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HALO Laser Skin Rejuvenation

HALO laser is a gentle skin resurfacing procedure that delivers modest outcomes with each treatment. A series of 3-5 sessions is required for optimal outcomes. Cutis uses the upgraded version of this laser to half the number of required treatments. 

Key Points

  • HALO laser combines two lasers in the one device
  • Using two or more wavelengths is termed ‘hybrid laser resurfacing’
  • HALO has superficial & deep wavelengths
  • Lasers can be adjusted to tailor downtime, ranging from 1-5 days
  • Gentle resurfacing requires 3-5 sessions for best results
  • More effective hybrid combination are available as the power of HALO limits its application
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HALO Laser Skin Rejuvenation at a glance

For: Skin rejuvenation, v. mild wrinkles, light pigment
Procedure time: 10-20 minutes
Duration of results: Months
Back to work: 3- 5 sessions
Recovery: 1- 5 days
Anaesthetic: Numbing
Your specialist: Laser nurse
How much: $$$-$$$$ Total 

Our results speak for themselves


What is HALO laser resurfacing?

This gentle laser is suitable for patients who desire modest improvements in skin quality with each laser session. HALO combines two gentle lasers in the one system. 


This laser is tiered for aestheticians / beautician use. Dermatologists employ the upgraded erbium component of this laser. 

What skin conditions can be treated with HALO?

HALO resurfacing, given the limited parameters, is best for mild skin changes including –


  • Fine lines, wrinkles
  • Sun induced pigmentation including age spots
  • Dull skin
  • Textural issues such as low volume loss atrophic acne scars

What are the benefits of HALO?

HALO can deliver-

  • Gentle & comfortable treatments
  • Fast healing, 1–4-day recovery
  • Low downtime, patients can go back to work within a couple of days
  • No occlusive post-care
  • Fire & forget standard laser settings, easy to operate
  • Noticeable improvement within weeks

What are the limitations of this laser?

The biggest disadvantage of HALO is the lack of power & adjustment, especially for the skin type that is predominantly seen in Australia – Queensland. 


For most patients, we require more power than the maximum ablative settings on HALO, hence why we use the more flexible Sciton Joule. 


We also combine many other wavelengths in the one sitting; hence patients are not limited to just two wavelengths. This means a tailored approach, with far better outcomes for our patients.

What have we replaced this treatment with?

We do use the bigger brother of HALO called the Sciton Joule. This uses the same erbium component of HALO, but the Joule can, if so desired, is 15 times more powerful than HALO. 


For the non-ablative component, we have the flexibility to deliver 5 more wavelengths over HALO, including 1440, 1550, 1940, 1927 thulium & diode. Combination treatments are termed Hybrid Laser Resurfacing. 

What is the downtime vs benefit vs cost ratio for laser resurfacing?

The longer the downtime, the faster the results. If you are into efficiency, read more. 


In 90% of cases seen at Cutis, resurfacing can be accomplished with just ONE treatment. Downtime ranges from 2-6 days. For gentle fractional treatments, with a downtime of 2-3 days, the similar job may take 4-5 sessions over 6 months. 


One session cost significantly less than 4-5 sessions. Sure, the commercial model of gentle

fractional laser sessions (often sold as a package) stack up for the clinic, however at Cutis, our task is to sort out your condition with the best solutions possible, with minimal downtime & expenses.

What is Hybrid resurfacing & why is it better than HALO resurfacing?

At Cutis we employ Hybrid lasers over HALO. This gives us infinite combinations of laser devices, as we are not limited to 2 low powered wavelengths. This means we can effectively treat many skin conditions & tailor downtime accordingly. Here are a few examples-



  • Combine CO2 with Picoway or PIcosure
  • Combine erbium with non-ablative (HALO)
  • CO2 fractional with vascular lasers
  • Thulium with CO2 or erbium laser

Can HALO be used on darker skin types?

Yes, but there are better options for darker skin, including pico lasers such as Picoway & Picosure Pro. This family of lasers are made especially for treating skin of colour. They are safer, more effective & less painful than HALO laser resurfacing. 


To treat darker skin types, the HALO can be adjusted to deliver less density with the erbium component- around 11% coverage. The ablative depth can be maximised at 100 microns. At this level, downtime is an issue. 


Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

The HALO laser combines an erbium wavelength with a non-ablative laser. We find the ALMA Hybrid much more effective than HALO, whilst giving similar recovery times. 

Can HALO treat melasma?

Yes, but it is not very good. At Cutis we DO NOT use ablative wavelengths to treat melasma, as rebound is high & results are not great (if any). Melasma should be managed with-



  • Medical therapy
  • Nano lasers
  • Pico lasers
  • Non-ablative lasers (last line)

Can HALO treat wrinkles?

Yes, but results are modest at best. The main reason is that this laser is aimed for aesthetician use & not specialist conditions. Hence power is drastically reduced.


For wrinkling we prefer the upgraded Sciton Joule or better still Hybrid resurfacing with CO2 & thulium lasers. 

Can HALO treat acne scars?

Yes, but very mild, early, low volumetric loss atrophic scars. CO2 lasers or RF microneedling does a much better job at treating acne scars in comparison to HALO lasers.

Dark acne marks are best treated with Picoway or Picosure.

Red acne scars are treated with vascular lasers

What are other no-downtime skin rejuvenation treatments?

Treatments with little downtime include-


Chemical peels: AHA, lactic, glycolic or retinoic acid peels have little or no downtime. They start from $98 & can improve skin quality, pigment, pores & fine lines. 


Thulium lasers: include Fraxel & LaseMD. These lasers are excellent for the treatment of moderate to severe sun damage & age spots. Only one session is required. 


LARI, laser assisted retinoid infusion: this novel treatment combines the benefits of laser resurfacing with prescription retinoids. One of the BEST treatments for skin aging & wrinkles. Downtime can be tailored from 36 hours to 4 days. 


Hybrid resurfacing: combines many different lasers in the one treatment. This provides a better, more customized approach to skin rejuvenation

Which is better, HALO or Fraxel?

Impossible to answer, it is like asking what is better- a hammer or a spanner? It really depends on the job. At Cutis, we employ over 35 energy devices, not just a few. This gives us the flexibility to tailor treatments according to concerns. 


Examples include-

  • Fraxel: for sun damage & sunspots
  • Erbium: for wrinkles, fine lines & textural changes
  • BBL for freckles
  • CO2 for scars, deep lines & age warts
  • Picosure Pro/Picoway: for ethnic skin rejuvenation

How do I know if fractional laser resurfacing is the correct skin treatment for me?

Book an appointment with our nurses. They provide a FREE consultation.


If you have more complex issues, book an appointment with our dermatologists. A consult fee applies if a dermatologista is involved in your treatment. 

What should you consider before undertaking laser resurfacing?

Laser treatments are an investment of time, effort, and money for patients. Here are some helpful points that may help you along your journey. 



  • Diagnosis: Always pair a concern with a treatment, not the other way around. In some cases, the answer are lasers, in others, it may involve a simple chemical peel. 



  • Skin type / ethnicity: Pico lasers such as Picoway or Picosure Pro are much better lasers for darker skin, in comparison to HALO resurfacing



  • Laser devices matter: There are many pico lasers on the market, some are underwhelmingly underpowered. Stick to good, trusted brands. 



  • Settings are the key. As with any device, settings matter. 

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