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Anti-Aging Treatments

Facial wrinkles can be smoothed for a younger, fresher appearance with advances in advanced dermatology. Cutis Dermatology has a range of medical procedures available to reverse the signs of aging and revive its youthful resilience. All our practitioners are led by board-certified and leading laser dermatologist, Dr Davin Lim, so you can trust you will be in the hands of an expert.
Our solutions for skin rejuvenation:
  • Hybrid Laser Resurfacing
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Picoway Laser
  • Fraxel Laser
  • Anti-Aging Skin Care

Our results speak for themselves



Eye rejuvenation Brisbane

2 sessions of Tixel on eye area

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    Laser Resurfacing treatment cutis dermatology brisbane 25

    Erbium & CO2 laser, 1 session

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      Delacy treatment cutis dermatology brisbane

      Laser resurfacing, one session. Lasers can reduce wrinkles without injectables

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        Treatments for Anti-Aging

        Hybrid Laser Resurfacing
        Best for: Wrinkles & sun damage
        Down time: 6 days
        Comments: Gives 10 year rejuvenation
        Dermal Fillers
        Best for: Wrinkles, volume loss
        Down time: 0 day
        Comments: We give natural outcomes
        Anti-wrinkle injections
        Best for: Dynamic wrinkles
        Down time: 0 days
        Comments: A stepping stone to anti-aging
        Picoway Laser
        Best for: Pigment, ethnic skin
        Down time: 0 days
        Comments: Best laser for dark skin
        Fraxel Laser
        Best for: Pigment, sun damage
        Down time: 4 days
        Comments: 1 session in most
        Anti-Aging Skin Care
        Best for: Prevention
        Down time: 0 days
        Comments: Skin care with purpose
        Customized Facial Rejuvenation
        Lasers for wrinkles, sun damage, & pigmentation

        Our dermatologists have a reputation for excellence in skin rejuvenation. Our clinicians will formulate a customized treatment plan for each client – not a cookie-cutter approach. We combine lasers, skin tighten devices, injectables & a bespoke skincare program to ensure that you are receiving the best outcomes possible.

        Lasers are awesome at providing precision rejuvenation with predictable results. Cutis Dermatology has over 35 lasers & energy devices to address all your concerns from deep wrinkles through to skin laxity & pigmentation. We are the epicenter for global laser research & development.

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        Wrinkles, Creases & Laxity
        Skin Rejuvenation by a Specialist Team

        As we age, skin loses collagen- the naturally occurring substance that keeps skin firm, wrinkle free, resilient & youthful. Advanced dermal fillers & muscle relaxants, injected with skill and artistry, will help you look fresh and rejuvenated in the most natural way. Our dermatologists & nurses have 2 decades of experience in the field of injectables, so you can trust that we take an approach to give you the most natural results possible.

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        Modern aesthetic treatments can rejuvenate skin by as much as two decades giving your skin a second chance. If you are struggling with the visible signs of aging & want to restore your skin’s texture, tone & volume, the team at Cutis Dermatology offers the most effective anti-aging treatments available. The very first step is a personal consultation with our dermatologist or dermatology nurses.

        Our team of dermatologists & nurses are skilled in the art & science of antiaging. We provide skin care solutions as well as injectables, laser, chemical peel, & other advanced techniques to reverse the signs of aging. Most importantly we deliver a natural outcome.


        Why Cutis Dermatology?

        Our dermatologists have over 20 years of clinical expertise in the field of anti-aging treatments. Our specialist clinic provides laser, injectable and other skin treatments to reverse the signs of aging.

        Combined with the latest in state-of-the-art laser technology, our specialists can address even the most complex cases to deliver unparalleled results.

        How to understand the aging process & how to fix it?

        Address the 3 signs of aging with balance and the results are natural. Over do one over the other and it is obvious. Consider the following:

        Skin quality or texture. Good skin quality provides a natural light reflex. This refers to the bounce of light from the surface of skin. Dull and aged skin has a poor light reflex.

        Skin tone refers to how firm skin is. This is reflected in the tensile strength. Poor skin tone leads to skin laxity and sagging.

        Volume, as the name suggests, refers to the content of collagen, water & fat. We lose volume as we age.

        Procedures are performed to address the balance of skin texture, tone & volume pertaining to each patient.

        What can be done to improve the quality or texture of the skin?

        Skin quality refers to the palate of skin, this means the amount of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, growths & imperfections including scars. The two stand out treatments for improving skin quality are lasers and chemical peels.

        The type of laser or peel depends on the clinical findings, your age, expectations, downtime, ethnicity & budget.

        What is the most popular laser resurfacing program we offer?

        Hybrid Laser Resurfacing combines two of the best laser wavelengths in the one treatment.

        A superficial wavelength treats surface imperfections including sunspots, age spots, pigmentation and fine wrinkles. A deep fractional CO2 wavelength treats deep wrinkles, laxity & improves skin tone. Only one treatment is required, with a healing time of only 5-7 days.

        This form of laser resurfacing can transform your skin’s appearance and reset the clock by over 10 years. For more information FREE nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics. *T&C apply.

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        What is the best kind of laser resurfacing?

        The big daddy or to be politically correct, the mother of all resurfacing lasers is the CO2 laser. Our dermatologists use the Ultrapulse in fully ablative mode followed by an additional pass of fractional deep CO2.

        This procedure is termed fully ablative laser resurfacing. It can rejuvenate skin by up to 20 years but has a long downtime.

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        What is the most gentle laser rejuvenation program we offer?

        The three most popular low cost, low downtime, laser programs are:

        • LARI or laser assisted retinoid infusion using a small spot ablative laser: downtime of 48 hours, best for fine lines, pores & prevention.
        • Clear + Brilliant mini-fraxel. Great for mild pigment and sun damage, and anti-aging prevention
        • Pico Toning: best for darker skin types. No downtime with picos.

        What types of lasers do we use at Cutis?

        We have over 35 laser and energy devices at any one time as we are an international centre for R&D. Our stable portfolio encompasses the best devices from each company. We do not compromise.

        For skin rejuvenation we have:

        • Ablative lasers: CO2 Ultrapulse, MixTo, CO2RE, eCo2, Sciton Joule, erbium
        • Non-ablative: Fraxel Dual, LaseMD Ultra, Frax 1940, Clear + Brilliant
        • Pigment: Picoway, Picosure Pro, Pastelle, RevLite, Spectra
        • Red vessels: Prima, Perfeta, 1064 Sciton, BBL, DermaV 532-1064
        • Skin tightening: HIFU, Ulthrapy, Ulterformer, RF Pelleve, Profound RF

        What can be done to improve skin tone?

        Skin tone refers to the elastic recoil of skin. This is a reflection on the tensile strength of your dermis, which is related to the quality of collagen. As we age, there is a decline in the amount and quality of collagen in the dermis, hence the reason skin becomes more lax.

        Skin tone can be improved with lasers, deep peels, heating devices including HIFU and radiofrequency as well as mono PDO threads. The optimal treatment depends on your age, ethnicity & clinical examination.

        Book a FREE nurse consultation in our Brisbane clinics to understand more about skin toning treatments. *T&Cs apply.

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        What is HIFU or Ultherapy & will it work on everyone?

        We do use HIFU including both Ultherapy & Ultraformer, however don’t believe the hype. This treatment is only suitable for some patients.

        Patients with mild to moderate laxity AND good quality skin with a thick dermis will respond best to face lifting. You require good skin quality.  If you have damaged collagen (usually a lot of sun), it will not contract/lift. Additionally, you require a thick dermis for efficient collagen stimulation.

        Book a FREE nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics to see if HIFU is for you. This is an expensive treatment, so you want to get it right the first time around.

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        Do thread lifts work?

        Our anti ageing specialists use two types of threads:

        Suspension threads or barbed threads include Silhouette & Mint. These threads can improve skin tone, & in the majority of cases provide a measurable & predictable lift. The problem is the actual longevity, as opposed to the advertised longevity.

        Monofilament PDO threads are less invasive, less costly & can provide an improvement in skin turgor & tone. We prefer this type of thread lift, based upon longevity, costs & side effect profiles.

        To see if threads are for you, book a FREE nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics. T&Cs apply

        What can be done to improve volume?

        Volume can be replaced with 4 treatment options.

        • Firstly, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers
        • Secondly collagen stimulating dermal fillers, namely poly-L-lactic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite.
        • Thirdly fat transfer using autologous harvest fat from the abdomen, flanks or thighs.
        • Laser resurfacing to increase dermal collagen. This method is the best to improve skin quality, however the actual volumes are limited to 1-2 mls over 6 months.

        What is the difference between hyaluronic acid fillers & collagen stimulating fillers?

        Our specialists use over 20 types of dermal fillers, including all the brands that manufacture hyaluronic acid fillers as well as two collagen stimulating fillers known as calcium hydroxyapatite & poly-l-lactic acid.

        Collagen stimulating filler advantages: More cost effective, last longer, higher lifting capacity (calcium hydroxyapatite), ability to dilute customised doses, do not have the Tyndall effect under the eyes.

        Collagen stimulating filler disadvantages: Higher initial costs, best results take 3-5 months to notice, no reversal agent.

        Our dermatologists and nurse injectors will guide you as to what are the best areas to use HA fillers versus collagen stimulating ones.

        How much volume will I require?

        It really depends on your facial structure and composition. As a guide:

        20s: 1-2 mls, lips.

        30s: 2-3 ms, lips, mid cheek

        40s: 3-4 mls, mid cheek, jawline,

        50s & over: 4-7 mls, cheeks, jawline, temples

        Fillers can correct age related volume loss, or correct pre-existing volume deficits. Therefore, an accurate estimation of volume is almost impossible to give without a real time examination.

        What is fat transfer?

        Our dermatologists are also trained in the art & science of fat transfer & adipose stem cells. Fat has both pros & cons as compared with dermal fillers & skin directed treatments such as lasers.

        Advantages of fat: Natural product, no allergies or reactions, plentiful supply (you would be surprised how much volume 30 mls of fat is).

        Disadvantages of fat: Variable resorption of fat by the body. Fat is not as malleable as fillers, they do not give good structure, & they do not have the finesse of some low viscosity hyaluronic acid fillers.

        Adipose stem cells or ASC can rejuvenate skin & improve skin quality, hence why in some cases we utilize stems. Their rejuvenation capabilities are not as predictable as simple laser procedures.

        Do lasers melt fat & dermal fillers?

        No, here is the reason. Dermal fillers are stable to temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Celsius for over 12 minutes as part of the sterilization process. Lasers & heating devices provide heating up to 69.5 degrees for less than a second. Our dermatologists have published these findings in 2016 in a leading medical journal (Lim DS, Shao. E).

        How is skin rejuvenation in ethnic skin different?

        Ethnic skin is markedly different compared to lighter skin types.

        Pigment is more common in darker skin, whilst wrinkles, including both static & dynamic are less. Ethnic skin is less prone to photoaging, or sun induced breakdown of collagen. The dermis is also thicker & more resilient.

        In summary:

        • Pico lasers are best for fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation
        • HIFU & RF procedures work better for skin tightening
        • Less muscle relaxant units are required
        • Fillers are most often placed in the medial cheek

        What are pico lasers?

        Pico lasers are great tools for skin rejuvenation in darker skin types. They can also be used to treat lighter skin with high contrast pigmentation. The main advantage of pico lasers is that they have little or no downtime & provide an added level of safety when treating darker skin.

        Pico lasers can:

        • Reduce pigmentation
        • Brighten dull skin
        • Treat fine lines & wrinkles
        • Improve pore sizing in darker skin types

        Cutis Dermatology has been using Pico Lasers since 2015, being the first clinic in Queensland to do so. We now have the latest Picoway & Picosure Pro lasers at our Brisbane clinic.

        What is microneedling & what are the limitations?

        Microneedling is a form of collagen induction therapy or CIT. It is an entry level treatment that can deliver modest improvements in skin texture & tone. This treatment requires 4-5 sessions over a period of 6 months & is ideally suited for mild wrinkles & scars.

        We perform DermaPen, SkinPen, Dermaroller & Dermastamping, however we mainly use microneedling to treat male & female patterned hair loss.  Microneedling is also good for delivering topicals into the deeper layers of skin.

        The results for anti-aging are mediocre at best.

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        Why are lasers better than microneedling?

        Lasers are infinitely better than microneedling because they provide a targeted approach to skin rejuvenation. Laser are used to –

        • Treat pigmentation, melasma, sun damage & age spots.
        • Reduce redness & broken capillaries
        • Stimulate collagen by controlled dermal heating
        • Erase scars & shrink enlarged pores by collagen stimulation

        The only two scenarios’ dermatologists employ microneedling is for-

        1. Hair loss treatments.
        2. Delivery of dermal corticosteroids or PG analogues for scarring.

        What are the best chemical peels for skin rejuvenation?

        Chemical peels are powerful anti-aging treatments as they can address deep wrinkles, sun damage, skin laxity, scars and enlarged pores. They can be classed as superficial, medium depth & deep.

        Superficial peels include AHA & retinoic acids.

        Medium to deep peels include TCA, & Jessner TCA peels.

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        What is the best anti-aging skin care?

        A customised & tailored one based on your concerns. The mantra of skincare goes like this:

        Protection: SPF 50 plus twice a day.

        Prevention: Add antioxidants including ferulic and ascorbic acid with tocopherol under the sunscreen. Vitamin B3 or niacinamide can prevent or treat inflammation & is useful for rosacea and sensitive skin types.

        Correction: Dermatologists call upon specific ingredients to treat pigmentation (vitamin C, kojic acid, arbutin, bearberry extract, botanicals). For collagen stimulation we rely on retinoids including retinol, retinoic acid, retinaldehyde & prescription retinoids.

        Our clinicians will guide you, ensuring your skincare journey will be targeted, precise and with purpose.

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        Are prescription retinoids better?

        The downside about prescription retinoids are the universal side effects, including dryness, redness, skin irritation, and flaking. Add to this, the increased skin irritation when combining strong topicals with antioxidants, skin acids, ascorbic acid & other skincare ‘actives.’

        95% of patients are better off with a good retinol formulation, as this can be easily integrated with other topical formulations.

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        Do collagen supplements work for anti-aging?

        They do no harm. In fact, collagen can help your joints, reduce arthritis and improve mobility. Even if they are placebo, they cost less than a cup of coffee. Knock yourself out.

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