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Genius RF – Radiofrequency Microneedling

Radiofrequency microneedling, also known as RFM, provides skin tightening in the skin’s deep layers to tighten the scaffolding for a firmer, more youthful complexion. The depths that radiofrequency reaches are far deeper than lasers, & comparable to those of a short scar surgical facelift. However, RF microneedling is completely non-invasive and has no downtime.

Key Points

  • Radiofrequency microneedling can treat skin laxity on the face & neck
  • It is best used in for patients with a thicker dermal layer 
  • This treatment contracts collagen & accelerates its production
  • Down time is minimal, typically 2-3 days
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Radiofrequency Microneedling; Genius RF at a glance

For: Skin tightening of the face & neck
Procedure time: 40 minutes
Duration of results: Years
Back to work: 2-4 sessions
Recovery: 1-4 days
Anaesthetic: Numbing + Gas
Your specialist: Laser nurse, dermatologist
How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves

Skin Tighening
Genius treatment cutis dermatology brisbane scaled

RF Microneedling; Genius. This system is the most powerful RF device as of 2022

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    Infini treatment cutis dermatology brisbane e1655811860355

    RF microneedling is different from microneedling. RF uses controlled heat & is far more effective.

    Ask us more about this treatmant

      Genius INgf treatment cutis dermatology brisbane

      RF Microneedling; Infini

      Ask us more about this treatmant


        How does RF microneedling with Genius affect collagen?

        Collagen is a natural protein that is integral to the aging process. It is made by the human body that combats cellular damage & skin laxity. Collagen promotes resilience, hydration & suppleness. As we age, our collage stores naturally dwindle, leaving the skin dull, loose & depleted. Using RF energy, we can help to gently stimulate the regrowth of collagen, restoring the skin’s elasticity & turgor. 

        What skin issues can RF microneedling treat?

        RF microneedling is best for:

        Mild to moderate skin laxity on the face & neck in patients will mild photodamage.

        • For wrinkles & skin quality issues, namely broken collagen on the background of sun induced wrinkling, laser procedures are better. 

        Learn more 

        • For acne & other scars, our team approaches the problem with scar directed therapy

        Learn more 

        • For enlarged pores & superficial wrinkles, fractional lasers are better

        Learn more

        How does this compare to microneedling?

        RF microneedling is far more effective than microneedling due to the simple fact of controlled heating with the former. 

        Heat contracts & generates collagen. Microneedling is a cold procedure. One session of RF microneedling is equal to over ten sessions of microneedling.  

        Why is our skin tightening program so effective?

        Our team is extensively trained in all non-surgical aspects of treating skin laxity.  Patients are not treated based upon one or two solutions. Our bespoke, customised approach ensures the best results possible. 

        How would I know what is the best treatment for my laxity?

        Book a FREE consultation with our specialist nurses. They are trained to assess your skin & determine what is the best course of action. 

        They are trained to operate at a level above & beyond other clinics as they are trained by dermatologists. For complex issues, book a consultation with our dermatologists.

        What systems do we use to deliver skin tightening?

        We use the Genius RF & Infini (older version, phased out in 2021). Our dermatologists have extensive experience in other systems including Intensif, Secret, Venus, Morpheus 8, & Intracel. 

        We prefer the Genius RF based upon its power, depth, insulated needles, solenoid motor & resistance or impedance control. This translates to safer & more effective results. 

        How many sessions will I require?

        For skin tightening & rejuvenation, 2-4 sessions. These are spaced 4-8 weeks apart. 

        • Facial rejuvenation 2-3
        • Neck & chest 2-4 

        Is the treatment painful?

        Yes. Hence that is why use specialist strength numbing gel & in some cases gas. We will ensure your comfort levels during any procedure we conduct. We got you covered.

        What is the recovery process?

        Unlike lasers that address superficial skin quality issues, Genius & Infini RF treats deep. Hence the super-fast recovery. 

        • Day 0-1 swelling
        • Day 1-2 redness & swelling subsides
        • Day 3 recovery

        We will warn you if higher treatment parameters are used, as this can extend your recovery by a few days. Treatment areas such as the neck take an extra 3-5 days to heal. 

        How does this compare to Ultherapy & HIFU for results?

        Cutis Dermatology employs High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, including both Ultherapy & Ultraformer. We use these devices in patients with thicker dermis & good skin quality. 

        The upside of HIFU is that it requires few treatments, & skin recovery is faster, however the potential for dermal remodelling is limited to a short duration. 

        Learn more


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        RF microneedling is significantly different from cold needle microneedling as the former uses controlled heating to effectively remodel collagen.

        What combinations do we use with Genius RF microneedling?

        A simple (for us) algorithm is as follows-

        • Mild to moderate laxity with good skin quality: Genius RF alone
        • Mild to moderate laxity with some quality issues: Genius RF & Fractional laser
        • Mild to moderate laxity with marked skin quality issues including sun damage, pigmentation, superficial wrinkles: Genius RF & Hybrid C02 laser resurfacing.
        • Moderate laxity: Combination of Genius RFM, PDO threads, dermal fillers.
        • Severe skin laxity: Surgical intervention is the only predictable option. 

        Our team will guide you as to the best procedure/s for your skin type.

        Can RF microneedling/ Genius be used on all skin types?

        Yes, however in darker skin- ethnic skin, HIFU may be a better option, if your dermal layer is thick & skin quality issues are limited. 

        How does RF microneedling / Genius compare with PDO mono threads?

        Our team uses both mono PDO threads, Silhouette threads & Mint suspension threads. This is how we incorporate these procedures.

        PDO mono we place in key vectors. It’s very different from cosmetic clinics. Vector lifting ensures the best gains with minimal threads. 

        We then use RF energy to lift the vectors in the direction of pull. PDO & RF energy synergistically enhances collagen production & contraction. 

        Learn more (link to PDO threads)

        How does this compare with the Max RF?

        No comparison. Max RF is used by cosmetic clinic chains as a standard operating procedure device aimed at treating everything from pores, scars pigment to collagen regeneration.


        Our RF devices are more powerful, precise, flexible & delivers far better results 

        How does RF compare with laser resurfacing?

        Here is the concept- lasers are best for treating skin quality including pigmentation, superficial wrinkles & sun damage. They provide most of the energy ON the skin’s surface. RF microneedling treats UNDER the skin, sparing the upper layer, & targeting collagen between 2-3.5 mm deep.


        In Brisbane/Queensland, most patients over the age of 35 will have a mix of both skin quality issues & laxity. It’s due to our intense UV index. 


        Learn more (link to Hybrid laser resurfacing in the lasers section)

        Does RF microneedling melt dermal fillers or PDO threads?

        No, our dermatologists have published this research in journals. Simple reason is that dermal fillers & mono PDO threads are stable with temperatures above 100 degrees. RFM generates heat to 69 degrees. 

        Why is insulation of needles so important when it comes to RF microneedling?

        Microneedle insulation is the most critical aspect of delivering safe & effective energy. Unlike cheaper systems, Genius (& it’s predecessor Infini), have insulated needles. Insulation-



        • Protects the epidermis or upper layer of skin
        • Reduce side effects such as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
        • Concentrates energy to precise depths in the deeper layers of skin

        What are the potential side effects?

        Side effects are rare, providing treatment parameters are appropriate. They include-


        • Gridding & stamping; this is normal if settings are high. For some patients we do push the parameters to ensure best outcomes. This settles in a few weeks. 
        • Redness; settles quickly
        • Pustules & pimples; settle within a few days
        • Post treatment pigmentation; more common in darker skin types
        • Infection; very rare

        What factors should be considered prior to radiofrequency skin tightening?

        Skin tightening is immensely complex. It is a significant investment in your time, effort & money, so you got to get it right the first time around. Consider-



        • Your skin laxity profile, is it mild, moderate, severe
        • The thickness of your dermis. Thin dermal layer? Skin tightening procedures may not work
        • The amount of collagen breakdown, as above
        • Skin quality 
        • Treatment options. If a clinic has one or two options, you are going to receive that device, regardless of the clinical findings
        • The experience of your provider
        • Your ethnic skin type
        • The settings of the device used, including HIFU, Thermage, RF & RF microneedling
        • The ability to combine treatments


        For a FREE assessment, book with our experienced nurses. They have been trained to assess laxity & employ the best non-surgical methods for your skin.

        Ask us more about this treatment

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