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Clear and Brilliant Laser

Clear and Brilliant Laser is an excellent laser for skin maintenance. Essentially this is a mini-Fraxel as it uses the same laser wavelength, with gentler settings. C & B can improve & maintain skin quality, reduce pigment, fine lines, and wrinkles & decrease pore sizing. 

Key Points

  • This laser is minimally invasive, preserving the upper layers of skin
  • C+B treats pigment, reduces wrinkle & enhances skin quality 
  • Downtime ranges from 1 to 4 days 
  • C+B is safe on all skin types
  • This laser is used to maintain results from other procedures
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Clear and Brilliant Laser at a glance

Best outcomes: Rejuvenation maintenance, gentle resurfacing
Procedure time: 15-20 minutes
Duration of results: Months – one year
Back to work: 2- 4 sessions
Recovery: 1 – 3 days
Anaesthetic: Laser nurse, therapist
Your specialist: Numbing 
How much: $

Our results speak for themselves


What can Clear + Brilliant do for your skin?

Clear and brilliant is a revolutionary laser treatment which improves the overall appearance of skin, using gentle laser light. It brightens dull complexions, evens out skin texture, improves skin quality & helps to reduce the signs of ageing, such as fine lines and age spots.

This laser increases dermal collagen & hyaluronic acid, in turn improving fine lines & wrinkles. With a reduction of superficial pigmentation, your skin will feel & look more youthful and help bring out your natural glow.

Are treatments painful?

Using numbing gel, treatments are well tolerated. After the laser treatment you may experience mild burning for a few minutes. Redness will fade after a few hours. 

How long does it take to see results following treatment?

Results can be seen within the week. Skin will look and feel refreshed with better luminosity, reduced pigmentation & better light transmission.

One of the advantages of Clear + Brilliant is that after completing the recommended series of treatments, results will continue to improve as more collagen is stimulated.

How do I care for my skin after a Clear + Brilliant treatment?

We recommend that you refrain from putting on makeup for the remainder of the day. The redness and swelling will resolve by the following morning.  

Patients should avoid the gym, & any facial treatments on the day after treatment. As the skin begins to heal, you should apply moisturizer several times a day. This will reduce any dryness experienced after your treatment.

Sun exposure after the treatment should be avoided as skin is more sensitive to UV.  Following treatment, you are required to apply a SPF 50+ sunscreen twice a day. 

You can go back to your normal skincare routine 7-10 days after the laser treatment. 

Which should you go for, Clear + Brilliant or Fraxel laser?

Here is the skinny on things- Fraxel laser reverses skin aging, wrinkles & pigmentation, whilst C+B helps maintain the results you have from Fraxel. If you have:

  • Spots, dots, pigmentation, wrinkles: Fraxel combined with CO2
  • Mild skin issues or wish to maintain: Clear + Brilliant
  • Ethnic skin pigmentation, enlarged pores: Picoway laser
  • Redness & broken capillaries: Vascular laser

Can Clear + Brilliant be used on darker skin types?

Yes, but pico lasers are much better. We can tweak the settings on C & B to deliver good & safe results, however, the Picoway laser provides more efficient & safer treatment for darker skin types.  


Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

The Cosmelan Peel is one of the fastest methods to clear up superficial melasma, but comes with a one week downtime.

What are other ways to improve skin quality?

Skin care is important. This includes vitamins A; B & C. Antioxidants are frequently prescribed by dermatologists. These include ascorbic & ferulic acids, tocopherol, resveratrol & silymarin.

Chemical peels are also a great option. They include AHA peels, & retinoic acid peels. Peels are conducted every 2-8 weeks, depending on your goals. Our nurses will guide you accordingly.  

What should you consider before undertaking Clear + Brilliant?

Laser resurfacing is an investment of time, effort, and money. Here are some helpful pointers that may help you along your skincare journey. 

  • Clinical indications; Clear & Brilliant is a great treatment for mild skin concerns. It is a better laser for maintenance of results from other laser treatments. 
  • Skin type/colour; this laser is best for lighter skin types. If you have darker skin or ethnic skin, pico lasers are better. 
  • Settings; they matter. Lasers are devices. Using the correct/appropriate settings will optimize results & minimise side effects.

Book an appointment with our clinical team at Cutis, as they can guide you through the assessments. Nurse consults are FREE. Redeemable with future procedures.

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