Our Fees

Here is a guide of our fees.

It is an estimate for a typical treatment. The best way to get an accurate cost for your treatment is, of course, to have a consultation with one of our experts. Rest assured; we won’t give you a hard sell. Yes, that’s refreshing. 

Simply get in touch & we will do our best to help you.


Our Fees

Consultation Fees

Dermatologist: $260 new patient 

Dermatologist: $195 follow up

Nurse: Free* consultation

*Fee redeemable on treatments; initial $50 applies

Laser Resurfacing Fees

Laser resurfacing is more affordable than you think.  Our nursing team performs a variety of resurfacing procedures ranging from level 1 to level 4; most resurfacing procedures fall into these categories.  

Our specialist Dermatologists perform level 5 resurfacing which is commonly reserved for severe sun damage, deep wrinkles and photoaging.  

  • Level 1 Laser Resurfacing $460 per treatment (Clear & Brilliant)  
  • Level 2 Laser Resurfacing $1090 per treatment (Fraxel)  
  • Level 3 Laser Resurfacing $1,490 per treatment (High density Fraxel) 
  • Level 4 Laser Resurfacing $1,990 -$2490 per treatment (CO2 fractional laser +/- Fraxel laser) 
  • Level 5 Laser Resurfacing $3,990 -$5990 per treatment (CO2 fully ablative / Erbium)  

Cosmetic Injectables & Thread Fees

Our cosmetic nurse injectors are experienced in providing personalised and natural results.  

  • Consultation: $49 deposit – redeemable on treatment
  • Anti-wrinkle: $6-$12 per unit
  • Lip Filler: From $490 per ml
  • 1ml Dermal Filler: $600
  • 2ml Dermal Filler: $990 (package)
  • Anti-wrinkle 2 areas: $449 (package)
  • Anti-wrinkle 3 areas: $549 (package)
  • PDO Threads: $13 per thread

Cosmetic injectable fees vary when treated by our specialist Dermatologists. 

Scar Revision Fees

Our laser nurses and therapists are experienced in treating mild to moderate acne scars and can guide you with an effective treatment plan that best suits your scars and downtime.  

As a guide, nurse led scar revision fees are; 

  • Lasers for red acne scars: $290 to $490 per treatment  
  • Lasers for acne scars: CO2 & erbium: $690 to $990 per treatment 
  • Fraxel for acne scars: $790 – $990 per treatment 
  • Infini/Genius Radio Frequency Microneedling: $690 – $990 per treatment 
  • TCA CROSS/Paint: $390 -$590 per treatment 
  • Pico lasers for brown acne scars: $290 – $590  
  • Injections for keloid scars: $150 – $190 

Our dermatologists are involved in surgical & deep laser procedures. Prices vary according to Medicare item numbers. Fees reflect the complexity of each procedure. 

Pigmentation & Melasma Fees

Our team of laser nurses & therapists offer cost effective and accessible procedures for pigmentation and melasma.  A comprehensive consultation ensures you are well informed on both the procedures and home cares to assist in pigmentation reduction.  

  • Nanosecond/dermal toning: $200 per treatment 
  • Nanosecond Melasma package: $790 for 5 treatments  
  • Picosecond- particularly suited for ethnic skin types: $390-$690 per treatment *Single spot at $390, multiple spots at $690 

Complex pigmentary conditions such as birthmarks, dermal melanocytosis, dermal melasma & other uncommon cases are managed by our specialist Dermatologists. These may carry a Medicare rebate. 

Picosecond Rejuvenation Fees

Picosecond lasers are a great option for skin rejuvenation when downtime is limited.  Our nurses apply picosecond laser technology to address early acne scars, mild wrinkling, sun damage and skin rejuvenation. Ethnic skin types benefit significantly from picosecond rejuvenation.  

  • Picosecond Rejuvenation: $390- $490 per treatment  

Vascular Laser Fees

Our laser nurses have extensive training in managing vascular concerns such as mild rosacea, telangiectasia, surgical scars, red stretch marks & red acne marks.

  • Vascular laser full face:  from $490  
  • Vascular laser cheeks: $250 
  • Telangiectasia’s (vessels around the nose): $150 
  • Red stretch marks: from $350. Prices vary due to size.  

Our specialist Dermatologists manage complex vascular concerns. These prices are determined at your initial consultation, Medicare rebates may apply.  

Tattoo Removal Fees

Our nurses offer comfortable and affordable picosecond laser tattoo removal with modern technologies to ensure a safe & effective outcome. We have both Picoway & Picosure Pro lasers.  Several factors determine the number of sessions required & prices reflect the size of the unwanted tattoo.  

  • Spot size tattoo removal: $90 per treatment  
  • Small tattoo removal: $130 per treatment 
  • Medium tattoo removal: $200 per treatment 
  • Large tattoo removal: $250 per treatment 
  • Extra-large tattoo removal: from $300 per treatment 

BBL Fees

BBL or broad band light is treatment for pigment & sun damage. It’s great for freckles, chest & decolletage rejuvenation.

  • BBL full face: $490 per treatment  
  • BBL neck and neck and décolletage: $590 per treatment 
  • BBL forearms: $550 per treatment 
  • BBL full arms: $700 per treatment 

Chemical Peel & LED Fees

Chemical peels instantly improve the texture and tone of the skin. At Cutis Dermatology, our nurses and therapists offer a variety of chemical peels including lactic, glycolic, salicylic, trichloroacetic & retinoic acid peels. Deep chemical peels such as high concentration trichloroacetic & Jessner are performed by our specialist Dermatologists.  

  • Nurse led chemical peels: $120 
  • Dermatologist led chemical peels: from $2,990  

Why not add an LED to your chemical peel?  

LED’s are a relaxing yet beneficial addition to your chemical peel. LEDs can improve a variety of skin conditions such as acne, rejuvenation & wound healing.   

  • LED treatment: $95 
  • LED added to chemical peel: $65  

Tixel Fees

A heat-based device that allows our nurses and therapists to resurface, tighten & rejuvenate the skin with minimal downtime.  

  • Tixel full face: $600  
  • Tixel eyes: $300 

Phototherapy Fee

Medical grade narrowband phototherapy is used to treat psoriasis, vitiligo & various rashes. This is bulk billed via Medicare with no out of pocket fee.

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