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Picosure Pro Laser

Cutis dermatology has 2 of the best pico lasers, the Picoway & the Picosure Pro. By combining technology from these devices, patients can have the best that each laser has to offer. Picosure Pro is 50% stronger than the first edition. It is newer as compared to the Picoway & provides better results for improving skin quality in Asian & ethnic skin types. 

Key Points

  • Pico lasers are latest in fractional laser technology
  • Picosure Pro is the newest pico laser
  • We use this laser to treat ethnic skin, pigmentation & tattoo ink
  • Pico lasers offer faster clearance, less treatments, side effect & pain
  • Picosure Pro can also treat dark acne marks & early acne scars
  • This laser is one of the best ways to improve your skin’s texture
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Picosure Pro Laser at a glance

For: Skin rejuvination, pigment, tattoos
Procedure time: 10-20 minutes
Duration of results: Years
Best outcomes: 2+ sessions
Recovery: 0-1 day
Anaesthetic: Numbing
Your specialist: Nurse, dermatologist
How much: $$

Our results speak for themselves



picosure pro results cutis dermatology

Pigment reduction after one session of the 755nm PicoSure Pro by Alison

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    picosure pigment removal brisbane cutis

    Picosure laser provides fast removal of pigment with no downtime.

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      Pico laser treatment brisbane

      Picosure laser resurfacing. One session. 3 day recovery.

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        What conditions can be treated with Picosure Pro?

        Picosure Pro is employed to treat- 

        • Pigmentation in darker skin types: this includes sun induced pigment, Ota, Hori pigment & dark circles
        • Melasma pigmentation in all skin types: this includes resistant dermal melasma as well as pigmentation in association with melasma
        • Early scars/post inflammatory pigmentation: especially PIH 
        • Enlarged pores: this is the best laser for enlarged pores in darker skin
        • Multi-coloured tattoos: especially for greens, blues & black ink

        Why are pico lasers the best option for darker skin types?

        Efficiency & safety are the standout features of Picosure Pro. Darker skin types will have more pigment (known as melanin). This pigment is the target for pico lasers, hence why they are more effective in darker skin types. Lighter skin types can also benefit from pico lasers (however in this group, fractional lasers are more efficient). 

        What is the cost of the picosure pro laser treatment?

        Our clinic provides competitive pico packages. As a guide-

        Single treatment pico laser with Picoway or Picosure Pro: $700

        Pico treatment packages with Picoway or Picosure Pro: 4 sessions for $1990

        Dermatologist treatment ranges between $890* to $1390* per session

        *Price variation depends on the complexity of the treatment.

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        What types of acne scars can Picosure Pro treat?

        Picosure Pro is best for early acne scars that exhibit signs of pigmentation, known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Early scars are less than 6 months old. 

        Picosure Pro can be performed during acne medication therapy. Patients require a series of 3-6 sessions for maximum results. 

        Which is better for pigment- Picosure or Picoway?

        Both lasers can be used to treat pigmented lesions in all skin types, however Picosure Pro has an advantage over Picoway in the treatment of pigmentation in Asian skin types. The main reason is their fractional lens at a specific wavelength, namely 755 nm.

        How do we employ Picosure Pro to treat enlarged pores?

        Picosure laser can be used to treat enlarged pores in all skin types, however it is most effective for darker skin individuals including Asian & ethnic skin. As a guide-



        • Enlarged pores due to excess oil in dark skin: Pico + retinoids
        • Enlarged pores due to excess sebum, light skin: Thulium 1927+ retinoids
        • Enlarged pores due to age: Thulium + CO2 + retinoids

        What is the treatment like?

        Picosure Pro takes 10-15 minutes to perform. Depending on the settings you may be prescribed numbing gel. The Picosure laser feels like the snapping of a rubber band. It is well tolerated.


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        ‘’The Picosure Pro laser is the latest pico laser & is several generations ahead compared to other lasers. This is one of the best skin rejuvenation & pigment removing lasers with little or no downtime.’’

        What is the recovery time?

        PicoSure has a short recovery time as it delivers pressure instead of damaging heat. Patients experience a few hours of mild redness. With higher settings downtime may extend to 24 hours.  With PicoSure, you need not sacrifice safety, comfort, or convenience for the results you desire.

        How many treatments will I require?

        The projected number depends on your skin condition. As a guide-

        • Skin rejuvenation in lighter skin types: 2-3
        • Skin rejuvenation in darker skin types incl. Ethnic & Asian, 3-4
        • Acne scar treatments: 3-6
        • Pores & texture: 2-3
        • Tattoos: 4-8+

        Who performs the treatment?

        Treatments are performed by our experienced nurses or consultant dermatologists. Our nurses have over 7 years of experience using pico lasers, as they used the very first Picosure in 2015.

        Our consultant dermatologists are involved in more complex cases of pigmentation, including birthmarks & pigmentation in ethnic skin types. 

        How does Picosure work?

        Picosure engages your body’s natural healing system to regenerate new collagen, reduce pigmentation & unwanted marks. Pico lasers deliver super short pulses of energy to targeted ink particles (tattoos) or dermal pigment. This pressure wave breaks pigment into tiny, microscopic particles. 


        These tiny particles are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally, reducing the appearance of pigmentation.


        When your skin cells are exposed to laser light, they release special growth factors that stimulate cells to produce collagen. Hence with Picosure Pro, you are getting both a reduction in pigmentation and wrinkles.

        What colour tattoos can Picosure Pro remove?

        The PicoSure Pro laser removes all ink colours. The 755 nm wavelength can target green, black, & blue ink, while the 532nm offers effective treatment of tattoos that are red to orange. We; 

        • Customize treatments using various laser spot sizes
        • Activate the turbo mode to better treat resistant tattoos 
        • Remove black tattoos in darker skin types with the 1064nm delivery

        What is the difference between Picosure & Picosure Pro?

        PicoSure Pro is the enhanced, upgraded version of PicoSure generation one, released in 2012. The 2022 update is even better, faster & stronger than PicoSure 1.0 with lesser downtime. The Picosure Pro has a 50% increase in energy to new handpieces and an adjustable fluence.

        PicoSure Pro is the first FDA-approved picosecond laser treatment for conditions like melasma, Hori’s Macules, and Nevus of Ota. It offers skin revitalisation and depigmentation with significantly less pain and downtime than its predecessors.

        What are the side effects?

        Side effects can include paradoxical skin darkening, also known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This can occur if treating melasma or pigmentation in darker skin types. Other side effects include hypopigmentation, swelling, & redness. By following your clinician’s post-treatment care instructions, you will significantly decrease the risk of these adverse effects.

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