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Face and Jaw Slimming

The optimal facial contour in females is a soft V shaped face, in contrast to males with a more angular profile. The art of facial slimming is to reduce the appearance of width by targeting the powerful masseter muscles with anti-wrinkle injections. Strategically placed injections will reduce the bulk of muscles, in turn giving a softer & more feminine appearance. Visit the experienced nurse and dermatologists at our Brisbane clinics to see what we can do for you.

Key Points

  • Facial slimming can give females a more aesthetically pleasing contour
  • This treatment is the basis behind ‘V’ shaping 
  • This is achieved with simple, pain free muscle relaxing injections
  • This targets the strong chewing muscles of the cheeks
  • Results are seen within 4 weeks & maximal by 6-8 weeks
  • This treatment can be combined with skin tightening procedures to reduce laxity
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Face and Jaw Slimming at a glance

Best outcomes: 1-2 sessions
Procedure time: 15 -30 minutes
Duration of results: 4-8 months
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Not required
Your specialist: Nurse, dermatologist
How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves

Anti Wrinkle
Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections to forehead wrinkles. Correct injection points preserves brow position naturally.

Ask us more about this treatmant

    Anti Wrinkle
    Anti Wrinkle Treatment

    Anti-wrinkle injections to forehead wrinkles. Correct injection points preserves brow position.

    Ask us more about this treatmant

      Anti Wrinkle
      Anti Wrinkle Treatment

      Anti-wrinkle injections to forehead wrinkles. It’s important to balance out the muscles in this area.

      Ask us more about this treatmant


        What can jawline & facial slimming achieve?

        The basis behind jawline & facial slimming is to bring about a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing contour for females. This will-



        • Reduce the width of the face
        • Taper the lower face giving a more ‘V’ shaped appearance
        • Improve the silhouette & profile of the jawline
        • Improve any tension you may have from overly active muscles

        How do we do it with muscle relaxants?

        Muscle relaxant injectables placed in strategic locations can give the desired results. These are placed in a zone just in front of the ear into a muscle called the masseter. This powerful muscle is the one responsible for creating width & bulk. It’s a good look for males, but it’s too strong for the feminine profile for females. 

        What is the procedure like?

        The procedure itself takes 2 minutes to perform & consists of 4-5 injections per side. It is relatively painless & very quick. We spend most of our time planning & marking out the areas for injections. 

        When will I notice the difference?

        By week 4-6, most patients will notice a change in the profile. For super strong muscles, you may require a top up before seeing the benefits. Once slimmed, you will require less ‘units’ of muscle relaxants compared to the initial dose.

        How long will facial slimming injections last?

        First timers, usually 3-4 months. With extended use, they last between 4 to 8 months. In some patients who ‘reset’ their muscles, it can last a year or more. 

        How many ‘units’ are used for jaw slimming?

        Every person is unique as the optimal units required depends on the strength of the muscles. During your free consultation at our Brisbane clinics, our clinicians will take time to evaluate your profile, including your muscle activation. Based on this assessment, they will recommend the necessary number of units to achieve your desired results.

        As a guide 20 to 24 units are required on average, whilst super strong muscles require 32 to 44 units. 

        Are jawline slimming injections painful?

        You will experience a short pinching sensation lasting less than a second. That’s it. If you are super sensitive to pain, we can also use numbing gel & ice to give you a helping hand. 

        How can I make the results last longer?

        You have two options-



        1. Use a mouth splint nightly to reduce clenching. They must be worn regularly. 
        2. Top ups with anti-wrinkle injections at regular intervals



        If you are a frequent gum chewer, give it up. This can prolong the effects. 

        Will it affect my smile?

        No. Providing the muscle relaxing injections are precisely placed, only the masseter muscles are relaxed. Your smile & animation will not be affected. 

        Does this help with teeth grinding & headaches?

        Overactive chewing muscles can lead to bruxism or jawline tension, resulting in headaches, teeth grinding & a painful jaw. anti-wrinkle injections can markedly reduce the symptoms of bruxism.



        About a quarter of patients with headaches will also have an overactive temporalis muscle (in the temples). 4-8 units can also reduce the power of these muscles.


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        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Placement of muscle relaxants in the muscles of chewing can soften the jawline & provide harmonious contours that are important in the aesthetic balance of females. 

        What is the recovery time?

        There is zero downtime with jawline slimming injections. You can immediately return to work after the procedure & continue exercising the next day. 

        What are other methods used by dermatologists to slim the face?

        There are four ways to slim the face. 



        1. Decrease the width of the face using injectable muscle relaxants.
        2. Sharpen the jawline & enhance chin contours with dermal fillers.
        3. Tighten the lower face with HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.
        4. Remove lower face fat with liposuction

        What are the possible side effects?

        Minor side effects including bruising, & tenderness are uncommon. These typically resolve within 1-2 days.

        After jaw slimming injections, avoid rubbing or touching the lower face for 12 hours & don’t lie down for 4 hours post treatment. You can resume exercises the next day. This markedly reduces the chances of causing unintended weakness in the surrounding areas.

        How Much Does Jawline Slimming Cost?

        The cost of jaw slimming treatments starts from $450 worth of muscle relaxants performed by our experienced nurse injectors. We will give you a quote based upon the strength of your muscles. 

        What happens if facial slimming injections don’t work?

        Providing your bulk is due to prominent & overactive muscles, anti-wrinkle works. If it doesn’t it is primarily due to strong muscle action. In this case more units are required. You will only be charged for the ‘extra’ units we use- typically less than $240. 


        Rarely it’s due to deeper fibres of the masseter, resulting in herniation. 

        Why is this procedure risky for patients in the late 30s?

        If you are starting to show lower face laxity, reducing muscle bulk can potentially make things worse. By reducing facial volume, you may have excess skin that accumulates around the jowls. It is important to test for elastic recoil & structural integrity prior to anti-wrinkle injections. 



        For these patients we recommend HIFU-Ultherapy or RF 2-4 weeks after injections. These treatments increase collagen contraction & can reverse early laxity. 

        What are ways we can tighten up the skin after facial slimming?

        Skin tightening can be achieved in 3 ways.



        • HIFU or Ultherapy-Ultraformer can contract dermal collagen. Best employed in slightly ‘heavier’ jowling with excess lower face fat. 



        • RF or radiofrequency is also useful, the type of RF energy depends on your dermal thickness.



        • PDO monofilament threads, often in combination with energy devices, can also aid in collagen production & contraction.  

        What is neck & lower face liposuction & how does it work?

        Liposuction can be tailored according to the amount of submental (under chin) fat. We can extend it to the jawline, sharpening features by removal of excess fat & collagen stimulation (often with RF during the liposuction procedure).



        This can be combined with dermal fillers to define the lower face. 

        What are deoxycholic or fat dissolving injections & are they safe?

        Deoxycholic acid is derived from bile acids. This acid dissolves fat & can be injected in key areas such as under the chin. It can be hyper diluted & injected into focal areas of fat to reduce jowls. This is an off-label treatment that carries a higher risk of damaging your marginal mandibular nerve. 



        Though our dermatologists are super careful to deliver this injection in the subcutaneous plane, above your platysma muscle, you must be aware of the possible complications of nerve damage (Google what the marginal mandibular nerve does). A realistic risk of side effects is about 2-5% in this off-label use. 



        You do require a consultation with our senior dermatologists to see if this is the correct treatment for you. 

        What is buccal fat removal?

        This procedure can slim down the buccal areas in select patients. Ideal candidates have good skin turgor, no laxity & demonstrable buccal fat. This procedure is performed by a maxillofacial or plastic surgeon. The approach is from the inside of your mouth. It is a minimally invasive procedure; however, it is irreversible, the risks will be discussed with your surgeon of choice.

        Can HIFU or Ultherapy remove fat?

        Yes, if you Google ‘fat loss & Ultherapy’ you will read the horror stories. Most of these are co-incidental volume loss associated with the age cycle, however, some are due to poor technique or wrong candidates. 

        HIFU or high-intensity focused ultrasound can be used off-label to reduce facial fat in key areas such as the jowls & buccal area. Our senior dermatologists use Ultherapy for this purpose. It is a high-risk procedure that is only suitable for some patients (middle age, with heavy lower face with more focal areas of fat). It is not suitable for the younger age group. 

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