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Bioremodulator Treatments

Bioremodulator cosmetics are a new revolutionary treatment that remodels and rejuvenates skin, preventing and counteracting the skin aging process. The treatment works by injecting high concentrations of hybrid hyaluronic gel into the skin, but instead of instantly plumping the skin like dermal volumizers, the Bioremodulator slowly releases and promotes growth of new collagen and elastin fibers. 
The treatment is quick and easy, with minimal discomfort. Results can be seen within a few weeks, and the effects can last for several months. Book a free* consultation at our Brisbane clinics today.

Key Points

  • Bioremodulator treatments promote natural collagen & elastin production 
  • Suitable for those who had UV damage in their early years 
  • Can be used to rejuvenate the neck, decolletage, arms, knees & back of hands
  • The very latest hybrid Bioremodulator injection in Australia
  • Tightens skin without adding volume
  • Contains hybrid hyaluronic acid technology with different HA weights
  • Complimentary Profhilo Haenkenium 50ml with treatment
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Bioremodulator Injections at a glance

For: Stimulating dermal collagen, skin tightening, acne scars, tissue remodelling 
Procedure time: 5-15 minutes
Duration of results: Months, years
Comments:Excellent tissue integration
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Nil
Your specialist: Nurse injector, dermatologist
How much: $$

Our results speak for themselves


What is the difference between Bioremodulator treatments and dermal volumizer?

The new bio-stimulator, released in 2022, has key differences from normal hyaluronic volumizing treatments. It…

  • Contains hybrid hyaluronic acid technology with different HA weights
  • Does not add instant plumpness to the skin
  • Improves skin laxity and rejuvenates
  • Triggers your own natural, anti-aging process.

What is the clinical indication for bioremodulator treatments?

This treatment is ideal for patients who had UV damage in their early years and/or lack elasticity and volume in their skin. The Bioremodulator –

  • Provides dermal hydration
  • Provides visible lifting & skin tightening
  • Improves skin quality
  • Erases wrinkles without adding volume

Why choose Cutis Dermatology Brisbane?

At our award-winning cosmetic practice clinic in Brisbane, you can be sure of receiving world-class care from a team that has been fully trained and holds relevant qualifications. Our dermatologists are experts in aesthetic medicine as well as medical certification to ensure safe practices for all patients under her care at this top-rated facility! We offer a wide range of services designed to improve your appearance and confidence. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a complete transformation, we can help you achieve your goals.

Book a free* consultation at our Brisbane clinics today.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients will benefit from 2 sessions one month apart. If you have significant laxity, a third treatment may be required. 

(FYI: in European studies where there is less sun-damage, a good lift on the neck was seen in two treatments. If you are a Queenslander or have had significant UV, you will probably require 3 session.)

What age can patients use Bioremodulator treatments?

Whilst Profhilo can be used at any age, this volumizer is best suited for patients over the age of 30.

What can I expect before, during and after treatment?

Prior to treatment you will have a consultations with one of our clinicians, at our Brisbane clinic (consults with our nurse injectors are free*). They will discuss what you hope to achieve from the treatment, to ensure that Bioremodulator treatments are right for you.

When you’re ready to go ahead, the treatment itself as quick as 5-15 minutes, depending on the areas to be treated. You might experience a slight tingling for a few seconds – the treatment is well tolerated.

You’ll be able to go about your normal life immediately after treatment. As the Bioremodulators encourage your body to product its collagen and elastin, it can take a few weeks before you start to notice the full results of your treatment.

After a month, you can expect to see significant improvement in the appearance of your skin. The most noticeable changes will be a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines, as well as an overall tightening and plumping of the skin. These effects are due to the stimulate production of collagen and elastin, which help to support the structure of the skin. In order to maintain these results, it is necessary to have a second treatment after one month. This will ensure that the collagen and elastin production remains at optimal levels, providing you with long-lasting results.

*$50 fee redeemable on treatment

What about Bioremodulator injections and acne scars?

Of all the big studies on acne scars & dermal fillers, Bioremodulator injection ranks as one of the best. The two biggest papers to date namely a 2019 paper & this 2022 paper by G. Mohammed & team entitled: ‘Triple steps acne scar revision technique: A new combination therapeutic modality for atrophic acne scars.’

This study examined 82 patients, divided into two groups. Saline versus Bioremodulator. The results showed that clinical improvement was achieved in both groups, however in the Bioremodulator arm the improvements were superior.

Bioremodulator injections are best suited for atrophic, rolling & diffuse boxcar acne scars. Ice Pick acne scars follow a different pattern & algorithm. In most cases we perform combination treatments including subcision, TCA CROSS-paint & laser in the same session as Bioremodulator. 


iS Clinical Youth Serum 30ml

Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 30ml

Bioremodulator treatments are a new revolutionary treatment that remodels and rejuvenates skin, creating optimal conditions for preventing and counteracting the skin aging process.

Can I have Bioremodulator treatments in conjunction with other treatments?

Yes, Bioremodulator injections can be used alongside many other treatments at our Brisbane clinics, to further enhance the skin rejuvenation results.

  • Bioremodulators + Laser asissted retinoid infusion (LARI), can help improve skin quality, while the Bioremodulator hydrates & tightens.
  • Bioremodulator + RF NuEra is a powerful combination that will increase firmness in your skin.
  • Bioremodulators + volumizing treatments. Whilst volumizers treat wrinkles caused by muscle movement, Bioremodulators give an overall smoothing complexion.
  • Bioremodulators + dermal volumizers. The dermal fillers add instant volume and plumpness to your skin, whilst the Bioremodulator provides a more general rejuvenation.

Can Bioremodulators be dissolved?

Unlike Dermal volumizers which can be dissolved, Bioremodulator treatments can’t be dissolved. However, the solution is very similar to that of dissolving stitches, and it works in a similar way. After about six months, your body will naturally start to absorb the Bioremodulator. By this time, your skin will have already produced new collagen.

Are Bioremodulators better than volumizing treatments?

They are different – volumizers relax the muscles, whilst hyaluronic acid Bioremodulators stimulate collagen. The innovative & revolutionary hyaluronic acid improves dermal hydration and promote collagen production in the skin cells. This, in turn, can improve skin laxity and restore firmness to the skin.

As a rule of thumb, as you age, you will require fewer treatments and will be able to benefit more from soft tissue volumizers.

How do Bioremodulator treatments compare to collagen stimulating volumizers?

Bioremodulators are a unique, cutting edge treatment that works by stimulating natural collagen and elastin production in the skin through gradual release of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Unlike other collagen stimulating injections, Bioremodulators use different sizes of HA to rebuild new, youthful-looking skin cells. With normal cosmetic treatments, the outcomes tends to be localized because the HA only stays in the area it was injected.

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