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Gummy Smile Treatment

A gummy smile, as the name suggests, shows too much gum & teeth when you smile.  There are any number of factors that can cause a gummy smile, including genetics, & overtly powerful lip elevators. Simple muscle relaxing injections can safely & predictably correct a gummy smile & replace this with a more attractive smile that you’ll be happy to show off. 

Key Points

  • Simple injections can reduce the upward pull of the lip elevators
  • Results are seen within a week & typically last for 3- 5 months
  • This simple procedure cost between $120- $140 & has no downtime
  • Typically, it involves two small injection points just below your nose
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Gummy Smile Treatment at a glance

Best outcomes: 10+ days
Procedure time: 5-10 minutes
Duration of results: Months
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Not required
Your specialist: Nurse injector, dermatologist
How much: $

Our results speak for themselves



Dermal Fillers Lip Flip

Anti-wrinkle for gummy smile, combined with dermal HA fillers can provide balance to the perioral areas.

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    Anti Wrinkle Treatment

    Anti-wrinkle injections to lip elevators. Two simple injection points take less than 10 seconds to perform.

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      Anti Wrinkle Treatment

      Anti-wrinkle injections to lip elevators. Two simple injection points take less than 10 seconds to perform. Last 2.5 to 4.5 months

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        What is the best treatment for a gummy smile?

        Cosmetic injections with muscle relaxants are the easiest & most effective way to treat a gummy smile. This no downtime procedure takes less than 10 seconds to perform.  Results will take effect at around 2 weeks and, in most cases, last 3 to 4 months. 

        How does it work?

        This is a procedure designed to reduce the elevation of the upper lip by weakening the lip elevator muscles. With precise injections, these muscles can be safely relaxed, in turn improving the aesthetics of the upper lip giving a more attractive & symmetrical smile. 

        How long do injectable treatments last?

        Gummy Smile anti-wrinkle lasts 8 to 12 weeks, after which time you’ll need additional injections to maintain your results.

        Where do we place the anti-wrinkle injections?

        Depending on the extent of the gums show, our injectors can safely & effectively titrate a dose of muscle relaxant required. These injections are placed on both sides of the inferior nose targeting muscles that move the upper lip. This results in weaker elevators of the upper lip, which causes the upper lip to relax and extend over the excess gum that shows when you smile.

        The softening of the lip lift results in a more attractive smile that you’ll be happy to show off. The results are natural so that no one else will know that you’ve had anything done. 

        How much are treatments & how do I know if it is going to work?

        Treatments start at only $120. Book a FREE nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics to see if this treatment is for you. T & C apply

        How can dermal fillers treat a gummy smile?

        Dermal fillers can be used in some patients who have smaller upper lips & a gummy smile. Fillers can increase volume & provide shape & definition to the lips. In suitable candidates, the use of dermal fillers & anti-wrinkle injections is synergistic.


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Reducing, not eliminating muscle activity can reduce gum show in those who animate with a gummy smile. 10 seconds to perform, lasts 2-4 months on average. 

        Can I eat & talk normally after gummy smile treatment?

        Yes, this treatment does not affect speech or eating.

        What are the risks of muscle relaxant injections for gummy smile treatment?

        This treatment has a high safety record; however our injectors will discuss side effects with you after thoroughly assessing your health & medical history before treatment. This minimises the risk of complications. 

        Incorrect placement of anti-wrinkle can result in diffusion. This can affect muscles in areas other than those it was supposed to, or may relax the muscle too much. This may affect your smile and the way your mouth moves. 

        What causes a gummy smile?

        A gummy smile occurs when too much gum tissue is displayed when smiling. There are several factors that cause this condition, which can range from mild to severe.

        1. Genetically short upper lip length
        2. Prominent gums & teeth length
        3. Overactive muscles that elevate the lip 
        4. Gummy smiles can also be secondary to breathing issues early during development. 

        What surgical treatments are available to correct a gummy smile?

        A surgical procedure called a gingivectomy or gum lift is used if the cause of the gummy smile is overgrown gums. This is a type of periodontal surgery also known as a ‘gum lift’. A dental surgeon performs this surgery using a to reshape and remove the excess gum tissue. This will shorten the height of the gums & give more symmetry to the gum line. This surgical procedure can also reveal more of the tooth to 

        What dental procedures can treat gum show?

        Root planing & scaling is used when the enlargement of gums is due to inflammation & infection. Dentists perform a deep clean of the root surface to remove plaque & calculus. This addresses inflammation & can settle down gingival hyperplasia & gum show. 

        Crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue. The underlying bone is cut and reshaped so that the full size of teeth is exposed. This procedure is used when large amounts of gingival tissues need to be removed.

        Can a gummy smile be corrected with braces or teeth alignment?

        Braces for straightening teeth will not correct muscle overactivity that elevates the upper lip. In contrast, gums can be irritated from braces & Invisalign, which can lead to gingival hyperplasia thickening & a more prominent gummy smile. Adjustment of braces will correct this. Simple anti-wrinkle injections can safely reduce muscle activity & decrease gum show. 

        What do we use for gummy smile treatments?

        Our injectors at Cutis Dermatology Brisbane most often use anti-wrinkle treatments including gummy smile treatments. The relaxant of choice depends on the injector & your preference. 

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