Eye Rejuvenation Lasers

Laser resurfacing can markedly improve the appearance of tired eyes. Lasers can effectively & safely erase wrinkles, increase collagen production, reduce laxity & brighten the eye area. We use various lasers & energy devices to complement cosmetic injectables & minor surgical procedures.

Key Points

  • Lasers are one of the most effective ways to treat skin laxity & improve skin tone
  • CO2 lasers are the most efficient at stimulating collagen
  • Lasers can be used to markedly reduce wrinkles on the upper & lower eyelids
  • Results often last beyond a decade
  • In most cases only one treatment is required

Eye Rejuvenation Lasers at a glance

Best outcomes: 1-2 sessions
Procedure time: 20-30 minutes
Duration of results: 5-15 years
Back to work: 2-9 days
Recovery: 2-21+ days
Anaesthetic: Numbing, blocks, sedation
Your specialist: Dermatologist, nurse
How much: $-$$$

Our results speak for themselves








What are the procedures specialists use to rejuvenate eyes?

Addressing key elements of aging will give a balanced, natural outcome to eye rejuvenation. Dermatologists combine lasers with soft tissue fillers, peels, muscle relaxants, skin tighten devices & minor surgical procedures. 

Lasers are great for improving skin laxity, wrinkles & textural changes. They can address dull skin & improve optical luminosity. 

What are the common types of lasers we use to rejuvenate the eye area?

The choice depends on your concerns, clinical finding & expectations. As a guide-



  • Late 20’s to late 30’s: Clear + Brilliant, Pico lasers, Dermal toning lasers
  • Early 40s to 50s: Fractional 1927 lasers, CO2 fractional lasers
  • 50s’ to 60s: CO2 & Erbium lasers, Hybrid laser resurfacing
  • Beyond 60: CO2 laser resurfacing.

How many sessions will I need?

In most cases we get the job done in 1-2 sessions. The exception is if we use gentle fractional lasers. This low downtime method requires 3-4 sessions. 



  • Fractional lasers: 3-4 for ideal results. 3-day recovery
  • Hybrid laser resurfacing: 1-2 sessions. 6-day recovery

CO2 or Erbium fully ablative lasers: 1 treatment only. 9-day recovery

How do I know what is the best treatment for me?

Book a FREE*consultation with our procedural nurses. They can discuss non-surgical options; more complex cases are seen by our dermatologists**. 



*Consult fee applies

What lasers are used for ethnic & darker skin types?

Ethnic skin types are treated with different lasers & energy devices these include-

  • Pico lasers such as the Picoway & Picosure Pro
  • HIFU- Ultherapy & RF skin tightening 

How long do the results last?

Resurfacing can turn back time by as much as 15 years. Gentler fractional lasers can improve things by 5 to 10 years. 

Think of laser procedure as resetting the clock. Simple, but precise skincare, coupled with low downtime procedures will increase the longevity of results.  

What other methods do we use for eye rejuvenation?

Cutis Dermatology has a repertoire of devices & skill sets to rejuvenate the eye area. 



  • Dermal fillers include hyaluronic acid & collagen stimulating fillers. Fillers address volume. 
  • Skin tightening devices; including HIFU & RF skin rejuvenation.
  • Tixel eye rejuvenation.
  • Muscle relaxants to reduce tone & to lift.
  • Surgical techniques to remove skin, muscle & fat.
  • Thread lifts to improve tone.


Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

Laser resurfacing provides the most effective method of collagen regeneration. Our specialists employ over 35 different types of lasers, ranging from gentle fractional devices, through to fully ablative CO2 lasers for deep wrinkling.

What to do first, filler or laser resurfacing?

We prefer laser resurfacing first. Why? Because we want to tighten skin before adding soft tissue fillers. This allows for better, more accurate results. 

When do we perform surgery over lasers?

Tixel is a form of skin resurfacing using controlled heating. Tixel can improve dark circles associated with skin laxity. Tixel can treat the upper and lower eyelids, with downtime ranging from 1-4+ days.  It is best suited for mild to moderate laxity. 

What is Tixel resurfacing?

Tixel is a form of skin resurfacing using controlled heating. Tixel can improve dark circles associated with skin laxity. Tixel can treat the upper and lower eyelids, with downtime ranging from 1-4+ days.  It is best suited for mild to moderate laxity. 

Can eye creams help?

Marginal gains can be seen in cases of vascular & pigment causes of dark eye circles. 



  • Vascular mediators include vitamin K, & caffeine. 
  • Pigment correctors include ascorbic acid, argan, & arbutin.
  • Dehydration can be corrected with hyaluronic acid. 

What are the risks & side effects of laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing is a safe procedure; however, side effects are occasionally seen. These are proportional to the depth & density of lasers. These include-



  • Persistent redness for greater than 6 weeks
  • Post treatment pigmentation 
  • Scarring < 3% of cases
  • Infection < 2% of cases

Why is the eye area more than just the eye area?

Dermatologists have an all-encompassing approach to the eye area – namely to look at the quality of the skin, dermal & subcutaneous laxity. Add to this volume loss of the fat compartments & bone loss of the orbit. 


The eye area starts in the forehead & temple, incorporates the eyebrow & follows a C-shaped area below the eye to form the lateral, mid & medial cheek. It covers everything from volume, through the relationship of the lids to the pupils, lid margins to the fold & brows.


Bespoke rejuvenation is not just with a laser. Lasers only contract skin & improve skin quality. Hence optimal results can only be achieved by a unified treatment plan. Hence, we apply a combination of –



  • Soft tissue dermal fillers for volume loss
  • Muscle relaxants for reduced tone
  • Lasers for collagen contraction
  • Surgery to correct laxity 

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