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Pico Laser Skin Series

What can Pico lasers treat?

  • Skin rejuvenation in ethnic skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Melasma pigmentation
  • Pigmentation due to sun & age spots in all skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne scars
  • Birthmarks
Our clinic employs two of the best pico lasers on the market- Picosure Pro (latest generation of Picosure) & the Picoway. This ensures you are receiving the best possible treatments for your skin. A series of 4 sessions are required for the best results. Pico laser series of 4 sessions $2240 (save $560). T&Cs apply.

Key Points

  • Pico lasers are the very latest technology for skin rejuvenation in all skin types, including ethnic & darker skin.
  • Cutis Dermatology has two of the best pico lasers; the Picosure Pro & Picoway.
  • Picosure Pro laser can improve pigmentation due to sun damage, acne marks & melasma.
  • Picosure Pro is the best for overall rejuvenation whilst Picoway is best for deeper pigment.
  • Pico treatments are pain free as we use clinical grade numbing gel.
  • Treatments are associated with no downtime, meaning super fast recovery.
  • Though results are seen after one treatment, a series of sessions provide the best results.

Our Pico Laser Results



pico mixed asian pigment treatment cutis

Pico laser used to treat mixed pigment – Pico lasers provide high powers of laser energy without heat, & hence are invaluable in treating darker & ethnic skin. ⁠

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    Pico Laser Treatment

    Non-ablative 1940 + pico laser combined treatment for wrinkle removal in skin type 4+, Asian female. 2 sessions.

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      pico laser pigment removal cutis

      Pico lasers provides fast removal of pigment with minimal downtime.

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        Pico Laser Package Info

        What will Picosure & Picoway do for my skin?

        Both these lasers will provide improvement in skin texture & quality, removing years of stubborn pigmentation, fine lines, enlarged pores & blotchy skin. Picosure is also an excellent laser for melasma pigmentation. 

        The aim of Picosure & Picoway is to gently rejuvenate the skin with minimal downtime & maximal safety.

        What is the procedure like?

        Picosecond laser resurfacing is our entry level resurfacing, with minimal downtime & costs. Treatments are comfortable, with minimal to no downtime. Each session takes between 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

        How many pico laser sessions will I require?

        Most conditions will require a series of 4 sessions, spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart. This applies to conditions such as melasma, enlarged pores, fine lines, sun damage & pigmentation.


        Our clinic provides competitive pico packages. As a guide- 

        Single treatment pico laser with Picoway or Picosure Pro: $700

        Pico treatment packages with Picoway or Picosure Pro: 4 sessions for $2240 (save $560) 

        Dermatologist treatment ranges between $890* to $1390* per session

        *Price variation depends on the complexity of the treatment.  

        Which is better- Picoway or Picosure Pro?

        Picosure Pro is better than Picoway in the treatment of superficial pigmentation such as melasma, sun damage, age spots & freckles. Picoway is better for deeper pigmentation such as acne scarring, tattoos & birthmarks. Cutis employs both these lasers, meaning that patients can receive the best possible treatments based upon the depth of their pigmentation.

        Will pico laser remove all spots?

        In this setting, pico lasers such as Picosure Pro & Picoway will markedly improve skin quality. This means less overall pigmentation & better light transmission resulting in a healthy glow. Complex individual spots may require additional treatments by our specialist dermatologists.

        How are we different from other clinics that offer picosecond lasers?

        Our dermatologists & nurses are one of the most experienced pico operators in Australia, having worked with pico lasers for over 8 years. We not only perform the procedure, but teach pico resurfacing nationally & internationally. Our practice has produced numerous peer reviewed publications on the use of pico lasers. 

        Dr Davin Lim & Allison Webb are key opinion leaders for Cynosure with their Picosure Pro laser & Candela, with their Picoway laser. We employ special settings on these devices to ensure the best results.

        What is the difference between pico by a nurse & pico by our dermatologist?

        In 90% of cases you will get the same result from pico by our experienced nurses. Our senior nurses have been performing this treatment for over 8 years & have worked closely with Dr Davin Lim. 

        Pico by a dermatologist is useful if you require one to two super high settings. High settings usually means better results at the expense of downtime. If your condition is suited to our hyper pico session, you will be informed. Dermatologists are involved when treatments are more complex such as mixed pigment in ethnic skin types & tricky birthmarks.

        Can all skin types be treated with Picosure or Picoway?

        Pico lasers are safe & effective in all skin types, however they are best used to treat pigmentation. Ideal conditions include-

        • Pigmentation in ethnic & darker skin types
        • Melasma in all skin types
        • Acne scars; early & pigmented in all skin colors
        • Enlarged pores & very fine lines in darker skin types
        • Birthmarks that are pigmented & lie in the deeper layers of skin
        • Sun damage that presents as pigmentation in all skin types

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