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Non-surgical brow lift

The eyebrow area is one of the first parts of the face to show signs of ageing. With time, the skin of the brows & forehead sags & eyelids begin to feel heavier. Your eyes start to narrow, & the overlying brow looks flatter, losing the youthful arch. A non-surgical brow lift can elevate this sagging skin, leaving your brows looking rejuvenated.

Key Points

  • The most popular non-surgical method of brow lifting is with anti-wrinkle injections
  • Small units are precisely injected to reduce pulling of muscles
  • Expert injectors can reshape the brow with no downtime
  • Brows angles such as arching can be created with injectables
  • Dermal fillers can also elevate the brow & provide natural volume
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Non-surgical Brow lift at a glance

Best outcomes: 7+ days
Procedure time: 10-20 minutes
Duration of results: Months-years
Back to work: Immediately 
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Not required
Your specialist: Nurse injector, dermatologist
How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves



Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections to forehead wrinkles. Correct injection points preserves brow position.

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    Anti Wrinkle Treatment

    Anti-wrinkle injections to forehead wrinkles. Correct injection points preserves brow position naturally.

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      Anti Wrinkle Treatment

      Anti-wrinkle injections to the eye area reduces wrinkles. It’s important to keep things natural.

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        What can non-surgical injectables do for the eyebrow?

        With advanced techniques or skilled injectors can-

        • Lift the eyebrows to give a more youthful appearance
        • Volumize the brow
        • Enhance the eye area giving smooth transitions from the from the forehead, temples to brows
        • Frame the face to create balance & symmetry 

        How do injectables lift the brow?

        By precisely relaxing muscles that pull your eyebrows down, our skilled injectors can lift saggy brows. Injectables can provide a 1-3 mm lift of eyebrows. 

        With different injection points, we can lift the tail, or main body of the brow. Tailored injection points will achieve specific lifts & angles. 

        What is the recovery following eyebrow lifting injectables?

        There is no recovery. You can go back to work & normal activities straight after your brow lift treatment. 

        How long till I see the results from brow lifting?

        Usually within 3-5 days, whilst maximal effects can take 10 -14 days. 

        How do I know if this technique works for my eyebrows?

        Nothing beats a real time clinical examination. During this consultation our experts will examine your brow position in relation to your bony margin, the volume in your temples & the amount of forehead laxity. We will then provide you with our proposed treatment plan. 

        Book a free nurse consultation* at our Brisbane clinics to see if non-surgical brow lifting is right for you. T&C apply

        How long does it take to perform?

        Your first consultation will include a complete facial assessment to determine the best approach. This requires 30 minutes. The treatment itself takes only 1- 2mintues to perform.  

        How often will I require maintenance treatments?

        The longevity of injections will vary individually. Expect the outcomes to last 3-4 months. Most patients repeat their treatment to preserve their results & prevent permanent lines around the eye & forehead area. 

        How long do dermal fillers last for?

        The longevity depends on the type of dermal filler employed & your metabolism.  Dermal filler will last between 12 to 36 months, whilst anti-wrinkle injections last 3-4 months. 

        What are the potential side effects of injectables in this area?

        Side effects are very rare in this area & occur in less than 3% of injections. They are temporary & reversible. They include-

        • Bruising: short lived, treated with ice & can be covered with makeup.
        • Asymmetry: usually due to recruitment of muscles & easily corrected. 
        • Eyebrow or eyelid drop rare & corrects with time

        Our injectors prefer to under-treat initially, & subsequently add more once your initial results are stabilized. 

        Will I look natural after injectables?

        Absolutely. Our team has an eye for natural age-appropriate rejuvenation. Rest assured your outcomes are always going to be natural. 

        A suggestion for first timers- be guided by our injectors, we prefer to under treat you the first time around, you can always add more ‘units’ or volume. 


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Precisely placed injections can lift the tail of the eyebrow, providing a non-surgical brow lift that lasts up to 3-4 months.

        Who is the ideal candidate for eyebrow lifting?

        Suitable patients include adults who have noticed signs of ageing along their brow line, namely sagging brows & volume loss. Eyebrow enhancement with dermal fillers & injectables can be an alternative to brow lifting surgical procedures, as they act as a bridge to surgical procedures. 

        To see if this treatment will meet your aesthetic goals, schedule a free consultation with or injectable nurses. 

        What are non-surgical ways to lift the brow?

        The most reliable non-surgical way to lift the brow is with Ultherapy or HIFU. This advanced technique is performed by our dermatologists. Ultherapy uses ultrasonic guided focused ultrasound to contract lax skin just below the brows. 

        In most cases we can achieve a 1.5 to 2.5 mm lift. It is especially useful when combined with injectables. For eye brows that lie within the orbital rim, this treatment has a low yield, a surgical brow lift is indicated. 

        Can threads be effective in brow lifting?

        We can achieve a modest degree of brow lifting with monofilament PDO threads. Your dermatologist will discuss the pros & cons of this technique.  

        We don’t like suspension Mint, Silhouette or Apthos threads in this area, purely based upon the short-lived results of this procedure. 

        Can dermal fillers be used to enhance the eyebrows?

        Fillers are great for rejuvenation of the brows as they can add both volume & lift. This advanced technique is performed by your dermatologist. 

        Strategically placed dermal fillers placed high up in the temples can also volumize the area & cause an elevation of the tail of the eyebrow. The results are potentiated with anti-wrinkle injections. 

        Can lasers lift sagging eyebrows?

        This is one area where lasers have a limited role. Laser resurfacing is great for improving skin quality & provide excellent results for the lower & upper eyelid skin, however with a heavy brow, the energy required to lift is limited.

        How can brow lifting be optimized with feather touch brow tattooing?

        Combining eyebrow tattooing & brow lifting will lift, volumize & define the brows, often making a dramatic difference in rejuvenation of the eye area. This combination frames the eyes & delivers a more youthful look. It’s a powerful combination. 

        Why do eyebrows drop as we age?

        With time we lose the tensile strength of skin as there is an age-related decline in collagen, elastin, & hyaluronic acid. Coupled with gravity, eyebrows start to droop by the late 30s. Older skin doesn’t have the elastic recoil it does when you’re younger, & skin begins to sag. 

        A non-surgical eyebrow lift can restore lost volume & stimulate collagen production. With anti-wrinkle injections to reduce the downward pull of the orbicularis muscle, our injectors can achieve a good elevation in most patients. 

        When is a surgical brow lift required?

        Our experts will assess your laxity & inform you if surgery is required. A good guide is if your brows are within the orbital rim. Most cases of brow lifting are in patients in the late 40s & above. For this procedure, we refer patients to an oculoplastic surgeon. 

        What is an endoscopic brow lift?

        Endoscopic or minimal-incision brow lift employs a tiny telescope known as an endoscope. This browlift can be made via 4 or 5 tiny incisions behind the hairline. 

        This technique minimizes loss of sensation at the incision sites. New techniques in cosmetic surgery include lifting sagging cheeks for a mid-facelift as an extension of the endoscopic brow & temple lift.

        What is a coronal brow lift?

        This traditional technique, known as a coronal lift, requires an incision from the top of one ear, remaining behind the hairline to the opposite ear. The entire forehead is elevated through this incision from above.

        Most oculoplastic surgeons do not use a coronal brow lift as it requires extensive surgery with a broad incision. It is mostly used for patients with high hairlines as the hairline position can be maintained or even lowered by a brow lift using this hidden incision point. When performed meticulously, this incision is barely detectable and can offer some of the best brow lift results. This is called a pretrichial brow lift.

        What is a direct brow lift?

        A direct brow lift involves incisions close to or at the margins of the brow. This technique is best for male patients as we can hide the incisions in the natural creases of the forehead. 


        For females, the incision is hidden in the upper border of the eyebrow. 

        What do we use for brow lift treatments?

        Our injectors at Cutis Dermatology Brisbane most often use anti-wrinkle treatments. The relaxant of choice depends on the injector & your preference. 

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