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Freckle Treatments

Freckles can be treated with BBL, lasers & chemical peels. The ideal treatment depends on whether you want freckles completely treated or would prefer a reduction of pigment. How long the results last depends on your sun protection. Dermatologists prescribe pigment correctors to increase clearance rates & prolong the results. 

Key Points

  • Freckles are genetically determined, however they can be effectively treated
  • BBL or Broad band light is the most popular treatment
  • Pico lasers are indicated in Asian/ethic skin with freckling
  • Fractional lasers are indicated in the older patients as they increase collagen & decrease pigment
  • Chemical peels can give good results
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Freckle Treatments at a glance

Best outcomes: 1-3 sessions
Procedure time: 10-20 minutes
Duration of results: 9-24 months
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0-5 days
Anaesthetic: Numbing
Your specialist: Nurse
How much: $$

Our results speak for themselves



Pigment Treatment

Picoway laser for lentigines, freckles & mixed pigment.

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    freckle removal treatment brisbane cutis

    Incredible results from just 1 session of Stella M22 IPL. In skin types 1-3, Stella M22 is often Alison’s go-to treatment for pigmented facial and body lesions, such as freckles, solar lentigines and poikiloderma of Civatte.

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      Freckles Pigmentation

      Broad Band Light using pigment filters can markedly improve freckles in 1-2 sessions.

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        How do dermatologists remove freckles?

        We use different treatments depending on how clear you want your skin, the extent of freckling, your ethnicity & any other associated forms of pigmentation you may have. As a guide-


        • BBL Hero or IPL: Most popular treatment. 
        • Pico Lasers: Best for Asian-Ethnic skin, low downtime
        • Fractional lasers: Best for older patients with mixed pigment & wrinkles
        • Chemical peels: to preserve the effects of lasers 

        Is BBL Hero a good treatment for freckles?

        Yes. Broad band light can reduce freckles in one to three sessions. BBL can treat freckles on the face, chest, decolletage, arms & hands.



        This device has a chilling plate to protect the skin, reduce pain & optimize outcomes. Downtime ranges from 2-6 days. 

        What is a pico laser & how do they treat freckles?

        Pico lasers are great for treating pigmentation. Pico gives a faster recovery than BBL. This laser is used for mixed pigmentation, namely, to treat freckles, sun spots, age spots & dermal pigmentation. 


        Pico lasers deliver more energy than BBL, over a shorter period of time- hence are safer for treating freckles in darker skin types. 1-3 sessions are recommended. 

        What are fractional lasers & when do we use these for treating freckles?

        Fractional lasers including Fraxel, LaseMD, Frax Pro, C+B & CO2 are useful to treat freckles & sun damage/age spots. 



        These lasers are used when there are mixed areas of pigmentation with freckles as they give better results & more photorejuvenation. We also incorporate BBL with Fraxel as this gives better results than one treatment.

        How do I know what is the best way to remove my freckles?

        Book a FREE* consultation with our nurses to assess your type of pigmentation. They will guide you as to the best treatments available. *T&Cs apply.

        Can arm freckles be treated?

        We use the BBL for freckles on the arms & shoulders. 2-4 sessions are recommended. 

        It is important to blend in these areas. 



        The first 1-2 sessions will have well demarcated grids, as this is the footprint of the BBL treatment handpiece. With subsequent treatments we will get a nice blend & transition.

        What is the best treatment for chest freckles?

        The standout treatment is BBL/ BBL Hero. You will require 2-3 sessions for the best results. Other treatment options include Picoway & Picosure Pro lasers. 


        If you have sunspots & wrinkles, we use fractional lasers such as Fraxel HD, Hybrid Lasers, often in combination with Pico or BBL Hero. 


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        One of the most effective methods of removing freckles is with IPL or BBL. Expect downtime of 3 to 4 days. Pico lasers offer similar results, with less downtime. Pigment fading creams can prolong the results from lasers.

        Can prescription creams be effective?

        Yes, prescription creams are available. They can give a 20 to 40% fading. They include-

        • Pigment inhibitors
        • Retinoids
        • Exfoliating acids that are compounded. Glycolic, lactic, citric, & kojic acid.

        Our dermatologists can guide you. Creams are best used in conjunction with procedures such as lasers, BBL & chemical peels. 

        What type of chemical peels can treat freckles?

        The best peels are Cosmelan, Dermamelan, Jessner TCA & TCA peels. These peels are high cost, but high yield. They only require one session. 


        Cost effective peels include AHA peels, in particular glycolic acid. Retinoic acid peels are also effective. These cost $98. You will require 4-6 sessions spaced two to three weeks apart. 



        Cosmelan peel  3-6 day recovery Requires 1 peel Cost $$$
        Glycolic acid peel No downtime Requires 4-6 peels Cost $
        Retinoic acid peel 2-4 day recovery Requires 4-6 peels Cost $
        TCA peel 7 day recovery Requires 1 peel Cost $$$

        Will my freckles come back?

        100%. Why? Because freckles are genetic. Your remission time depends on –



        • Genetics
        • Your level of sun exposure
        • Your level of sun protection



        As a guide, most patients will get between 9 to18 months out of a freckle removal treatment. 

        What DIY home treatments can I try?

        First, get your sunscreen application right. From there you can try-


        • Pigment correctors
        • Arbutin, liquorice extracts, citric acid, kojic acid
        • AHA & BHAs including glycolic & lactic acid creams & serums
        • Retinol & retinoids

        Above all, don’t try a DIY chemical peel, it often leads to chemical burns. 

        How do I apply sunscreen correctly?

        This is the biggest investment you can make to treat, & to prolong your freckle treatment outcomes. The rules are simple-



        1. SPF 50+
        2. Twice a day, regardless of exposure
        3. 3-5 mis per application
        4. One bottle to last 2.5-3 weeks
        5. Waterproof SPF 50+ every 2 hours for sport & activity
        6. Brands include Sunsense, Invisible Zinc, Neutrogena

        What should you consider before undertaking freckle removal?

        Freckle removal is an investment of your time, effort & money, so choose wisely. Consider-



        • Your sun exposure: if you have significant sun exposure, save your money. Treatments are effective in removing freckles, but they have a 110% chance of returning if you are exposed to sunlight. 


        • Timing: If you have lots of sun, consider doing the procedures in Winter. 
        • Costs: Chemical peels are the most cost effective, whilst lasers & BBL are the most reliable. 


        • Diagnosis: if you have melasma & freckles, BBL will treat your freckles but will make your melasma worse. Name it before you treat it. 


        For advice on treating freckles, book a FREE consultation with our nurses. 

        Consult Fee goes towards your treatments. 

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