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Frown Line Treatment

Repeated movement of the muscles due to frowning or squinting gives rise to frown lines. These are called the ‘11’s as wrinkles are vertically orientated. Frown lines can be treated with a muscle relaxant that causes the underlying muscles to be less dynamic. A simple one-minute procedure can markedly improve wrinkling of the frown’s & forehead area. 

Key Points

  • Frown lines are one of the most treated wrinkle areas
  • Frowning can give the perception of anger, sadness & discontent 
  • A simple no-downtime procedure taking less than 60 seconds can dramatically improve wrinkles
  • Results can be seen as early as one week
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Frown Lines Treatments at a glance

Best outcomes: 2 – 3 weeks
Procedure time: 15 minutes
Duration of results: Months
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: NA
Your specialist: Nurse injector, dermatologist
How much: $

Our results speak for themselves



Anti Wrinkle Treatment

nti-wrinkle injections to frown muscles.

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    best frown line treatment brisbane cutis

    Anti-wrinkle injections for frown lines. Frown lines can be treated with a muscle relaxant that causes the underlying muscles to be less dynamic. A simple one-minute procedure can markedly improve wrinkling of the frown’s & forehead area. 

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      best anti wrinkle brisbane cutis 009

      Anti-wrinkle injections to treat forehead lines. Simple anti-wrinkle injections can provide noticeable, but natural rejuvenation to this area.

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        How can frown lines be treated?

        Anti-wrinkle injections are the simplest, most predictable method for reducing deep frown lines. A noticeable improvement can be achieved with a treatment taking less than one minute to perform. 

        Topical retinoids & antioxidants can help prevent fine lines & wrinkles, whilst lasers & chemical peels are other options for those who are risk averse to injectables. More on that later. 

        What does frown line treatment with anti-wrinkle injections entail?

        Anti-wrinkle injections are the most predictable treatment for frown lines. They are also the most cost-effective method, with the shortest downtime (none). 

        A small injection of muscle relaxant binds to the muscle that contracts the frown area. This relaxes the area & smooths the skin, in turn diminishing the appearance of wrinkles in the frown area. Injections can be used to prevent frown lines from appearing in the first place. 

        When should I treat frown lines?

        Injectables can be performed on adults of any age. The median age for treating frown lines is 32. There are two schools of thought as to when to treat; 

        • As a therapy to reverse established lines, usually older age group
        • As a method to prevent frown lines; in a younger age group, under 35. 

        There’s no right or wrong answer, this philosophy can be discussed with your injector. 

        When will I see the results?

        Within two weeks, frown lines will be less apparent. 

        The anti-wrinkle injection relaxes the frown muscles by blocking signals from the nerves in turn weakening the muscles of the area. Our skilled injectors will place the correct amount to reduce deep creases whilst keeping your look natural. 

        How do we ensure that you will have the most natural results?

        A skilful eye & decades of experience will ensure that your results are natural. Our dermatologists are trainers for injectables, & coupled with a knack for aesthetics, the results are natural. 

        At Cutis Dermatology, you are not limited to injectables, we combine lasers, energy devices, chemical peels & clinical skin care to ensure you have the best results- a 360-degree approach, covering all angles. 

        How long do treatments last?

        Typically, 3 to 6 months. For first timers, it usually lasts 3-4 months. Over time muscles will slowly become active, causing the frown lines to trend back to pre-treatment depths. 

        Follow up treatment at 3 to 4 months will prolong the effects of anti-wrinkle injections by reducing the strength of frown muscles. 

        What is the recovery following injections for frown lines?

        There is no downtime involved with anti-wrinkle injections. You can immediately return to work. The post injection protocol is-

        • Don’t touch the injection site for 12 hours post injection
        • No exercise for the remainder of the day
        • No facial massage for 36 hours

        What are the side effects of anti-wrinkle injections to the frown lines?

        After anti-wrinkle injections you can expect short lived swelling, & redness. This resolves within 48 hours. Bruising is rare. Avoid touching the area around the injection site for 10 hours, & don’t get a facial massage for at least 36 hours post injections. With precise placements, rare side effects such as a droopy eyelid (less than 1% of cases) can be avoided. 

        What if my frown lines are resistant to anti-wrinkle injections?

        If you have persistent & resistant frown lines & wrinkles, our dermatologists can find a solution. The algorithm goes like this-


        Correct injection points & amount: over half the cases are due to underdosing of anti-wrinkle injections, especially in patients with powerful muscles, men are over-represented in this group.

        Etched wrinkles: meaning you’ve left it too long. These can be treated with dermal fillers, laser resurfacing or deep peels. The optimal treatment depends on your skin type, downtime & depth of wrinkling. 

        Can dermal fillers be used to treat frown lines?

        Anti-wrinkle injections are the simplest & most effective way to address frown lines. Injections relax hyperactive muscles & prevent deep wrinkles.  

        For super deep wrinkles injections can be combined with dermal fillers. We use a hyaluronic acid-based filler to restore volume to the area & plump up the skin. This advanced procedure is performed by our senior dermatologist. Google ‘dermal fillers & blindness” & you will understand why this is a high-risk procedure. 


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        Treating frown lines not only helps with wrinkles, it actually makes you feel more relaxed as frowning causes tension. 

        What are other ways to treat frown lines without injections?

        Your choices are as follows-


        Laser resurfacing: includes ablative & hybrid lasers. If you have deep static wrinkles, we can plane down the crease safely. Recovery ranges from 6 to 12 days, depending on the depth of the frown lines. 


        Deep peels: includes Jessner TCA & phenol. Downtime is over 8 days. Much like laser resurfacing, peels are best for static wrinkles. If your frown lines have a dynamic component, small doses of anti-wrinkle injections are recommended post treatment. 

        Electrical tape: yes, taping your forehead & frown lines can work, especially if you frown in your sleep. You can do it on a budget with electrical tape from Bunnings or Fixomull tape from a chemist. Not a great look in public, but you can try this at home. 

        Can Fraxel laser remove frown lines?

        Fractional lasers are great at treating crow’s feet, they can marginally improve deep frown lines, however they do give a modest improvement in medium depth wrinkles. Lasers only address static wrinkles, for the dynamic component of frown lines, simple anti-wrinkle injections work. 

        What’s the deal with frown lines & men?

        The two most common mistakes made in the industry are-

        1. Not using enough anti-wrinkle units to treat the wrinkles & frown lines. On average, men require 50% more units than women. In some cases, up to 80 units with super strong muscles.
        2. The second mistake is ‘spocking’, namely treating the frowns but omitting to treat other key muscles that elevate the brow. Think Shane Warne a decade ago. Not a good look. Men’s brows should be flat.

        Can anti-wrinkle skin care creams be effective?

        Skin care has marginal effects at best. Skin care is best for preventing fine lines & wrinkles. Our go to ingredients include:

        • Retinol: Vitamin A is a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient that can preserve & build collagen. 
        • Antioxidants: prevent UV & environmental breakdown of collagen. The key ingredients include resveratrol, tocopherol, ascorbic & ferulic acids. This should be applied prior to SPF as part of your morning routine.
        • Skin care acids: include glycolic & lactic acids. They can improve frown lines by addressing light reflex & optical transmission, hence reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles. Best combined with retinoids.

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