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Coolsculpting For Stomach & Abs

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive way to reduce unwanted stomach, abdominal & love handle fat. One 60-minute session can reduce up to 25% of abdominal pain without the pain & recovery of liposuction. Cutis Dermatology has a range of applicator sizes to ensure the best fit, resulting in the best results. 

Key Points

  • CoolSculpting has revolutionised body sculpting
  • This no-downtime procedure can trim away stubborn fat in less than 1 hour
  • With a range of applicator sizes our team can precisely trim stubborn excess fat
  • CoolSculpting has a 96% patient satisfaction rate
  • With over a decade experience in CoolSculpting, you can be assured we provide the best possible results
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Coolsculpting For Stomach & Abs at a glance

For: Stubborn fat. Stomach contouring
Procedure time: 40-70 minutes
Duration of results: Lifetime
Back to work: 2 + sessions
Recovery: 0-3 days
Anaesthetic: Cooling
Your specialist: Nurse, therapist
How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves



Body Treatment Cutis Dermatology Brisbane 2

CoolSculpting can target abdominal & love handle fat in the one CoolSculpting can target abdominal & love handle fat in the one session

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    Body Treatment Cutis Dermatology Brisbane 8

    CoolSculpting to the arms is highly effective to reduce stubborn fat

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      Body Treatment Cutis Dermatology Brisbane 6

      CoolSculpting to the arms is highly effective to reduce stubborn fat.  It is less effective for skin laxity

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        How many CoolSculpting treatments are needed for the abdominal area?

        Most commonly two sessions are required for optimal results. The first CoolSculpt treatment will reduce a given area by up to 25%. The second session will reduce it by an additional 15-20% for an average reduction of 40%. 

        A recent study showed 100% patient satisfaction after two treatments in the abdominal region, & 96% overall. 

        Are the results permanent?

        CoolSculpting results are permanent. Once the fat cells are frozen, they do not return. Your body will not produce more fat cells, however if you are in caloric excess the remaining fat cells may increase in size. Remember, CoolSculpting is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. It is designed to help you remove excess fat in hard to shift places. 

        With each CoolSculpting procedure, further fat cells are eliminated hence better outcomes can be achieved with additional procedures.

        Is CoolSculpting painful?

        CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that is well tolerated. The initial few minutes are slightly uncomfortable, however for the remainder of the procedure, there is no discomfort at all at the treatment area. Following treatment, there may be some mild discomfort as the skin returns to room temperature. 

        How does CoolSculpting reduce stomach fat?

        CoolSculpting is an innovative fat reduction technique that eliminates fat cells through a process called cryolipolysis. This controlled freezing selectively destroys adipose tissue or fat through a safe, & permanent device that precisely monitors the temperature of each treatment.  

        How would I know if CoolSculpting will give me the result that I am after?

        A real time assessment will give our nurses & therapists the best information to ensure that your treatment will be effective. During the consultation we measure your BMI, amount of subcutaneous fat, & degree of skin laxity. We then measure up your treated areas to match the best applicator sizing. If you have a good match, chances are this treatment will be highly effective. 

        Our experts will discuss the number of applicators needed, & the price for each treatment session. 

        Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

        Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting have a stable weight, good skin elasticity, & live an active lifestyle but require a helping hand to reach their contouring goals. You don’t need to live like a super-athlete, but it helps to remain active. 

        CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure but rather a body sculpting technique that can help to get rid of stubborn fat in the torso and under the chin. Our team will conduct a detailed consultation & examination to ensure that the CoolSculpting will meet your expectations.

        How does liposuction compare with CoolSculpting of the stomach area?

        There are pros & cons of each treatment, hence the first point is whether you are after a surgical or non-surgical approach. At Cutis Dermatology we perform liposuction of under chin fat (because in this area it works so much better than Kybella & CoolSculpting). In the context of abdomen & flanks, the results from CoolSculpting are so predictable that our dermatologists don’t even offer liposuction for this area.

        CoolSculpting can significantly reduce the appearance of bulges without the need for surgery. It has no recovery time & importantly no skin scars. 

        Liposuction is better at removing larger volumes of fat; however, the downside are costs & recovery times. 

        Does CoolSculpting tighten loose abdominal - stomach skin?

        Both Coolsculpting & liposuction are not designed to tighten loose stomach skin. These procedures are designed to remove excess subcutaneous fat. For moderate to severe abdominal skin laxity, a tummy tuck by a plastic surgeon will give the most predictable results. 

        CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells and allows them to be metabolised naturally in the body, which thus cuts out the risk of loose skin forming from procedures such as liposuction. When it comes to reducing the appearance of stubborn fat on the stomach and eliminating fat cells once and for all, CoolSculpting is an extremely effective, non-invasive solution that will provide you with long-lasting results.


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        Coolsculpting is a highly effective treatment to target stubborn abdominal fat that is unresponsive to diet or exercise. 

        What other non-surgical procedures do we combine with CoolSculpting of the stomach area?

        For most patients, CoolSculpting is performed as a standalone treatment for reducing subcutaneous fat. Two sessions spaced a month apart can give up to 40% reduction. 

        If you have mild to moderate skin laxity, together with excessive fat of the stomach, abs & flanks, we combine NuEra or Tempsure skin tightening procedures after CoolSculpting. These devices provide controlled heating of the dermal layers, which results in skin tightening.

        How can visceral fat be treated?

        Visceral fat is deep fat that surrounds the organs of the stomach. Unlike subcutaneous fat that is amenable to CoolSculpting, visceral fat is treated with diet, exercise & medical modalities. Visceral fat is a marker for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease & stroke. 

        Your GP will discuss lifestyle changes & pharmaceutical modalities to reduce this type of fat. 

        Which CoolSculpting applicators do we use for the stomach?

        CoolSculpting has several different applicator devices that are best used for different areas of the body. The optimal applicator depends on the site & fit. 

        CoolPetite® – as the name suggests, this is a tiny applicator that is used on smaller areas of the body, such as on the back or for small flanks, & abdomen. It’s best used on smaller abs; treatment is supersuper-fast at 30 minutes. 

        CoolSmooth – is particularly well suited for the areas that don’t fit in the vacuum applicators. They include the front abs, or back areas. 

        CoolAdvantage® Plus – is the most common applicator used. It can treat large areas of the body. This applicator can be used to reduce pockets of fat & typically takes 40 to 50 minutes to perform. It is best used for treating muffin tops & flanks. 

        CoolCore®– The CoolCore applicator is most used to treat the flanks & love handles. Each treatment takes just over half an hour to perform. Most patients treat both the love handles & abdominal area at the same time. 

        How does CoolSculpting compare with other non-surgical treatments?

        So, the question is – is CoolSculpting better than SculpSure? The answer is that in most cases patients have better results with CoolSculpting. Cutis Dermatology has SculpSure. We have used this device for 5 years however find that cold is more effective than heat in the treatment of fat. 

        The primary reason is that cold is much better tolerated than the diode 1064 laser of SculpSure that produces heat. With SculpSure you can adjust the energy levels, whilst with CoolSculpting you can’t. This means that CoolSculpting treatments are standardised. 

        What is the difference between visceral fat & subcutaneous fat?

        Visceral fat lies deep in the body & is woven around internal organs. It’s considered the most dangerous type of fat as it is a maker for stroke, diabetes & heart disease. In contrast, subcutaneous fat is just below the surface of the skin. It’s pliable and “pinchable” and it’s the only type of fat the CoolSculpting procedure is effective at reducing.

        If you have both excess visceral & subcutaneous fat, you may want to discuss possible medications that can reduce internal fat. 

        What are the side effects of CoolSculpting for the stomach?

        Side effects after CoolSculpting are uncommon. In the abdominal & stomach area they include-


        Short lived pain, swelling & tenderness. Rarely the area can feel harder than normal with lumps & bumps. This is due to inflammation of the fat & resolves in 2-5 weeks. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia or increased size of fat cells can occur in the abdominal area. It is very rare & responds to focal liposuction. 

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