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AFTERPAY Terms & Conditions

Afterpay allows you to pay for your treatments or products over 4 instalments, due every 2 weeks. Afterpay is available on cosmetic treatments with our nurses and dermal therapists only (no medical or dermatologist led treatments) and on products in-clinic.⁠ ⁠ Ask us about it at your next appointment! For more info please visit

Our photos represent our portfolio over 18 years. As a guide, 98% of the B&As are by the dermatologists, nurses & clinicians of Cutis Dermatology.  A small number of photos are from the companies that we represent.

Device companies that Cutis Dermatology represent as of 2022 include-

  • Lumenis: M22 Platform, NuEra, Ultrapulse Deep, Scar, Active Fx,
  • Lutronic: eCo2, Genius RF, Infini RF, LaseMD, DermaV, Healite
  • Candela: V Beam Prima, Perfecta, eMatrix, Profound, CORE,
  • Cynosure: Picosure, Picosure Pro, SculpSure
  • Device Consulting: C6, Juliet, Tixel, miraDry
  • Sciton: BBL, Joule, fractional & ablative erbium laser
  • Lasing US: Mixto laser
  • ALMA: Hybrid CO2-1570
  • Solta: Clear + Brilliant, Fraxel Dual. Fraxel Re:Pair, Thermage
  • Allegan: Coolsculpting
  • Merz: Ultherapy
  • Cryomed: Ultraformer, Clatuu, Pastelle
  • Miscellaneous devices: DermaPen, SkinPen, V2 Injector
  • Miscellaneous treatments: PDO threads from Mondeal, Silhouette threads
  • Updates can be found on our social media posts

Injectable companies that Cutis Dermatology represents include-

-Allergan: dermal fillers & neurotoxin

-Merz: dermal fillers & neurotoxin

-Galderma: dermal fillers

Skin care and cosmeceutical companies that Cutis Dermatology represents include-



-Aspect Dr

-Mesoestetic: Cosmelan, Dermamelan



Industry: if you would like to be a part of the Cutis Dermatology portfolio, please contact Dr Davin Lim,

Disclaimer: Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, camera used & distance from the lens. None of these photos are photoshopped or manipulated to give a better outcome. Identified photos have the consent of patients.

These photos represent our collection of photos spanning over 18 years- from 2004 to 2022. Before & after photos are not guaranteed that your results will be similar. Every patient is unique. The variables include genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle choices & most importantly the variation of individual biology. We aim to represent the mean results following a procedure, hence the immense amount of before & afters, ranging from mediocre results, to excellent outcomes.

Treatment enquiry forms: are designed to give patients an idea of appropriate treatments. These are triaged by the administration team at Cutis. They are not intended to be a form of virtual consultations. Time management and sheer volume prohibits responses from our clinical team as we have between 200-400 messages a day.

Device industry photos: are accurate in the context of photography & number of treatments. Where appropriate we will endeavor to point out exceptional cases & the reasons why.

Injectable industry photos: are limited to patient consent. It is important to remember that close-up results represent that area of treatment. Zoom out & the context is different. Longevity of results from dermal fillers are highly variable.

Skin care industry photos: these represent the most variable before & after results. It is well known that exceptional results occur, especially in the context of  treating wrinkles & pigmentation with topicals. There are many factors that contribute to the success of some patients, namely genetics, level of compliance, level of photoprotection & more. Whilst skin care is important, we get more predictable results with lasers, energy devices, clinical peels, injectables & surgical procedures.

Cutis Dermatology is an internationally renowned research & development center of excellence. We have between 1-2 new devices added to our portfolio every month. For an update of incoming technologies, review our social media posts. We also distribute our before and after photos to the industry as we are tasked with obtaining clinical data. You may find our photos on different websites and numerous company social media posts both nationally and internationally.

Our before & after photos are supplied by individual dermatologists, nurses, the industry & our marketing team. They are cropped, formatted & posted by marketing at Cutis Dermatology, Brisbane. We have not watermarked the majority of our photos. If you would like to use them, email marketing for permission, alternatively you can download higher resolution images from the companies that we represent.