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Jawline Fillers

Our skilled team of dermatologists & nurse injectors can non-surgically treat your jaw with injectables, making the jawline appear leaner & more youthful. If the jaw lacks definition, dermal fillers can be used to create structural support, tying in key areas such as the neck, chin & cheeks. 

Key Points

  • Treating the jawline ties in the lower & upper face for harmonious aesthetics
  • Results are instant with no recovery time
  • Dermal fillers in this area last between 2 to 3 years 
  • The jawline is the most defining area in male aesthetics
  • Fillers can optimise the size, shape, definition & angle of the jawline

Jawline Fillers at a glance

For: Contouring, enhancement & rejuvenation of the jawline
Procedure time: 15 minutes
Duration of results: 2-3+Years
Back to work: 1-2 sessions
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Numbing within the filler
Your specialist: Nurse injector, dermatologist
How much: $- $$

Our results speak for themselves



Dermal Fillers Treatment

Dermal fillers improve jawline profile & definition in men

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    Dermal Fillers Treatment

    Dermal fillers improve jawline profile, definition & in some cases jowls.

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      jaw filler treatment brisbane cutis

      Dermal fillers used to define the jawline and strengthen the side profile

      Ask us more about this treatmant


        Why the jawline?

        Precisely placed muscle relaxant injections are placed in tiny muscles either side of the nose. This relaxes hyperactive muscles. This quick non-invasive treatment will rejuvenate this area, smoothing out scrunch lines & wrinkles on the nose. 

        What fillers do we use?

        A hyaluronic acid filler with high structural integrity is used in the jawline area. The properties are designed to mimic bone.


        For more mature patients, we use a collagen stimulating filler that closely matches bone itself. This filler lasts longer than HA fillers. 


        Learn more (link to collagen stimulating dermal fillers in this section)


        Cutis Dermatology has one of the largest ranges of dermal fillers in Brisbane. We curate the best products from major manufacturers. This ensures the best jawline filler is selected for your age & anatomy.

        How many sessions?

        1-2, depending on your anatomy, age, & expectations. In 90% of the time jawline fillers can be completed in one session. 

        An additional session may be required in older patients / those who have marked bone loss. 

        How much filler is required?

        • 20s-mid 40s: typically, 1 ml each side
        • 40s & above: 1-2 mls each side

        The amount required depends on your age, anatomy & ideal proportions. 

        What other areas do we consider when balancing facial aesthetics in the jawline?

        The best results come with understanding the aesthetics of the entire cosmetic area. Injectables are used to sculpt the contours of the lower face and achieve an aesthetic, smooth and beautiful definition.

        We also consider how the jawline ties in with the neck. In some cases, we treat under-chin fat. A double chin, which can detract from the jawline and fade its definition.

        Conversely, we use anti-wrinkle injections to soften a widened or increased jaw size due to jaw clenching. During this treatment, anti-wrinkle is injected into the muscles above the jawline. Over time, the size of the jaw will decrease.

        How do I know if jawline enhancement is right for me?

        Our dermatologists & nurses have both the eye for aesthetics & the skill sets to execute the correct procedures for your facial anatomy. Nothing beats a live time consultation.

        Book a FREE nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics. 

        T&C apply.


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Fillers can provide jawline definition in men & women, strengthening the profile. We use both hyaluronic acid as well as longer lasting collagen stimulating fillers. Results are instant & last between 2 to 4 years.

        Does it hurt?

        There is minimal discomfort as we use fillers with pre-mixed analgesia. 

        What’s the recovery?

        Dermal fillers have no downtime. In 5% of cases there may be some mild bruising.

        What are the risks & side effects?

        In this location, risks are minimal. Though intravascular injection (into a blood vessel) is a theoretic risk, jawline fillers are exquisitely safe. 

        What is the cost for jawline dermal fillers?

        The total cost depends on two factors, who does it, & how much filler we use?


        Senior nurse injector: $640 per ml.

        Nurse injector: $599 per ml. 


        The exact volume of filler we use depends on your age, facial anatomy & volume loss. 

        Book a consultation with our nurse injectors for an assessment.

        Why is it important to approach the jawline with a combination of fillers & skin tightening procedures?

        Here’s a concept, if your jawline is strong with only a minor amount of bone loss, then the amount of dermal filler must be conservative. This is especially important for women, as over enhancement of the jawline leads to masculinization, not a good look.

        Devices including radiofrequency & HIFU/ Ultherapy come into play, as they provide skin tightening without volume. This gives the most natural results.  

        Learn more (link to skin tightening landing page)

        Why is the jawline the defining feature for males?

        A strong, angled, chiselled & defined jawline is THE defining characteristic of men. It portrays strength, youth, & resilience. Some males are born with it, think George, Brad, Bradley & Tom. If you have a weak jawline, a simple 15-minute procedure can enhance the area. It is the best procedure that we recommend for men. Seriously. 

        Learn more (link to ‘for men’ landing page)

        What is the problem with face lifts & jawlines?

        Facelifts, as the name suggests, lifts tissue including deep ligaments, muscle, fat & skin. This improves laxity in the midface. Facelifts do nothing for volume replacement, & will often highlight volume deficits, especially just below the ear, or the ramus of the mandible (jawline). 


        For a balanced & natural outcome, jawline definition & volume replacement is essential. A simple 5-minute procedure will provide ideal aesthetic outcomes. 

        What to consider when undertaking jawline fillers?

        Experience. Our injectors combine skill, art & science to deliver the best possible results. Our team of dermatologists & nurses have over 15 years of experience in fillers. We are also industry trainers for this procedure. 


        Product. Working with a large portfolio of products ensures the correct filler is chosen for the jawline. We use hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite & poly-l-lactic acid fillers for this location. The ideal type of fillers depends on clinical findings. 


        Additional techniques: If you have lower face laxity & good bone structure, dermal fillers may not be the best choice for rejuvenation. Skin tightening procedures including HIFU-Ultherapy, radiofrequency, RF microneedling, PDO threads & lasers may be a better option. 

        Harmonious integration: Experts in aesthetics view the whole area, not just the jawline. We take into consideration how the jawline blends in the chin, & most importantly the neck area. In some cases, neck rejuvenation can further define the jawline. We employ non-surgical skin tightening techniques, & minimally invasive surgical procedure including liposuction to sculpt the area.  

        Ask us more about this treatment

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