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Facial Sweating

Facial & scalp sweating is common in Brisbane, given the climate & humidity. It’s probably the most embarrassing form of sweating as it is hard to hide. The most effective treatment is with injections that reduce the activity of nerves that activate sweat glands. This simple procedure takes 2-3 minutes to perform. 

Key Points

  • Craniofacial sweating is a common cause of social embarrassment
  • The best treatment is with anti-sweat injections
  • They work in over 96% of cases
  • Our team of specialists can guide you through what is possible with this treatment
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Facial Sweating at a glance

Best outcomes:  A week later
Procedure time: 15 minutes
Duration of results: 4-5 Months
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Not required
Your specialist: Dermatologist, nurse injector
How much:  $-$$

Our results speak for themselves



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        What is the best treatment for facial sweating?

        anti-wrinkle injections provide the best outcomes. They take 2-3 minutes to perform. Results can be seen within a week or two, & it can last up to 4-5 months. 

        Can all sweaty areas of the face be treated?

        No. It’s because the toxin also relaxes muscles. Injections in the wrong areas will cause a droop. Our injectors will guide you through what is possible. 


        Sweat areas that can be treated include the scalp, neck, forehead, around the eyes, nose & upper lip. 

        How would I know if injections are the best for my facial sweating?

        Book a FREE* consultation with our nurse injector for an assessment. They will discuss the approximate costs. 

        *T&C apply

        How much does it cost?

        Treatment depends on the area. It ranges from $200 to $990 if it is performed by a senior nurse injector. 

        Who to see for facial & scalp sweating?

        Our experienced nurse injectors can sort out most cases. They provide a cost-effective solution for facial & scalp sweating. 


        If you would like to see our dermatologists, please arrange a referral. They can provide similar treatments, however if cost is an issue, our nurses provide a similar outcome at half the price. 

        What are other treatments for face & scalp sweating?

        If anti-wrinkle injections are cost prohibitive, you can try antiperspirants, tablets, lotions & wipes. The main rate limiting factor is skin irritation & side effects with these treatments.


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        The most effective way to treat facial & scalp sweating is with injections that stop sweat production. This simple procedure takes 2 minutes to perform & typically lasts 4 to 6 months. Compounded topical lotions may help a minority of patients.

        What antiperspirant should I try?

        Aluminium chloride is the best. You can try NMS or No More Sweat. Aluminium plugs the sweat glands. It’s irritating on skin, so you must apply it properly, especially for sensitive skin on the face & neck. 


        The chances of aluminium chloride working are approximately 15-20%, however given the low cost of around 10 dollars, it’s worth a try. You can obtain antiperspirants from any major chemist. 

        How to take tablets for facial & scalp sweating?

        Tablets can be effective; however they have lots of side effects. Tablets can reduce facial, scalp, neck & chest sweating in about 20-30% of cases. Ask your GP for a prescription, you do not need to consult a dermatologist for this. The two most common medications are oxybutynin & anticholinergic agent. 

        Anticholinergic medications are associated with side effects e.g., dry mouth, constipation, impaired taste, blurred vision & urinary retention. The dose needs to be adjusted to minimise these while maximising the effect on sweating.

        What lotions are available for scalp sweating?

        Lotions are also available for facial, scalp & neck sweating. They require compounding by a pharmacy. Our dermatologist can prescribe glycopyrrolate in a lotion base as it’s nicer to use on facial skin. 


        Side effects are less than tablets. Lotions can work in 10-20% of facial & scalp sweating. 

        Where can I get facial wipes?

        Facial wipes can be ordered overseas. A Canadian pharmacy supplies them. They come in 1-2% glycopyrrolate wipes, ideal for facial sweating. 

        What is secondary facial sweating?

        A medical check-up including an assessment is needed to ensure that excessive sweating is not due to another medical condition or a side effect of a medication. Medications include amphetamines, caffeine, & antidepressants- anxiety drugs. These drugs can cause facial & scalp sweating. 

        Secondary hyperhidrosis can signify a more serious health problem and so should always be excluded.

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