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Vaginal Rejuvenation & Tightening

Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term that describes vaginal corrective treatments. Non-surgical rejuvenation can be performed to address cosmetic concerns, such a vaginal tightness, or to address age related changes including dryness, urinary incontinence as well as inflammatory disorders of the female genital area. Laser treatments provide a non-invasive option for vaginal rejuvenation.

Key Points

  • Laser rejuvenation of the intimate area can address many concerns
  • Lasers can improve vaginal tone & tightness
  • Erbium lasers stimulates cells to provide more lubrication
  • Resurfacing reduces dryness & itching
  • Addresses stress urinary incontinence & improves bladder function
  • Reduces pain during Intercourse

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Tightening at a glance

Best outcomes: 4-8 weeks, 2 sessions
Procedure time: 15-30  minutes
Duration of results: Years
Back to work: Immediately
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Not required
Your specialist: Dermatologist

How much: $-$$

Our results speak for themselves



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        How is our specialist & why is she qualified?

        Dr Esh, consultant dermatologist runs the female genital health & sexual clinic at Cutis Dermatology. She has extensive experience in the field of reproductive health including intimate female dermatology. 


        Your consultation & treatments will be performed in a comfortable, discrete & safe environment in our rooms & operating theatre. Our team can address your intimate concerns, with improved vaginal tone, natural lubrication & stress incontinence without pain, surgery, or downtime. 


        Schedule a private consultation with Dr Esh.

        Why trust a dermatologist?

        Most people don’t know that dermatologists are experts in genital dermatology. We have a formal 4 years of training in sexual health, including specialist management of genital disorders. Coupled with our extensive specialist knowledge of lasers, patients can be assured they are receiving the best treatments. 


        Our patients are referred by general practitioners, gynaecologists & urologists

        What symptoms can we treat?

        Female genital rejuvenation can address –



        • Loss of vaginal tone & improve ‘looseness’ by stimulation of collagen 
        • Improves dryness & itch by promotion of lubrication
        • Reverse vaginal relaxation syndrome
        • Improves stress incontinence


        For patients who suffer from symptoms, this treatment is life changing. It improves confidence, relationships & re-establishes intimacy. 

        How does laser rejuvenation work?

        Lasers work by stimulation of collagen & elastin. For facial skin this results in improved skin laxity & lifting. Similarly for the vaginal mucosa, lasers increase collagen & blood vessels. This results in rejuvenation & tightening. 


        The erbium wavelength used for this treatment reaches the sub-mucosal layers which results in efficient selective stimulation without damage to the surrounding tissue.

        Is the laser treatment painful?

        No, it is painless & does not require any injections or numbing agents. This procedure has no downtime & does not require injections or surgery. 


        The total treatment time ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. It is that quick!

        How many sessions are required?

        The treatment typically includes 2 treatments performed within a gap of 4 to 6 weeks. A third treatment may be performed depending on the severity of symptoms. Your treating dermatologists will guide you.  

        What is VRS or vaginal relaxation syndrome?

        VRS is common following natural childbirth. It is however part of the aging process. It occurs as a result of reduced hormone production & age-related atrophy. It presents as a loss of vaginal tone or tightness. 

        Lasers work by increasing collagen & lubrication, thickening & strengthening the inner vaginal walls. Results are felt within 4 weeks, & maximal at 10 to 12 weeks. 

        What is vaginal atrophy & how do lasers treat help?

        Vaginal atrophy occurs in the peri & postmenopausal years, normally around 50 years of age. Symptoms include dryness, painful intercourse, reduced lubrication, itching & reduced vaginal tone & elasticity. This is due to tinning of the tissue & mucosae. 


        Fractional laser resurfacing helps increase the thickness of the vagina walls, reversing atrophy by stimulating the cells to produce collagen, elastic fibres & hyaluronic acid. Lasers also stimulate the mucosal glands to produce more lubrication, in turn treating symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. 


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        Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

        The Cosmelan Peel is one of the fastest methods to clear up superficial melasma, but comes with a one week downtime.

        What is stress urinary incontinence?

        SUI affects 1 in 3 women. The predominant cause is childbirth. It results from reduced support of the urethra secondary to decrease collagen production. Symptoms include leakage of urine leaking during activities which increase abdominal pressure such as laughing, sneezing, exercise & lifting heavy objects.

        How does erbium laser treat urinary incontinence?

        Erbium laser treatment contracts & stimulates collagen. This increase in connective tissue provides thickening & strengthening of the vaginal mucosa, resulting in a stronger support network of the bladder

        The treatment involves laser delivery through the vagina. Fractional laser delivery creates a controlled painless temperature increase in the connective tissue of the vagina. 

        How successful is it?

        107 participants with urinary incontinence were enrolled in a clinical trial testing the effectiveness of the erbium laser procedure over a 1-year period.

        Results after 6 months-

        • Of 51 patients with moderate to severe stress urinary incontinence, 45 remained dry, only 6 patients still had moderate SUI, 10 reported mild remaining SUI but none had severe SUI.
        • Of the 40 patients with moderate to very severe I only 7 reported remaining moderate or severe grade mixed urinary incontinence. 33 reported none or mild MUI.84 of 107 patients assessed the improvement of their UI after 6 months as excellent, 15 reported significant change and 8 reported mild to moderate improvement in symptoms. 
        • There were no significant side effects due to laser resurfacing.

        What are the post laser restrictions?

        It’s far less complex than facial laser resurfacing- 

        1. No sexual intercourse of 72 hours
        2. No swimming for 48 hours

        Can lasers treat vulvar lichen sclerosus?

        Yes, ablative fractional lasers including Juliet, Mono Lisa & others can help treat lichen sclerosus. They are useful as adjunctive therapy to ultrapotent topical corticosteroids such as clobetasol propionate.

        Be guided by your referring dermatologist.

        What is the Juliet laser & why is it awesome for this job?

        The Juliet is an erbium laser manufactured in Germany. It has a very small but powerful spot size. Erbium has a much faster healing time compared to CO2 lasers, & it is much more effective than radiofrequency devices. The special handpiece has been designed with vaginas in mind, and the patented instrument allows the treatment of the full vaginal wall.

        How does the Juliet compare with the Mona Lisa laser?

        Think of Juliet as the second generation of lasers as compared to generation one Mona Lisa. We believe this laser is more effective, has a quicker healing time & less side effects in comparison to gen one CO2 lasers.

        Who is a candidate for gynaecological laser treatments?

        • Women over the age of 18 who are concerned with vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence, or suffer from vaginal dryness & itch.
        • Patients who are not candidates for surgical treatment or may have had previous vaginal tightening surgery & wish to maintain the results over time.
        • Patients who have dermatological conditions such as lichen sclerosus & are under conventional therapy for this condition
        • Patients must be in good physical & emotional health with realistic expectations of this procedure & outcomes.

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