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Coolsculpting for double chins

CoolSculpting is a good method for reducing unwanted fat under the chin. This procedure has less downtime & pain in comparison to fat dissolving injections. CoolSculpting can also improve skin laxity, further enhancing the contours of your chin & jawline area. 

Key Points

  • Coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells 
  • These fat cells are taken away by your body’s immune system
  • Reducing chin fat improves the jawline profile
  • CoolSculpting of the under-chin fat takes less than 50 minutes to perform
  • Most patients require two treatments for optimal results
  • CoolSculpting has less downtime compared to fat dissolving injections
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Coolsculpting for double chins at a glance

For: Stubborn fat. Chin contouring
Procedure time: 40-60 minutes
Duration of results: Lifetime
Back to work: 2 + sessions
Recovery: 0-3 days
Anaesthetic: Cooling
Your specialist: Nurse, therapist
How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves



Body Treatment Cutis Dermatology Brisbane 30

CoolSculpting chin reduces submental fat. Improves the jawline profile

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    CoolSculpting chin is a popular treatment area

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      Body Treatment Cutis Dermatology Brisbane 27

      CoolSculpting chin is a popular treatment area. Two sessions can reduce fat by up to 40%

      Ask us more about this treatmant


        How good is CoolSculpting for under-chin fat?

        CoolSculpting is FDA cleared to improve tissue laxity under the chin. In an 18-week study, 77% of clients receiving treatment for double chin noted improvement in under chin fat & skin laxity. 



        Each treatment can reduce fat by up to 25%. CoolSculpting is the first and only non-surgical fat reduction device to have FDA clearance.

        What are other methods for chin contouring & fat reduction?

        Our specialists employ different devices & methods to achieve the end goals. At Cutis Dermatology we have the following treatments 



        • Liposuction: is the best treatment. Results are more predictable with a downtime of only 2-3 days.



        • Belkyra injections: Also known as Kybella or deoxycholic acid. Long downtime. 



        • RF NuEra radio frequency can further improve under chin laxity.



        • RF micro needling is used by dermatologists to further tighten the skin



        • HIFU-Ultherapy can be used to tighten & reduce under chin fat 

        Learn More (Link to double chin treatment landing page)

        What is the CoolSculpting procedure like?

        The applicator for a CoolMini suctions the fat and holds it firmly in place while the fat reaches its freezing point. This takes between 40 to 50 minutes to perform. The area is massaged by a medical provider at the end of treatment.

        Is the CoolSculpting Mini better than fat-melting injections/Belkyra?

        Definitely. If your pinchable fat can fit into the CoolSculpting mini applicator, this would be the treatment of choice, well ahead of fat-melting injections.



        Compared to injections such as Belkyra, the CoolSculpting Mini is much less painful, is not associated with significant bruising, has less downtime, swelling, side effects & costs less than Kybella/Belkyra.

        How does liposuction compare with CoolSculpting Mini for under chin fat?

        Our dermatologists prefer liposuction for the following reasons-



        • More predictable results with liposuction as we rely on the procedure to physically remove fat.



        • Less overall downtime for the patient, especially when compared to Belkyra injections. 



        • Better & more predictable skin tightening with liposuction.



        • Less overall cost associated with liposuction as it only requires one session. 



        CoolSculpting however is ideal for patients who would like to avoid surgery. The result from liposuction is immediate, whilst it takes 4-6 months for CoolSculpting.


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        For patients opposed to under chin liposuction, Coolsculpting can deliver great results in one to two treatment sessions. 

        How does HIFU or Ultherapy compare with CoolSculpting?

        We use HIFU or Ultherapy to reduce fat & to tighten the skin. HIFU should not be used on thin skin as it is very powerful. The results are comparable with CoolSculpting in some patients, however not as good as liposuction. 



        We do use Ultherapy to assist in tightening of the jawline & chin, typically post Coolsculpting

        Does this mean that Belkyra is not a good treatment for double chins?

        We primarily use Belkyra to finesse focal areas of under chin fat. Ideally the patient’s double chin is debulked using Coolsculpting Mini.  The residual fat along the edges and towards the front part the chin can be treated with fat-melting injections.



        This is usually performed two to three months after your CoolSculpting Mini treatment. If you have skin laxity underneath your chin, this can be nonsurgical treated with devices such as Ultherapy or Radiofrequency. 

        Why are combination treatments the most sensible option for chin contouring?

        At the Cutis Dermatology, we offer gold standard treatments, not just one device or method. Our ethos is in the finer details that give the best results. Some combinations include-



        • CoolSculpting + RF NuEra for tightening
        • CoolSculpting + HIFU or Ultherapy for tightening
        • Liposuction + RF Micro needling 
        • Liposuction + RF NuEra



        We also combine treatments such as CoolSculpting Mini to debulk fat & Belkyra fat-melting injections to finesse tiny pockets of residual fat. This combination gives the best results and contouring to this area.

        How do a book in for my chin contouring procedure?

        Call Cutis Dermatology today to schedule your chin contouring consultation.  Ask about our contouring & Coolsculpting packages.

        What factors contribute to a Double Chin?

        Many factors contribute to a double chin or submental adiposity, including age, diet & genetics. Excess accumulation of fat also results from obesity. Overeating will cause excess fat to store up in your body. 


        A double chin develops when a layer of subcutaneous fat forms just underneath the chin. This fatty deposit gives way to gravity over time. This becomes more noticeable with age.

        How would I know if CoolSculpting is the best treatment for my under-chin fat?

        The best way to see if this treatment is for you is to schedule an in person visit. Every presentation is different. Our experts take into consideration the amount of fat you have, skin laxity, downtime as well as goals. We cover all methods of fat removal including liposuction, freezing, fat melting injections & devices such as Tempsure, Ultherapy & HIFU.

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