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Retinoic Acid Chemical Peels

Retinoic acid peels are cost effective peels designed to infuse clinical grade prescription retinoids into the skin. These peels can be tailored to your downtime. Retinoids are powerful anti-aging molecules that can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation & sun damage.

Key Points

  • Retinoic acid peels are one of the best peels for skin rejuvenation
  • This peel can reduce acne, blackheads, excess oil, & shrink pores
  • Retinoids are the most powerful anti-aging molecules
  • Retinoic acid peeling adds a clinically proven way to reverse skin aging
  • Downtime can be tailored from 1 day to 5
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Retinoic Acid Chemical Peels at a glance

For: Pigmentation, anti-aging, acne
Procedure time: 3 minutes
Duration of results: Months
Back to work: 4-5 sessions
Recovery: 1-5 days
Anaesthetic: NA
Your specialist: Nurse
How much: $- $$

Our results speak for themselves



Acne Treatment Cutis Dermatology Brisbane 57

Chemical peels including salicylic acid & retinoic acid are excellent methods to reduce acne lesions

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    What can retinoic acid peels do for my skin?

    Classed as a superficial peel, retinoic acid will-

    • Reduce acne breakouts
    • Exfoliate the skin
    • Reduce pigmentation
    • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

    This peel is ideal as a maintenance peel, after resurfacing procedures. It is also an anti-aging peel suited for the 20’s to 40’s.

    What chemical peel is best for me?

    Cutis Dermatology has over a dozen peels. Depending on your skin type, concerns & goals, we have a peel to cater for your needs. As a guide; 

    AHA peels Light skin  Fine lines, sun damage No downtime
    BHA peels All skin types Acne 3 day recovery
    Retinoid Peels All skin types Anti-aging 3- 4 day recovery
    TCA Peels Light skin only Wrinkles, laxity, 


    8-11 day recovery

    What type of acne does this peel treat?

    Retinoid peels can treat most forms of acne (except picking acne). Patients are encouraged to incorporate peels as part of a combination approach, namely skin care, diet, & medications if indicated. 

    For acne prone skin, monthly peels are encouraged.

    Can retinoic acid peels treat all types of wrinkles?

    They are best used for fine wrinkling & as an adjunctive preventive treatment to anti-wrinkle & dermal fillers.  

    Deeper wrinkles can be treated with fractional lasers. CO2 lasers for light skin types, Hybrid lasers & Pico lasers for darker skin types. Jessner TCA can be very effective for deep wrinkles, especially around the eyes & mouth.

    Dynamic wrinkles are amenable to muscle relaxants & soft tissue dermal fillers. Skin laxity can be treated with threads & HIFU. 

    Is it painful?

    No, this peel is the most superficial peel we have at Cutis Dermatology. There is zero pain.

    What types of retinoids do we use?

    Retinoids work by activating receptors in the skin known as RAR. Each type of retinoid will have a specific receptor binding site. These retinoids are between 50 to 200 times more powerful than over the counter retinol.

    We frequently use retinoic acid, tazarotene & tazarotene. Concentrations vary from 0.005%to 7%.

    What is Laser Assisted Retinoid Infusion?

    Also known as LARI, lasers can be employed for skin rejuvenation & to increase the absorption of retinoids. We use a small spot, short pulse duration fractional CO2 laser. 


    Lasers increase absorption of topical retinoids by removing 25% of the skin’s upper layer. This procedure lays down over 100,000 tiny columns on the skin’s surface. Each column is a reservoir that holds retinoid molecules. 


    Lasers also rejuvenate the skin by removing pigment & stimulating collagen production.


    Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

    Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

    Our specialists are experts in retinoid peels, including retinoic acid, trifarotene & tazarotene peels. These peels are an excellent method for maintaining skin quality after procedures such as laser resurfacing. Downtime can be tailored with different concentrations.

    How long does it take to heal from retinoic acid peels?

    This peel removes the superficial surface of the skin. Our clinicians can increase or decrease absorption & tailor downtime accordingly. As guide-



    • Delayed peeling at days 1.5 to 3
    • 1-2 additional days of peeling
    • 24 to 36 hours of redness
    • Skin back to normal within 4.5 to 6.6 days 
    • Laser assisted retinoid delivery adds another 36 to 48 hours to the recovery

    Can retinoic acid peels be used on all skin types?

    Unlike higher strength TCA or glycolic peels, retinoic acid peels can be safely used on all skin types, including Asian & ethnic skin. 

    How much do peels cost?

    Chemical peels are super affordable. As a guide-

    • Retinoid peels: $120
    • AHA glycolic, lactic: $120
    • Laser Assisted Retinoic acid peels: From $599

    Who is not suitable for retinoic acid peels?

    Sensitive skin patients including rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis are not candidates for chemical peels. Lasers & LLED are much safer & better. 


    If you have significant sun exposure, chemical peels are not for you. 


    If you have picking acne, this peel is not recommended.

    How long do the results last?

    Weeks to months. This peel is classed as a very superficial peel & is best used to maintain results from other skin rejuvenation procedures. 


    Prescribed skin care products will extend the effectiveness of chemical peels.

    How do I know if peeling is the best option for my skin?

    Our experienced nurses at Cutis Dermatology Brisbane can guide you through the best skin rejuvenation procedures. We have over a dozen types of peels, & over 35 lasers & energy devices, hence will prescribe a bespoke rejuvenation program based upon your goals.

    Ask us more about this treatment

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