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Alma Hybrid Laser

The Alma Hybrid is the first & only device to bring together three powerful energies, in a unique combination that delivers unparalleled results. This laser combines a powerful CO2, a gentle non-ablative wavelength & a novel ultrasound to aid in delivery of clinical grade cosmeceuticals. This platform offers limitless options going far beyond the capabilities of standard fractional lasers. The Alma Hybrid enables us to dial in specific combinations to deliver bespoke skin rejuvenation. 

Key Points

  • The ALMA Hybrid incorporates 2 lasers & an ultrasonic treatment in the one device
  • Hybrid has a CO2 laser which is infinitely adjustable
  • CO2 laser can treat superficial textural issues, but can also treat deep wrinkles & scars
  • Non-ablative 1570 laser address deeper dermal conditions whilst sparring the top layer of skin
  • The ultrasonic handpiece delivers skin actives into the deeper dermal lasers, in turn optimising the effectiveness of lasers
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ALMA Hybrid Lasers at a glance

For: Scars, skin rejuvenation, sun damage
Procedure time: 10-30 minutes
Duration of results: Years
Best outcomes: 1+ session
Recovery: 1-6+ days
Anaesthetic: Numbing, blocks, sedation
Your specialist: Nurse, dermatologist
How much: $$-$$$

Our results speak for themselves



Hybrid laser treatment cutis dermatology brisbane scaled

Alma Hybrid CO2 & NA 1570 skin rejuvenation. Photo by Dr J Hsu.

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    Neck tightening treatment cutis dermatology brisbane

    Alma Hybrid CO2 & NA 1570 skin tightening. Photo by Lucia Dermatology.

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      co2 laser eye rejuvenation

      This B+A was a combination of high density CO2 with lower density 1570. One session only. 3 weeks post laser ‘after’ picture.

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        What can this laser do for your skin?

        ALMA Hybrid is the very latest in skin resurfacing combining two wavelengths in one delivery. This laser can address-

        • Sun damage including sunspots
        • Age spots & barnacles
        • Wrinkles ranging from superficial to deep
        • Skin laxity
        • Scars, including acne, surgical, traumatic & burns
        • Pores
        • Pigmentation 

        The point of difference between this laser & others is the unique combination of two lasers & ultrasound in the one session. This gives unparalleled results, with minimal downtime.

        Why is the Alma Hybrid the most advanced laser in dermatology?

        Alma hybrid is the pinnacle laser for skin rejuvenation & scar revision. It combines three energy devices in one unit. These synergistic wavelengths provide unparalleled clinical results, whilst significantly reducing downtime. 

        It is an ultimate resurfacing laser as it combines ablative CO2 laser and non-ablative 1570nm laser – two energies that complement each other to the fullest.

        The ultrasonic handpiece potentiates the efficacy of lasers. This enables efficient penetration of molecules into the deeper layers of skin. 

        What are the key components of Alma Hybrid?

        • CO2 fractional laser – this wavelength provides the best energy for collagen remodelling. This wavelength is the Gold Standard for scars & skin rejuvenation.
        • 1570nm laser – a powerful non-ablative modulated fibre laser which creates a thermal effect that promotes new dermis synthesis while leaving the epidermis intact. This means super-fast recovery.
        • IMPACT for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED) – a patented ultrasound device that delivers pharmaceuticals trans-epidermally, through the micro-channels created by the CO2 laser. This optimises penetration to the deeper skin layers to maximise results.

        How many treatments with Alma Hybrid will I need?

        The number of laser sessions depends on your goals, skin condition & skin type. As a guide-

        • Rejuvenation: 1-3 sessions
        • Sun damage & pigment: 1-3 sessions 
        • Acne scars & traumatic scars: 2-4+ sessions
        • No downtime skin rejuvenation: 3-5+ sessions 

        What is the recovery time following laser resurfacing?

        We control the settings; in turn we control the downtime. As a guide; 

        • Very superficial resurfacing: 24 to 36 hours
        • Superficial resurfacing: 1-3 days
        • Medium depth & density: 3-6 days
        • Deep density & depth: 5-8 days

        How would I know if ALMA Hybrid is the correct choice for my skin concerns?

        Nothing beats a real time clinical examination. Book a free* consultation with our nurses & discuss your aims & expectations. Alternatively, book an appointment with our consultant dermatologists. 

        *T+C applies. Appointments with dermatologists incur a standard consultation fee of $270.

        How does ALMA Hybrid compare to HALO Hybrid by Sciton?

        Both lasers combine non-ablative with ablative wavelengths. Sciton uses an underpowered erbium at 100 microns max (about 15 times less powerful than the Sciton Joule). The ALMA on the other hand uses a powerful 70-watt CO2 laser. 

        Sciton HALO is ideal for beauty bars & spas where customers sign up to half a dozen sessions with an overall cost of $4,000 to $8,000. ALMA Hybrid patients typically undergo one session at a quarter the cost of HALO laser. 

        Why is the CO2 wavelength much better than the erbium of HALO?

        Nothing wrong with erbium as we use the big brother of HALO at Cutis Dermatology. In the context of optimal COLLAGEN remodelling & tightening, a fractional CO2 with a short pulse duration is more effective than erbium. 

        The downtime can be tailored depending on the density & power. Yes, the Sciton folk will try to sell you the erbium component of HALO, but we all know that a short pulse duration CO2 with randomisation of spots to reduce thermal load gives superior & safer outcomes than an erbium with equal penetration. The entry hole size of the erbium beam is HUGE. How do we know? We also have the HALO erbium component of Sciton!

        What are the possible side effects of ALMA Hybrid laser resurfacing?

        Side effects are rare, but include the following-

        • Infection: occurs in less than 2% of cases. If you have a history of cold sores, a laser may reactivate this virus. All patients must be on an anti-viral. 
        • Persistent redness: is common if you have inflamed skin, namely rosacea or sensitive skin. In these cases, we recommend a series of vascular lasers to reduce rebound red. 
        • Persistent pigmentation: is more commonly seen in Asian & ethnic skin types. It can occur in 5% of cases, higher if we are chasing acne scars. PIH will settle in 4-8 months, however pico lasers can speed resolution by a factor of 10.
        • Persistent gridding: is rare. It’s more common in females & in patients with thin skin. Ethic skin types are at higher risk. Grids will reduce in appearance over 6-12 months.


        Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        The Alma Hybrid laser is the newest generation of Hybrid lasers. This means it uses two wavelengths in the one treatment session!

        What is the Hybrid O-Scar treatment?

        OScar is the unique ALMA Hybrid’s mix of CO2, non-ablative laser resurfacing & ultrasound for acne, surgical, & traumatic scars. 

        The combination of the CO2 & 1570nm laser wavelengths in bespoke settings that control depth of penetration, density, & pulse duration improves scarring like no other laser on the market. ALMA Impact is the final step of the revision process, delivering skin actives into damaged tissue. 

        What is the ALMA Impact system?

        The impact is a form of Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED). It uses ultrasound technology. This overcomes the forces of intracellular fluid produced & optimises delivery pharmaceuticals & cosmeceuticals trans-epidermally. It acts synergistically with the micro-channels created by the CO2 laser, penetrating deep into the skin layers to achieve enhanced results.

        Impact can deliver anti-inflammatories, ALA, as well as retinoids into the deeper layers of skin, optimising clinical outcomes. 

        What is the SoftLift function of ALMA Hybrid?

        The SoftLift is a minimal downtime laser designed to improve skin quality, lines, wrinkles, & minor scarring. It uses the non-ablative 1570 wavelength that penetrates the dermis, whilst sparing the upper layers of skin. 

        This wavelength stimulates collagen production, in turn giving firmer skin with improved tone. It is suitable for all skin types. 4-6 sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart are recommended. 

        How many sessions will I need?

        Most cases of skin rejuvenation will only require one session, albeit a downtime of 4-7 days. For acne & traumatic scars, we recommend a series of 2-5 sessions depending on the severity. 

        If downtime is an issue, the SoftLift mode of Hybrid can give outstanding results. The flipside is that 4-6 sessions are recommended for the best results. 

        Can all skin types be treated with ALMA Hybrid Laser resurfacing?

        This laser can safely treat skin types 1-5. This includes ethnic Asian, Middle Eastern & darker Pacific islanders. 

        We adjust the density, power & ‘mix’ of the laser to ensure that treatments are safe & effective. As a guide, if you have darker skin, you may require an additional 1-2 sessions to meet your goals & expectations.

        Is ALMA Hybrid painful?

        Treatments are comfortable as we tailor anaesthetics according to your proposed laser profile. 

        • Light fractional laser & Impact mode: only topical anaesthetic is used.
        • Heavier fractional laser: topical numbing gel + blocks. 
        • High density fractional laser resurfacing: numbing, blocks & mild sedation. 

        How do we employ the ALMA Hybrid Impact?

        This novel ultrasonic device allows us to deliver potent pharmacologically active molecules into the deeper dermal layers of skin. This is typically conducted after a session of CO2 fractional resurfacing. Our favourite actives include-



        • Antioxidants
        • Retinoids including tazarotene, retinoic acid & trifarotene
        • Pigment inhibitors
        • Anti-inflammatories 

        How does ALMA Hybrid compare with Fraxel laser resurfacing?

        Fraxel is a great laser for superficial skin concerns, including pigmentation, sun damage & sunspots. Unlike Alma Hybrid (which is a true hybrid laser as it delivers 2 wavelengths emitted from the same handpiece), Fraxel requires changing of wavelengths during your procedure. This has three major disadvantages-

        1. It takes longer to perform a Fraxel session than an Alma Hybrid session
        2. A long session means more discomfort
        3. Fraxel has consumables, this is added to your Fraxel bill

        The short pulse CO2 component of Hybrid is much better than the superficial Fraxel:RePair. It is widely accepted that the CO2 wavelength is the best for collagen remodelling & scar revision. 

        Why is ALMA Hybrid one of the best lasers on the market?

        If you are into your lasers & physics, you know what to look for in a laser system. What makes this an outstanding laser is-

        • The power. Most lasers are rated at 30 watts. The ALMA has a minimum of 60 watts. In the realm of CO2, power is everything.
        • The short pulse duration: having a short PD enables deeper penetration, with less collateral damage to the non-fractionated areas. This equates to less side effects including persistent redness & post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 
        • The ability to randomise delivery: this decreases the thermal load to the untreated areas surrounding the fractional spots. The result is less side effects & a more comfortable treatment. 
        • The functionality of a non-ablative wavelength: add to the clinical outcomes & reduces downtime.
        • The ability to dial in bespoke treatments: using HyGrid technology, we can dial in a customised mix of both CO2 & 1570. 
        • A super huge spot-size: means faster, more comfortable treatment. The 20 mm spot size of the ALMA Hybrid is one of the largest in the industry. 
        • The IMPACT: potentiates the channels made by lasers to deliver pharmaceuticals effectively & efficiently into the deeper layers of skin.
        • The reliability of Israel manufacturing: have you ever seen a Galil jam, or Merkava get stuck in mud, or the fire button of the iron dome not work? Though not. Those in the know understand the superior construction of Israeli manufacturing.

        What conditions do not respond to laser resurfacing?

        CO2 & non-ablative lasers are awesome at treating textural & skin quality issues. Lasers do not address volume loss due to depletion of fat, nor do they address marked laxity of fat pads & retaining ligaments. 



        Volume loss is best addressed with dermal fillers & fat transfer, whilst laxity is best treated with HIFU, RF & dermal threads. 

        Can ALMA Hybrid treat melasma pigmentation?

        No. This laser can reduce sun induced pigmentation, freckles, age spots, & pigmented sunspots, but it does not treat melasma. 



        Melasma is best treated with nano QSL & medical therapies. 

        Why choose Cutis Dermatology?

        Cutis Dermatology is the go-to laser training hub for Australia. Not only do we deliver the best outcomes in Brisbane, but we train the industry. Our specialists have over 20-years of experience in dermatology & aesthetics, with numerous peer reviewed scientific publications.

        Our experience, skill sets, & passion for the industry translates to unparalleled outcomes for our patients.  

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