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Marionette Lines

Anti-wrinkle injections can reduce dynamic wrinkles around the mouth, including smoker’s lines, droopy lip corners & provide a better overall appearance in the chin area. Dermatologists combine lasers, energy devices & chemical peels with injectables to elevate the results of perioral rejuvenation. This ‘next level’ treatment provides the most natural results for our patients.  

Key Points

  • Dermal fillers can support the perioral or mouth area
  • Strategically placed anti-wrinkle injections can lift the corners of the mouth
  • The marionette lines take precedence over lip volume in mature patients
  • Treatments are painless & takes 15 minutes to perform
  • Lasers, HIFU & chemical peels are some non-surgical options
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Marionette Lines at a glance

Best outcomes: 10+ days
Procedure time: 5 minutes
Duration of results: Months
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Not required
Your specialist: Dermatologist, nurse injector
How much: $

Our results speak for themselves



Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Dermal fillers & muscle relaxants can reduce perioral aging, including deep marionette lines.  

Ask us more about this treatmant



    Anti Wrinkle Treatment

    Dermal fillers & muscle relaxants can reduce perioral aging, including deep marionette lines.  

    Ask us more about this treatmant



      Perioral   Lip rejuvenation treatment cutis dermatology brisbane 7

      Dermal fillers & muscle relaxants can reduce perioral aging, including deep marionette lines

      Ask us more about this treatmant


        How can anti-wrinkle injections treat the mouth area?

        The oral commissure or the corner of the mouth is the area between the upper & lower lips. 

        Referred to as marionette lines, they worsen over time. This contributes to an angry or sad-looking appearance. Simple treatments can provide a lift to the area, in turn improving the contours around the oral area.

        How do we rejuvenate the mouth area with injectables?

        Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers replace volume loss & supports sagging tissue around the perioral area. This creates lift & a more youthful appearance. 

        Precise placement of anti-wrinkle injections near the jawline can cause muscles that pull down the lips to relax. This lifts the corners of the mouth. 

        Will I look natural?

        Our skilled injectors have up to 20 years’ experience in the field of injectable aesthetics. Our dermatologists teach this procedure to other injectors nationally.  

        When you see our injectors, you will get a complete 360 assessment, we just don’t inject as we are also industry leaders in lasers, energy devices & chemical peels. Injectables are frequently combined with lasers to rejuvenate the perioral area. 

        When will I see the results?

        Results from injectables in this area are visible at day 5 to 8. It may take another week or two to see the final results. 

        The caveat of anti-wrinkle injections in this dynamic area of the mouth is that they typically have a shorter period of longevity, wearing out between 10 to 14 weeks. This is because muscles of this area are recruited with speech & eating. 

        How would I know if this treatment is for me?

        Book a FREE consultation with our nurse injectors at Cutis Dermatology. They will assess your skin, as well as your expressive movements. We will then formulate a treatment plan based upon clinical assessment. 

        *T&C apply

        What is the recovery following injections?

        There is no downtime required with cosmetic injectables, unlike lasers. 

        You may notice tiny red bumps around the injection sites; however, this resolves within 30 minutes. In rare cases there may be a tiny bruise that resolves in a few days. The treatment areas can be concealed using make-up immediately after the procedure. 

        How long do the results last?

        Oral commissure treatments using dermal fillers typically last 12 to 16 months as the body metabolises hyaluronic acid over time. 

        Anti-wrinkle results typically last for 3 to 4 months. The most important predictor of longevity is the degree of natural facial expression you have.

        What are other non-injectable methods to rejuvenate the mouth area?

        Rejuvenation can be divided into improving skin laxity & volume replacement.

        To improve skin laxity, we can employ: lasers, RF, RF microneedling, deep chemical peels, PDO threads & HIFU. 

        To address volume loss dermatologists use: hyaluronic acid or collagen stimulating fillers. We also use autologous fat transfer for volume replacement. The ideal treatment depends on your age, severity & goals. 


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        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Strategic placement of muscle relaxants can reduce the downward pull of depressor muscles around the mouth. Coupled with dermal fillers, this simple treatment can lift the corners of aging lips.

        Are injections to the corners of the mouth painful?

        There’s mild discomfort with each injection, akin to an ant bite (normal household ants, not big ass green ants). If you are particularly sensitive to pain, we can use ice prior to the procedure. 

        Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are delivered with a blunt needle called a cannula to minimise discomfort & bruising. 

        What can anti-wrinkle injections do for the chin area?

        With the passage of time, the muscles of the lower face are more active. This especially applies to the mentalis muscle of the chin. This causes dimpling & upturned chins, in turn compromising the natural dynamics of the lower face. 

        The solution is as simple as two strategically placed injections in the lower chin. This relaxes the muscles & translates to better resting tone of the chin & jawline area. 

        What causes lip lines & creases?

        We divide wrinkles into dynamic & static elements. 

        Dynamic wrinkles: are due to repeated contraction of the muscle surrounding the mouth. These muscles are activated when talking, animating & eating. 

        Static wrinkle: Skin aging also contributes to the formation of wrinkles. Over time you lose the tensile strength of collagen & elastic fibres around the mouth. This translates to wrinkles at rest. Procedures such as lasers, chemical peels & dermal fillers increase hyaluronic acid & collagen, in turn reducing wrinkles. 

        What are the potential side effects?

        Redness & swelling resolves within 30 minutes. In exceptional cases there may be some bruising that disappears within a few days. 

        Uncommon side effects include temporary weakness of mouth muscles & an asymmetrical smile. Side effects can be reduced by avoiding touching your forehead area for 12 hours post injection. Other rare complications include persistent lumps & infection. 

        Can lasers treat perioral wrinkles?

        Lasers are great for static wrinkles, or wrinkles at rest. 

        The most commonly used lasers to treat lip wrinkles & smoker’s lines include Fraxel 1927 thulium & lower density CO2. This is termed Hybrid Laser Resurfacing. 

        Learn More (link to Hybrid lasers in the laser section) 

        Are chemical peels effective in treating lip lines & smoker’s lines?

        Chemical peels including Jessner & Jessner TCA are effective in addressing medium to deep static wrinkles. Peels, like lasers, are best for wrinkles in more mature skin. 

        Can PDO threads treat forehead wrinkles?

        You are far better off placing PDO threads in key areas such as the preauricular area just in front of the ear. Threads have a marginal effect on lip wrinkles.

        Are skincare creams effective?

        Skin care is integral to anti-aging as they reduce collagen breakdown & wrinkles. Topicals are important to prolong & potentiate the effectiveness of procedures, including anti-wrinkle & laser resurfacing. 

        As a guide, antioxidants including tocopherol, ascorbic acid, & ferulic acids can reduce UV stress, whilst retinol aids in collagen remodeling & wrinkle reduction.

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