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Laser Assisted Retinoid Infusion, LARI

By combining the 2 most powerful collagen stimulating methods, namely CO2 laser & prescription retinoids, we introduce you to LARI. This treatment is ideal for those who want a simple, cost-effective way to maintain their collagen production with minimal downtime & hassle. Invented by our very own internationally renowned dermatologists, we set the standard for other clinics to follow.

Key Points

  • CO2 lasers are the most powerful lasers for collagen production
  • Retinoids are the most powerful ingredients for collagen production
  • Combine both & you have laser assisted retinoid infusion therapy
  • This program can be customized according to your skin’s age
  • Downtime is between 2-4 days
  • LARI is an ideal treatment to maintain dermal collagen & skin quality

Laser Assisted Retinoid Infusion, LARI at a glance

For: Skin maintenance, fine lines
Procedure time: 15 minutes
Duration of results: 6-12 months
Back to work: 1-2  sessions
Recovery: 1-3 days
Anaesthetic: Numbing cream
Your specialist: Nurse
How much: $

Our results speak for themselves


What conditions can laser assisted retinoid infusion treat?

This treatment is ideal for-


  • Skin collagen maintenance
  • Anti-aging
  • Fines lines, pores & light pigmentation

By combining lasers & retinoids, this treatment promotes your skin’s immune system to generate its own collagen & hyaluronic acid. 

What conditions cannot be treated with this program?

This laser combination is not designed to-


  • Replace deep dermal collagen & fat loss. That’s the job for dermal fillers. 
  • Erased deep creases & wrinkles. That’s the job for resurfacing lasers.
  • Treat melasma. That is the job of medical therapy & nano lasers.
  • Treat pigmentation in ethnic skin types. That’s the job for pico lasers. 

Our philosophy at Cutis Dermatology is different, we do not compromise on treatments, hence why we have over 35 lasers & devices. Our aim is to find the BEST solution for your skin concerns.

How do I know if this is the best treatment for my skin goals?

Book a free consultation with our expert team of nurses. They will guide you through what the best treatment is for your skin concerns & skin type. 


*T&C applies.

Why retinoids over other skincare ingredients?

Retinoids are the most powerful collagen building molecules. For this procedure we use prescription retinoids that are 200 times more powerful than over the counter retinol. The ingredients we use for this procedure are 2nd, 3rd & 4th generation retinoids ranging from 0.05% to 7% concentration. 


Retinoids work by increasing collagen production, hyaluronic acid & elastin. They improve pigment, & aids in skin exfoliation. This brightens dull skin, increases lumonsity freshens skin texture & improves skin quality.

How does it work?

Laser treats the upper layer of skin. This acts to


  1. Increase cell turnover, regenerating new skin cells after laser kills off the old ones. 
  2. Laser stimulates collagen, reducing or preventing wrinkles
  3. Laser enhances the penetration of retinoids
  4. Retinoids reduce pigment & generates collagen
  5. This procedure synergistically increases dermal collagen

How much is it?

$499 to $899 depending on the settings & infusion regime. 

For basic skin maintenance it’s $499.

This laser is not covered under Medicare as it is considered as cosmetic.

Is it painful?

No, we use specialist strength numbing gel one hour prior, & supplement this with cool air Zimmer.

What is recovery like with LARI?

Uneventful. LARI is classed as a superficial level one procedure. 

0-2 hours: Red

1-2 days: rough skin

1.5-3 days. Peeling & flaking

2.5-3.5 days. Recovery. 

Your laser nurse can modify the above to give you an indication of downtime & recovery time based upon our social calendar/ work. We are pretty exact – +/- 24 hours.


Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+

Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit

The Cosmelan Peel is one of the fastest methods to clear up superficial melasma, but comes with a one week downtime.

Can it be used on all skin types?

Yes, we can tailor the treatment to all skin types, including ethnic & darker skin. If you are after a treatment with ZERO downtime, consider pico lasers. 

Learn more (link to picosure in the laser section)

How to integrate laser assisted retinoid infusions with your skin care?

A simple an effective skin maintenance regimen is as follows: 


AM: Antioxidants, SPF

PM: Retinol, vitamin C

Laser infusion of retinoids every 6 months. 

This program is ideal for late 20s to late 80s. It is both effective & cost effective. 

Learn more (link to anti-aging skin care in the antiaging section)

Is this the best treatment for skin pigmentation?

It can treat pigmentation, but at Cutis our ethos is to give you the best treatment. If you have pigmentation, other lasers may be more efficient; they include Fraxel, Clear & Brilliant, BBL, & pico lasers. 


LARI can be used to maintain a clear complexion as it is best used to prevent skin pigmentation. 

What is the ‘next level’ above laser assisted retinoid infusion?

Next level treatments include-


Fraxel HD or high density. Best used for deeper pigment, sun damage, wrinkles. 


Learn more (link to Fraxel laser in the laser section)


Hybrid laser resurfacing. Best for deep wrinkles & lots of pigmentation, age spots. One treatment can rejuvenate skin by up to 10 years. 


Learn more (link to hybrid laser in the laser section)

How does this compare to HALO laser resurfacing?

CO2 is better than the erbium of HALO when it comes to collagen remodelling. Both lasers are tunable, but the erbium HALO only goes to 100 microns. Our other systems go to a depth of 1500 microns. 

For skin maintenance treatments we reduce the power of our lasers to give a recovery that is similar to HALO- 1-3 days

How does this compare to BBL?

BBL is great for pigmentation in lighter skin types. CO2 lasers are best for collagen generation & results are far superior compared to BBL SkinTyte. 


If you have pigment & sundamge, we often combine BBL with fractional lasers, either CO2 or Fraxel. The ideal combination depends on clinical features. Book a free consultation with our nursing team for an assessment.

Why lasers over microneedling?

We use microneedling for increasing absorption of topicals including platelet rich plasma for hair growth, & for drug absorption to the dermis. In the context of anti-aging-skin rejuvenation, lasers are much better as they are more precise & generate controlled heating of the dermis. 


One laser treatment is equal to 10 microneedling sessions

Is LARI safe if I have rosacea?

Yes, it is. It’s gentle enough on rosacea skin. For added anti-inflammatory effects we may elect to add vascular lasers on the day of the procedure at day 10-21 post laser. 

What are the side effects of LARI?

This is the most superficial laser we employ at Cutis. Side effects are very, very rare. In theory-


  • Infections, esp. HSV or cold sores
  • Flare up of rosacea
  • Flare up of melasma

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