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Picoway laser

Pico lasers technology is regarded as the most advanced laser treatment currently available on the market. They provide high powers of laser energy without heat, & hence are invaluable in treating darker & ethnic skin. 

Key Points

  • Picoway is the laser of choice for skin rejuvenation in darker skin types
  • This laser treats pigmentation such as age & sunspots, freckles & PIH
  • PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation presents as dark spots after inflammation
  • Pico Lasers can clear pigmentation up to 10 times faster than without treatment
  • Pico is also highly effective in treating enlarged pores, fine lines & wrinkles
  • Darker skin types respond best as this laser targets pigmentation
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Picoway laser at a glance

For: Pigment, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles
Procedure time: 5-15 minutes
Duration of results: Years
Back to work: 1-4 sessions
Recovery:  0-4+ days
Anaesthetic: Not needed
Your specialist: Dermatologist, nurse
How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves

Picoway 5836
Pigment Treatment

Picoway + BBL/IPL

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    Picoway laser for melasma
    Pigment Treatment

    Pico laser for melasma. Picoway was used to treat resistant melasma in conjunction with medical therapy.

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      Pico Mixed Pigment
      pico mixed asian pigment treatment cutis

      Pico laser used to treat mixed pigment – Pico lasers provide high powers of laser energy without heat, & hence are invaluable in treating darker & ethnic skin. ⁠

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        What are pico lasers?

        Pico lasers are an invaluable laser for dermatologists. This laser delivers very short bursts of energy which targets pigment. It does this with no heat transfer to the skin. 


        Pico lasers are regarded as the pinnacle of laser technology. These lasers deliver effective results in fewer sessions than comparable lasers. They are inherently safe for all skin types with minimal downtime & can be used across the entire face and body.

        What can pico lasers treat?

        Pico lasers can treat many skin conditions, but really excel in the following- 



        • Ethnic skin rejuvenation: Pico provides safe & effective skin rejuvenation, reducing pigment, improving wrinkles, open pores & increasing the luminosity of skin. 



        • Pigmentation in darker skin types: Pico safely treats sunspots & age spots in darker skin patients. Lighter skin patients can also be treated with pico, however this is often not required. 



        • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation: PIH can result from acne, chicken pox, burns, trauma & insect bites. Pico lasers are so good at treating skin pigmentation that we don’t use the other devices (for PIH). 

        What pico lasers do we use at Cutis?

        We replaced the Picosure laser with Picoway in late 2019. Our clinicians ran the generation one Picosure from 2015. Picoway has the following advantages over Picosure.



        • Picoway is much more powerful than Picosure. This means that we can treat age spots, pigmentation, birthmarks & tattoos more effectively.


        • Picoway is much better at treating common skin conditions, including post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
        • Picoway hurts less. Picosure requires local numbing cream, Picoway does not. 

        Picoway cost less per treatment as Picosure has laser consumables. 

        How many treatments will I need?

        2-4 sessions depending on the concern. As a guide-


        • Dark acne marks (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation): 2-4 sessions 
        • Age spots: 1-3 sessions
        • Skin toning, fine lines & wrinkles: 1-3 sessions
        • Enlarged pores: 1-3 sessions
        • Tattoos: >4 sessions
        • Birthmarks: variable


        Your treating clinician will give you an accurate projection & time frame as this depends on your skin type & expectations. 

        Do we offer pico laser packages?

        Yes. Our clinic provides competitive pico packages. As a guide-

        Single treatment pico laser with Picoway or Picosure Pro: $700

        Pico treatment packages with Picoway or Picosure Pro: 4 sessions for $1990

        Dermatologist treatment ranges between $890* to $1390* per session

        *Price variation depends on the complexity of the treatment.

        Learn more.

        Are treatments painful?

        Most treatments are conducted without numbing cream. In contrast, Picosure is much more painful. We do however use numbing when treating birthmarks such as Ota naevi.

        Why is Picoway one of the best treatments for enlarged pores?

        If you have enlarged pores and darker skin, Picoway is the treatment of choice. This laser can predictably reduce pore size within 1-2 sessions (more sessions will deliver better results). This is achieved with minimal downtime, risks & costs. 


        Pico works by targeting pigment in the skin. This produces a shock wave that releases growth factors, in turn stimulating collagen production around the pore. This accounts for the astonishing pore-refining effects of this laser. 


        If you have lighter skin, fractional thulium lasers work better & faster. Be guided by our dermatologists & procedural nurses. 


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        The Picoway laser is widely regarded as the most effective laser for removing unwanted tattoos of all colors in all skin types. 

        How long does it take to see results following treatment?

        Results can be seen within the week. Skin will look and feel refreshed with better luminosity, reduced pigmentation & better light transmission.

        One of the advantages of pico is that after completing the recommended series of treatments, results will continue to improve as more collagen is stimulated.

        Will lighter skin types benefit from Picoway?

        Yes, but there may be more effective treatments. Pico lasers are great for pigmentation, however if you have sun spots & wrinkles, thulium & fractional CO2 lasers are better solutions. Pico lasers have their advantages in treating darker skin types. 


        * For lighter skin types, Picoway can treat pigmentation with reduced downtime as compared with fractional laser resurfacing. Healing times range from 1-4 days, as compared to 2-5 days for IPL/BBL/Fraxel/CO2.

        Can melasma be treated with pico lasers?

        Yes, but other lasers are better, more cost effective & less risky. Picoway/Picosure is reserved for resistant pigment, dermal pigment or mixed melasma & age spots. In summary



        • Melasma is managed medically (see section)
        • The most predictable lasers are nano lasers
        • Peels can be effective
        • Pico lasers are reserved for cases that fail treatments as listed above.

        Can acne scars be treated with pico lasers?

        Flat (or minimally atrophic) acne scars do best with pico lasers. This type of acne scar is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or grade 1 macular scars. Picoway/Picosure will not treat boxcar, icepick & rolling scars. Other treatments are more effective. 


        Picoway can, however, reduce pore sizing, pigmentation, & improve the clarity of your skin. If you have active acne, vascular lasers do a better job at reducing pimples. In some cases, we combine pico with vascular lasers in the same session. 

        What other conditions can be effectively treated with Picoway?

        Pico is also used to treat-



        • Tattoos 
        • Traumatic scars
        • Hori nevus, cafe au lait macules & other birthmarks

        How do Pico lasers work?

        Pico lasers allow for the fast & effective treatment of dark spots, skin pigmentation, & tattoos Pico also increases collagen, hyaluronic acid, & elastin production in the skin. The result? Less wrinkles, fine lines & better pore support.


        The Pico laser works by expending uber short pulses of high energy, with very little collateral heating.  This means Pico treatments do not thermally disrupt the skin’s surface & patients typically experience very little discomfort. 


        The laser’s impact on the skin is epic, in turn shattering pigment (melanin) as well as foreign particles. The Pico laser is extremely precise, allowing the practitioner to achieve the optimal photomechanical effect. Although its pulses of energy are highly concentrated, the laser’s effect is gentle to the outer layer of the skin. 

        What should you consider before undertaking Picoway laser?

        Laser treatment is an investment of time, effort, & money for patients. Here are some helpful points that may help you along your journey. 



        • Type of pigment: if your provider is unsure about the depth & type of pigmentation, don’t treat it. Applying the wrong settings will results in worsening of pigment. 



        • Sun protection is paramount. SPF 50+ twice a day regardless of exposure. If a 50 ml bottle lasts longer than 3 weeks, you are not using enough sunscreen. You are wasting your money if you don’t sun protect. 



        Consider your options: there are many ways to treat skin conditions. In some cases, Pico lasers are the best option, in other cases you may get better, faster & more cost-effective results using other devices or treatments. 

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