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Acne LED Recovery Series

What are the benefits of LED treatments for Acne?

  • Kill acne-causing bacteria with blue LED light
  • Reduces inflammation with red LED light
  • Promotes collagen production with near-infrared LED light
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Low-risk
  • Quick and easy
At Cutis Dermatology we employ clinical grade light emitting diode lasers, also known as low level lasers. This optimises your skin’s regenerative processes, in turn importing texture, acne marks & scarring. With the latest in light based technology, post acne scars & blemishes can be improved within a few sessions. Treatments are quick, painless & effective. We recommend a series of 5 sessions for best results. A series of 5 sessions is $380 (save $95). T&Cs apply.

Key Points

  • LLED or low level laser emission devices can reduce acne scarring & acne marks
  • Red light LED treats acne scars and blemishes
  • Blue light reduces acne spots
  • Yellow light reduces skin inflammation & speeds up recovery
  • LED therapy is ideal for patients who exhibit early acne scarring or are recovering from a bout of acne
  • A package of five sessions cost $380 (save $95)

Our results speak for themselves



Acne scars treatment

Medical therapy for acne & pigment. Low dose acne medication coupled with tyrosinase inhibitors.

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    acne treatment brisbane cutis dermatology

    Our nurse led Acne Solutions Clinic. Treating nurse: Lara

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      Acne Treatment Cutis Dermatology Brisbane 59

      Topical third generation retinoid topically- tazoretene

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        Acne LED Series Info

        What will this do for my skin?

        The aim of the acne recovery programme is to reduce the potential for permanent scarring & blemishes. With the latest in LED technology, red marks & blemishes can be treated with no downtime, comfortable lasers performed in our specialist suites at Cutis Dermatology. This package is ideal for –

        • Patients with new acne marks & blemishes
        • People who have a history of acne scarring
        • Active acne breakouts including hormonal acne
        • Those undertaking acne medication therapy for acne

        What types of LEDs do we use at Cutis Dermatology?

        We select the correct LED for your acne recovery program depending on your skin type & acne marks. Each color of light has a specific action in the skin, including reducing acne spots, inflammation & acne scars. As a guide-

        • Healite
        • Dermaflux
        • Omnilux

        What is the procedure like?

        LED treatments take 20 minutes to perform. Each session is conducted in our specialist suites & performed by our experienced clinical team. Treatments are painless, yet effective.

        How many sessions will I require?

        Most conditions will require a series of 5 sessions, spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart. You may notice an improvement within one session, however your skin will improve more with multiple sessions.

        Acne LED Cost?

        Our clinic provides comprehensive LED packages, tailored to every patient. The selection of blue/red or yellow LED depends on your clinical findings. 

        Single treatment LED (Healite/Omnilux/Dermaflex) $95

        LED packages: 5 sessions for $380 (save $95).

        How do I know if the acne recovery program is the correct treatment for me?

        At Cutis Dermatology we employ over 40 laser & energy devices. This ensures that you are receiving the most technologically advanced rejuvenation pathway for your skin. 

        Book a consultation with our nurses or dermatologists to see if this treatment is right for your acne marks.

        When will I see results?

        Results can be seen as early as two weeks after the first treatment, however a series of 5 sessions will give the best outcomes. During the treatment period, acne marks will reduce in color, acne lesions will reduce in number & early scars will reduce in depth & color.

        Will this treat all types of acne scars?

        This program is designed to reduce the potential for permanent scarring; think of it as scar mitigation. LEDs are best employed to reduce acne lesions, normalize color & prevent new scars from forming.

        What is the science behind the acne recovery package?

        LED therapy is gentle enough for super quick recovery, but powerful enough to make a difference in your skin. More on the science behind this treatment- 

        1. Light and acne: Blue & red light markedly reduces acne by targeting bacteria found in acne lesions. 
        2. Light and collagen: Red light penetrates deeply into your skin, removing scars & remodeling collagen. 
        3. Light and inflammation: Red & yellow light reduces inflammation, hence improves the appearance of red acne marks & scars.

        How are we different from other clinics that offer LED treatments?

        Our dermatologists & nurses are one of the most experienced laser operators in Australia, having worked with Fraxel lasers for over 15 years. We not only perform the procedure, but teach laser resurfacing nationally & internationally. Our practice has produced numerous peer reviewed publications on the use of fractional lasers & the settings used throughout the world have been developed by our dermatologists. We employ special settings devices to ensure the best possible results.

        What are other ways to reduce acne scarring?

        The algorithm for scar revision is complex as variables such as scar depth, morphology, skin type, age, ethnicity & downtime need to be considered. Though lasers & light devices can improve acne scarring, some cases require treatments by a specialist dermatologist. As a guide-


        • Deep ice pick scars: TCA paint/CROSS, excision or angled CO2 lasers are indicated.
        • Deep boxcar scars: Ablative laser resurfacing by dermatologist
        • Deep rolling & atrophic acne scars: Surgical subcision & soft tissue augmentation
        • PIE or red acne scars: Vascular lasers
        • PIH or dark acne scars: Picosure Pro, Picoway pico laser resurfacing 
        • Acne scars in mature patients: Lasers, skin tightening, structural support, fillers

        What is the best way to reduce brown acne scars or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

        Brown scars & marks after acne, known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation are best resolved using pico lasers. This gentle laser uses special wavelengths of light to break up pigmentation over a series of 4 sessions. We use both the Picosure Pro & the Picoway laser for this task. 


        As a guide- 


        Single treatment pico laser with Picoway or Picosure Pro: $440

        Pico treatment packages with Picoway or Picosure Pro: 4 sessions for $1248

        What is the best method to remove stubborn red marks from acne?

        Red marks are known as PIE or post inflammatory erythema. They can be resistant to LED therapy, & hence vascular lasers are often better treatment options. As a guide-


        • VBeam or DermaV lasers are better for PIE marks
        • Treatments are painless & take 5 minutes to perform
        • A series of 4 sessions spaced 2-6 weeks apart will give the best outcomes
        • Downtime is minimal, recovery can be tailored to each patient

        What is the best way to treat old acne scars & marks?

        Older acne scars & marks don’t do particularly well with LED treatments. They often require more powerful lasers, surgery or soft tissue fillers. The type of treatment depends on many factors including scar type, location & age. Our specialist dermatologist can guide you.

        How does this treatment compare to BBL Forever Clear?

        We do have & provide BBL Forever Clear by Sciton, however this program is-


        • More cost effective than BBL
        • Safer than BBL (less downtime & adverse side effects)
        • Has less pain than BBL


        *BBL is best suited for patients with active acne who would like to avoid medication. Blue light is not advisable in darker skin patients as it can often make pigmentation worse.

        Can patients on acne medication commence LED & laser treatments?

        Absolutely. Revisions on the concurrent use of acne medications and lasers in 2016 has highlighted this is a safe treatment. 

        Your consultant dermatologist will advise you accordingly.

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