat energy delivered in less than a second to the surface of the skin. 


        Controlled heating provides more collagen remodelling in comparison to ‘cold’ therapies such as microneedling. Tixel, however does not generate uncontrolled heating, as seen in plasma pens. 

        How many treatments will I need?

        For eyelid rejuvenation, 3-4 sessions are required. These are spaced 4-6 week apart. Downtime is minimal. Tixel is a great non-surgical treatment for those who desire a gradual improvement over time. 


        Is it painful?

        For lower settings, no. For higher settings we use fast acting numbing cream. This makes the treatment painless however you will experience some heat & mild discomfort. The whole procedure takes 10 minutes. 

        Post procedure you may experience some mild stinging & swelling for a few hours. Ice will take care of this. 

        What is the recovery process like?

        Super-fast & tailored to your allocated downtime. Low power Tixel has a recovery time of 12-24 hours. Higher power settings 2-4 days. Our specialists will give you an accurate idea of downtime during the consultation.


        Pinkness of the skin can take 1-2 weeks to settle. Refrain from glycolic or retinol-based products for 2 weeks after Tixel & protect the skin from direct sunlight for 4 weeks after.

        How does Tixel compare to microneedling?

        No comparison. Tixel is a few levels above microneedling. The advantages are-

        • More efficient collagen regeneration
        • Ability to treat upper eyelids
        • Less downtime with no bleeding 
        • Much fewer side effects such as bruising and scarring


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        Tixel is a no-downtime method of eye-rejuvenation using short contact heating. This stimulates collagen, in turn reducing eye wrinkles. It is best used for mild skin laxity & can be combined with anti-wrinkle & or dermal fillers.

        Who should not have Tixel?

        Unsuitable candidates for Tixel include; 

        • Patients with moderate to severe laxity. Tixel has a low chance of working in this group
        • Recent tanning on your skin – we advise waiting 2-4 weeks
        • Have just had Toxin injections- we advise waiting a week after toxin injections. Swelling can disperse anti-wrinkle. 
        • Are pregnant. Just don’t do it. 

        What can’t Tixel do?

        Tixel cannot-

        • Lift moderate to severe laxity of the eyelids. Tixel is not a surgical substitute.
        • Treat all forms of dark circles, only those associated with skin laxity.
        • Replace loss volume. Filler & fat can. The former is predictable, the later not.

        What are the risks of Tixel?

        Tixel is one of the safest treatments for the eye area. Expected recovery includes redness, swelling, dots, crusts and grids for higher settings. 


        Side effects (less than 2% of cases) 


        • Patterned dots lasting more than 4 weeks. 
        • Prolonged swelling
        • Asymmetry 

        What other eye rejuvenating treatments does Cutis offer?

        Cutis aesthetics provides surgical & non-surgical options for eye rejuvenation. The best method depends on your skin type/colour & the clinical findings. These include-

        • Surgical blepharoplasty: for moderate to severe cases
        • Tixel resurfacing: for mild cases of laxity. Lower eyelids do better than upper eyelids
        • RF heating/ Tempsure/ Pelleve. Mild to moderate laxity, thin skin. Lower lids & crow’s feet do best with radiofrequency rejuvenation.
        • HIFU with off label Ultherapy or Ultraformer. Heavier lids than above. Off label to the upper lids. Best for ethnic skin types.
        • CO2 or erbium fully ablative lasers: great for mild to moderate laxity of both upper & lower lids.
        • Fractional Fraxel HD with CO2 modulation; best for laxity associated with sun damage & collagen breakdown.
        • TCA & Jessner or phenol peel: best for moderate to severe laxity of lower> upper lid laxity in patients who do not want surgery.
        • Hyper Dilute Ca OH wash; is a really good treatment for minimal downtime lower lid rejuvenation. This collagen stimulating filler takes 2-4 months to give optimal results.

        How does Tixel compare to Plasma Pen or fibroblasting?

        Plasma is one of the riskiest aesthetic procedures. The risks of permanent scarring & gridding are high, with very little benefit. Tixel is more effective than plasma, costs less than plasma & is infinitely safer. 

        How do I know if Tixel is the best treatment for my eye rejuvenation?

        Book a FREE consultation with our procedural nurses at Cutis. Alternatively, schedule an appointment with one of our dermatologists. 

        *Consult fee redeemable with treatments.

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