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Rosacea Skin Rejuvenation

Rosacea skin is super sensitive & hence skin rejuvenation must take this into consideration.  Dermatologists employ special lasers, lights, & anti-inflammatory treatments to rejuvenate skin effectively & safely in patients with rosacea.

Key Points

  • Chemicals & heat flare up rosacea
  • Vascular lasers can reduce redness & rejuvenate skin
  • Fractional lasers can be safely used for patients with sensitive skin
  • Chemical peels should be avoided
  • Mainstream skincare actives such as retinol & ascorbic acid can lead to flare ups
  • Azelaic acid & niacinamide are safer options
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Rosacea Skin Rejuvenation at a glance

Best outcomes: 1- 4 sessions
Procedure time: 10- 20 minutes
Duration of results: Months – years
Back to work: 1-6 days 
Recovery: 0-10 days
Anaesthetic: Cooling, numbing
Your specialist: Laser nurse, dermatologist
How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves



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        Why is skin rejuvenation tricky in rosacea patients?

        Skin sensitivity is universally encountered in patients with rosacea. Commonly prescribed treatments including chemical peels, skincare & lasers can worsen rosacea. 


        Collagen stimulating procedures that generate heat will often lead to a flare up. Dermatologists can circumvent this problem with specific lasers designed to reduce skin inflammation.

        What are the best skin rejuvenation procedures for patients with rosacea?

        For safe & effective skin rejuvenation procedures in rosacea patients we perform –



        • Vascular laser treatments: as this treat redness & stimulates collagen. We specifically use lasers with dynamic cooling to mitigate flare ups. 



        • Fractional lasers; including Fraxel, LaseMD, Frax Pro, short pulse CO2 lasers & Hybrid resurfacing lasers. We often combine vascular lasers & fractional lasers in the one sitting as we can address redness from rosacea at the same time. 


        To understand what the best procedure for your skin, book a FREE consultation with our nurses. For more complex cases, a dermatological consultation is required. Fees apply. 

        Are chemical peels safe in rosacea patients?

        Peels are not a good choice in rosacea as the ones that are effective have a low pH. 

        Enzyme peels & mandelic acid alpha hydroxy acid peels are safer, but they have limited skin rejuvenation properties. 

        Some patients can tolerate low concentration salicylic acid peels, as these are anti-inflammatory. 

        Is microneedling safe in rosacea?

        Microneedling is not a great idea in rosacea prone patients. Skin trauma can often lead to flare ups & prolonged redness. 


        Anti-inflammatory vascular lasers are better options for rejuvenation. These can be combined with fractional devices or used to reduce redness from rosacea. 

        Is BBL SkinTyte a good option for rosacea patients?

        SkinTyte delivers infrared light technology, and patient tailored filters to deeply heat dermal collagen while continuously protecting the treated skin. Using specific filters, BBL can also treat redness from rosacea. 


        We do occasionally use BBL Sciton for rosacea (especially if there is associated sun damage), however in the context of skin rejuvenation we prefer fractional lasers in combination with vascular lasers- the results are much better than SkinTyte. 

        How to manage rosacea flare ups after procedures?

        Our team will come up with a pre & post treatment plan to reduce potential flare ups. These include-


        • Anti-inflammatory cover prior & post procedure
        • Laser light emitting devices including diode lights during recovery
        • Vascular lasers post treatment


        You can also help by avoiding potential flare ups during your healing, including exercise, heat, & UV radiation. 


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Skin rejuvenation & anti-aging procedures can be complex if you suffer from rosacea & sensitive skin. Our dermatologists & nurses will guide you to effective methods to improve your skin’s texture & quality. 

        Are injectables safe in rosacea patients?

        Absolutely, in fact the use of anti-wrinkle is beneficial in rosacea prone skin. This reduces inflammation, modulates blood vessels (reducing redness) & reduces the demodex population in the skin of rosacea patients. 


        Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are placed under the skin’s surface. As this is a natural substance, it does not worsen rosacea. 

        Injectables can be delivered traditionally, or via special devices including Tixel & Aquagold. These specialised deliveries can increase the surface area treated. 

        What is Tixel & microanti-wrinkle?

        This novel treatment has been reported to be effective for both skin rejuvenation & reducing inflammatory rosacea. 


        Tixel is a form of fractional skin rejuvenation that uses superheated ultra-short contact heat. This can reduce demodex mite counts in the skin for up to 6 months


        Tixel provides microchannels for anti-wrinkle to be efficiently delivered in the dermis. anti-wrinkle reduces redness by modulating inflammatory responses & the muscle walls of blood vessels.

        What are the best skin care ingredients to use in rosacea?

        The best skin care products are anti-inflammatory. These include-



        • Niacinamide: or vitamin B3. This ingredient re-establishes the barrier function & has antioxidant-anti-inflammatory properties.
        • Azelaic acid: Reduces inflammation & pustules from rosacea. 
        • Vitamin E or tocopherol: potent antioxidant
        • Hyaluronic acid: Humectant 
        • Sodium sulfacetamide: Anti-inflammatory 

        Green tea, botanical extracts: calms inflamed skin

        What skin care ingredients should I avoid?

        Ingredients that can potentially irritate skin should be avoided, or at the very least carefully titrated. The biggest culprits include-



        • Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. This is because potent formulations are pH 2.5, roughly 3.0 below the skin’s natural pH. 



        • AHA’s include glycolic, lactic & citric acid. This is partly due to the molecular weight of these acids (small), & partly due to the very low pH. Mandelic acid is the least irritating. 



        • Retinoids over retinol. Rosacea patients can either use a weaker formulation such as retinyl palmitate, or gradually titrate retinoids over a period of time. Retinoids are not an absolute contraindication as some patients can eventually tolerate them. 



        Scrubs, including physical exfoliants, can often flare up rosacea. Most can tolerate a low dose of salicylic acid, ranging from 1-2%. At this concentration, BHAs can be anti-inflammatory

        What should you consider when undertaking treatments?

        Rejuvenation procedures in rosacea should be planned according to subtype of rosacea & individual flare factors. Consider-



        • Rosacea direct therapy, prior to procedures. Treating when the rosacea is calm will reduce any flares.
        • Vascular lasers after treatments can reduce any potential flare ups. 



        • Special lasers, including short pd ablative & pico lasers.



        • Special delivery methods; reduced coverage, increasing thermal relaxation times.



        • Anti-inflammatory cover prior & post procedure.

        For more information on skin rejuvenation in higher risk patients, book a consultation with our dermatologists at Cutis Dermatology.

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