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AviClear Laser Acne Treatment

AviClear is the latest laser acne treatment to arrive in Australia. In the US, Aviclear has taken the dermatology world by storm. This revolutionary laser offers a permanent solution for mild, moderate and severe acne. Treatments are well tolerated and convenient, requiring only 3 monthly sessions. As the laser targets the oil gland, all skin types can be safely & effectively treated.

Key Points

  • AviClear specifically targets the source of the oil on your skin. 
  • After treatment, you will produce less oil & your acne will get better & stay better.
  • AviClear uses the power of laser light 
  • AviClear eliminates acne at the source without the need for prescription medications.
  • Only 3 sessions are required, spaced 4 weeks apart
  • AviClear can be combined with Laser Genesis to reduce scars & pigmentation from acne
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AviClear Laser Acne Treatment at a glance

Best outcomes: 3 sessions
Procedure time: 15-30 minutes
Duration of results: Months to Years
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0-2 days
Anaesthetic: NA
Your specialist: Dermatologist, nurse
How much: $$

Our results speak for themselves



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        What is the science behind AviClear?

        AviClear uses a unique laser beam that targets the cause of acne, namely the oil gland, also known as the sebaceous gland. Normal skin structures are not damaged with this unique laser.


        What does AviClear bring to the acne treatment arena?

        AviClear provides a highly effective, safe, & quick treatment method to treat acne without the need for prescription drugs. As reference, patients on drugs like isotretinoin (Accutane) will experience side effects, some of them serious. Other mainstream acne treatments are associated with antibiotic resistance, or side effects such as weight gain. 

        When will I see the results of treatment?

        87% of patients treated with AviClear saw their acne resolve at 6 months. The results continue to improve with time — even several months after your treatment sessions are finished.

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        How much are chemical peels?

        During treatment, you may notice a slight snapping sensation much like a rubber band flicking on your skin (a small rubber band, not a big a** one). In clinical studies, patients tolerated the treatment well, without the need for pain relief.

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        How good is it?

        90% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with their results after only one treatment. Results may continue to improve with time — even months after your treatment sessions are finished.

        Are there any side effects from AviClear?

        AviClear is free of long term side effects, free of chemicals & drugs. It is  safe for all skin colors. After your AviClear session you may experience mild symptoms such as redness, inflammation, & short term purging. These are all expected results which settle in within a few days. 

        What is the difference between AviClear & other lasers for acne?

        AviClear is the first laser that can treat all forms of acne, including mild, moderate to severe cystic acne. Unlike other lasers, AviClear offers a permanent cure for acne as it targets the sebaceous-oil glands implicated in the formation of pimples.

        What other lasers can be used for acne?

        Previous attempts at treating acne with lasers only target the bacteria implicated in acne breakouts. Bacteria produce light sensitive chemicals called porphyrins. Lasers activate these chemicals, in turn killing bacteria. 

        AviClear on the other hand targets the cause of acne; namely the sebaceous glands. To date, no laser has been more successful in treating acne.

        How does AviClear compare with PDT or photodynamic therapy & Kleresca?

        PDT (Photodynamic therapy) & Kleresca employed high intensity light sources to activate chemicals that are concentrated in the oil glands. Though effective to some extent, Kleresca requires more treatments than AviClear. Most importantly, blue light can give side-effects such as post treatment pigmentation, especially in dark skin types.

        How does AviClar compare with RF microneedling?

        RF Microneedling is another effective (but painful & slow) way to treat acne. RF produces heat that results in thermal destruction of oil glands. Whilst there are no head to head comparisons, it seems that AviClear has the advantage. In summary, RF: 

        Pros: Treats scars & possibly acne via non-selective destruction of oil glands.

        Cons: Pain. Effective RFM requires strong analgesia. Collateral damage to surrounding skin means a long recovery. In contrast, AviClear requires no numbing.

        Will acne scars improve with AviClear?

        AviClear has FDA clearance for the treatment of acne, however dermatologists know that lasers can also improve acne scars. By markedly reducing inflammation in the skin, it allows your immune system to remodel collagen & reduce acne scars.

        Laser Genesis can be highly effective to reduce red marks & early acne scarring. This treatment uses gentle laser light to repair scars with no downtime or pain. 

        Can I undertake treatments for acne scars whilst I am on the AviClear program?

        Yes. We suggest spacing out your appointments one week apart. AviClear is compatible with scar revision procedures such as TCA CROSS, subcision, lasers, microneedling, & microneedling RF.

        How does AviClear differ from chemical peels such as salicylic acid?

        Peels such as beta-hydroxy acids or salicylic acid only target clogged oil glands. Peels work as exfoliators. They unclog blocked pores, in turn reducing blackheads & pimples. The action of salicylic acid peels last between 3-5 weeks, thereafter a repeat treatment is required.  


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        What acne subtypes don’t do well with AviClear?

        AviClear targets mild, moderate to severe cystic acne. Hormonal acne, characterized by painful cysts around the jawline, may be more resistant to AviClear as this form of acne lies deep in the skin’s surface.

        What pairs well with AviClear?

        AviClear works well as a stand-alone treatment. Your dermatologist may discuss additional treatments that may be paired with AviClear for accelerated results. These include-

        • Topical retinoids such as Differin, Tazarotene & tretinoin. Retinoids work at a molecular level to target the oil gland, in addition to reducing bacteria counts & inflammation.
        • Topical or oral anti-inflammatories
        • BHA peels for short term exfoliation
        • Hormone blockers
        • Oral retinoids
        • Laser Genesis for redness & early acne scars

        What lifestyle modifications can speed up my gains?

        If you want faster results, consider simple lifestyle changes that will complement AviClear. These include-

        • Diet. Cut out dairy, sugar & processed foods. 
        • Practice good skin care. Remove makeup before bedtime. Let your skin breathe for a minimum of 2 days per week.

        Sunscreen can reduce red & brown acne scars.

        AviClear versus oral isotretinoin or Accutane, what is the verdict?

        As of the time of writing (late 2022-early 2023), there are no studies to suggest which one is better. It is complex as there are many factors to consider, including-

        • Side effects (the biggie). Accutane has lots of side effects, some serious. it is up to the individual to voice their concerns. Side effects such as dry skin, lips, muscle aches & pains, sore joints, blurred vision, & headache are not uncommon. 
        • Despite optimal dosing, between 30-40% of patients will require a second course of treatment. Unlike isotretinoin, AviClear has no side effects (apart from transient limited purging). 

        What is Laser Genesis & why is it awesome when combined with AviClear?

        Laser Genesis is a proven method of remodeling collagen, hence it is a logical step in improving acne scars & improving skin texture. Laser Genesis uses a different laser compared to AviClear. In short, Genesis-

        • Improves scars & pores
        • Reduces redness or post inflammatory erythema
        • Has no down time
        • Is NOT painful
        • Requires 5-10 sessions, 2 week apart for best results

        What are other ways to treat acne?

        Effective acne treatment targets one or all four cause of acne, namely-

        • Excessive oil or sebum production
        • Inflammation
        • Clogging of pores (technically abnormal keratinisation of the pilosebaceous unit)
        • Overgrowth of c.acne, the bacteria implicated in acne

        Retinoids work by targeting all four causes of acne. The two types of retinoids include topical & oral (Accutane-isotretinoin).

        Antihormonal medication such as spironolactone, drospirenone or cyproterone acetate work by reducing oil production. 

        Does AviClear reduce pore sizing?

        In theory, yes. I am sure that there will be a plethora of scientific articles in the next year or so. The two main causes of enlarged pores in younger patients are genetics & high sebum output (oily skin). As AviClear preferentially targets the oil gland, we should see a gradual decrease in the diameter of enlarged pores. 

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        How does AviClear compare to IPL treatments such as Forever Clear BBL for acne?

        IPL treatment, also known as BBL or broad-band-light or commercially as Forever Clear is tech that is nearly 2 decades old. Blue & red light can reduce acne lesions, however, unlike AviClear, the results are temporary. 

        Blue light should not be used darker skin types as it can cause prolonged post-inflammatory pigmentation. AviClear on the other hand is safe & effective on all skin types.

        How does AviClear compare to Hollywood Spectra laser peels for acne?

        This novel treatment uses carbon particles which are then treated with a pigment laser. First reported over a decade ago, the carbon peels are more marketing than science. It has been shown that there is minimal absorption of carbon particles into the oil gland as this lies in the deeper layers of skin. 

        Spectra nanosecond Q switch  lasers have FDA clearance for pigmentation such as melasma, but not for acne.

        How does AviClear compare with LED lasers such as Omnilux & Healite?

        Blue light is better than red light, however blue LEDs stimulate pigmentation in darker skin types. Red is safer (but not as effective as blue light) & reduces inflammation caused by pimples & breakouts. Red light goes deeper than blue light. 

        Compared to LEDs Aviclear has two main advantages-

        1. AviClear offers a permanent solution, as compared to LED or Low Laser Light Emitting Diodes (LLLED).
        2. LED treatments require 2 visits per week, for a total of 24 visits over 12 weeks. That’s a lot of visits for a temporary improvement of acne.

        How does AviClear compare to V Beam & Derma V lasers for redness?

        Vascular lasers can provide a decrease in inflammation due to pimples & cysts. These lasers work by reducing bacterial growth in zits as it activates chemicals known as porphyrins. 

        The downside of vascular lasers is that results are temporary, as compared to AviClear. For patients who suffer from acne & red marks, combination AviClear – vascular laser addresses both cause, & end result of pimples. 

        Another downside of vascular lasers is the higher side effect profile when treating dark skin. AviClear has none of these side effects as it can be safely & effectively performed on all skin types.

        How does AviClear compare to Agnes RF & other devices?

        Agnes RF uses radiofrequency energy to destroy the oil glands. Though it is effective in offering a permanent solution, it is labor intensive taking 14-48 hours of therapy as each sebaceous gland requires treatment.

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