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Melasma Picosure Pro Series

Why is the Picosure Pro great for melasma?

  • Targets specific pigments for treatment
  • Breaks up excess melanin
  • Gentle with less heat damage
  • Evens skin tone, reduces dark patches
  • Fewer treatments required compared to other lasers
  • Short recovery time
  • Can be used on all skin types
Nothing clears melasma faster than our signature melasma treatment with the Picosure Pro laser. This treatment course consists of 4 sessions of the most advanced pigment laser, the Picosure Pro. This laser efficiently clears melasma pigmentation without any downtime. A series of 4 sessions is recommended for best results. The Melasma Picosure Pro package consists of 4 sessions is $1248 (save $512). T&Cs apply.

Key Points

  • Picosure is an excellent method of clearing melasma pigmentation
  • Treatments take less than 15 minutes to perform, with no downtime
  • Melasma laser treatments are comfortable & do not require numbing gel
  • Results are seen in as little as one treatment, however a series of 4 sessions provides the best results
  • Sessions are spaced 6 to 12 weeks apart

Our results speak for themselves



picosure pro results cutis dermatology

Pigment reduction after one session of the 755nm PicoSure Pro by Alison

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    melasma treatment brisbane 22

    Melasma & mixed pigment treated with the Picosure Pro laser. 1 session.

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      melasma laser treatment brisbane

      Melasma treated with the PicoSure Pro laser. 3 sessions.

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        Melasma Picosure Pro Treatment Package Info

        What will Picosure Pro do for my melasma?

        Picosure Pro is one of the most widely used pigment lasers at Cutis Dermatology. This provides unparalleled pigment clearance for melasma patients, with results in as little as one treatment. Best outcomes are achieved with a series of 4 sessions.

        What is the procedure like?

        Melasma treatment with the Picosure Pro is super gentle & fast, with each session taking 10-15 minutes to perform. Settings are determined by your treating dermatologist or nurse.

        How many pico laser sessions will I require?

        Most melasma cases will require a series of 4 sessions, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. You should notice an improvement within one session, however continue to improve with subsequent sessions. 


        *Melasma is a medical condition. We can improve most, but not all cases of melasma. 10 to 15% of cases are resistant to medical therapy, including lasers.


        Our clinic provides competitive Picosure Pro packages with settings predetermined by our dermatologists & senior laser nurses. As a guide- 


        Single treatment Picosure laser (melasma settings) $440


        Picosure Pro treatment packages: 4 sessions for $1248

        What is the difference between Picosure settings for melasma & skin rejuvenation?

        There is a significant difference as to how we deliver pico laser energy for melasma, in contrast to skin rejuvenation. It is all in the settings, much like a pressure washer. 


        For melasma, the settings are low, using a combination of different beam deliveries. It’s like the washer in spray mode. Skin rejuvenation is different as this requires much more energy & passes, much like a pressure washer with a ‘focused’ jet of water. Melasma settings do not require numbing gel, whilst rejuvenation settings do. 

        How are we different from other clinics that offer pico lasers?

        Our dermatologists & nurses are one of the most experienced pico operators in Australia, having worked with pico lasers for over 8 years. We not only perform the procedure, but teach pico resurfacing nationally & internationally. Our practice has produced numerous peer reviewed publications on the use of pico lasers. 


        Dr Davin Lim & Allison Webb are key opinion leaders for Cynosure with their Picosure system & Candela, with their Picoway laser. We employ special settings on these devices to ensure the best results for our melasma patients.

        How do I know if Picosure Pro is the correct treatment for me?

        At Cutis Dermatology we employ over 40 laser & energy devices. This ensures that you are receiving the most technologically advanced rejuvenation for your skin. 


        Book a consultation with our nurses or dermatologists to see if Picosure Pro is right for you.

        How does Picosure Pro compare to Cosmelan or Dermamelan peels?

        Though we offer Cosmelan, Dermamelan & Melapeels, Picosure Pro has many advantages over chemical peels, namely-


        • Better results with lasers
        • Less costs compared to Cosmelan – Dermamelan
        • No downtime (peels require 4-10 days of recovery)
        • Better remission rate with Picosure Pro

        Is Picosure Pro the best laser for pigmentation?

        For hormonal causes of pigmentation such as melasma, Picosure Pro provides superior outcomes compared to other pico lasers such as Picoway. Picoway is best for other types of pigmentation such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, whilst Fraxel is best for pigmentation secondary to sun damage & exposure. 

        Does Picosure cure melasma?

        No, however this treatment can place melasma in remission for variable periods. Most patients will benefit from maintenance therapy which includes the use of lasers, topical pigment blockers & systemic agents to modulate pigment stimulation. 


        Your treating clinician will discuss the concept of rotation therapy, including the integration of lasers for managing your melasma pattern.

        Will all cases of melasma respond to Picosure laser?

        Our hit rate is over 85%. Resistant cases include dermal melasma or rebound melasma due to microneedling. Patients with a history of thyroid disorders are also more resistant to treatment. Your treating clinician will discuss the implication of your pigment pattern during the consultation.

        How do we incorporate Picosure laser into your melasma treatment & maintenance protocol?

        At Cutis Dermatology we tailor each and every melasma case, taking into account your age, pigmentation onset, clinical findings such as depth of pigmentation, location as well as your ethnicity, lifestyle and where you live. From there our clinical team will discuss the best option for you. As a guide-


        • We rotate treatment topicals; eg. HQ, ascorbic acid, arbutin, botanicals, azelaic acid.
        • We formulate a laser package around your pigment taking into account the above variables.
        • In some cases we ‘pulse’ oral medications, based upon your history & clinical findings.

        How do we treat resistant melasma?

        15% of melasma cases are resistant to medical therapy, despite optimal compliance & precision settings. Reported treatments include-


        • Nano Q switching
        • Low density thulium lasers
        • Deep non-ablative fractional lasers
        • Combination topicals & lasers 
        • Vascular lasers & modifications with tablets
        • Novel chemical peels
        • Novel anti-pigment agents such as cysteamine cream

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