Tempsure & Pelleve皮肤紧致术

Pellevé or Tempsure (same brand) is a cutting edge non-surgical & non-injectable method of skin tightening & lifting using gentle thermal heating known as radiofrequency. This is an effective treatment for the eyes, jowls, jawline, neck, & décolleté. It is an incredibly safe & non-invasive way of stimulating collagen production by applying steady pulses of controlled heat to the deeper dermal layers.  No needles, no anaesthesia and best of all, no pain.


  • Tempsure uses radiofrequency heat to contract & stimulate collagen
  • This lifts, tightens, rehydrates, smooths & plumps the skin. 
  • Treatments are painless with no downtime
  • A series of 3 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart are advised for best results
  • Tempure can be combined with other treatments including threads, fillers & lasers

Tempsure & Pelleve Skin Tightening at a glance

Best outcomes: 3 sessions
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What can Tempsure do?

Radiofrequency heating can provide skin tightening & lifting in areas such as; 



  • The jowls
  • Jawline
  • 颈部
  • Decolletage & chest
  • Eyes


RF heating with Tempsure will reverse skin that has lost some of its youthful tautness. After a series of treatments, your skin will be significantly more firm, buoyant & bright.

Who are ideal candidates for Tempsure?

Suitable candidates include patients with-



  • Mild to moderate laxity
  • Little to no sun damage
  • Moderate thick dermal layer


Read more about the different methods we employ to treat skin laxity as we are very selective in who we treat with Tempsure. This provides the highest chances that best clinical outcomes are achieved with each procedure. 

When can I see the treatment results?

Collagen contraction occurs immediately, hence results can be seen within the first few days following treatment. 


Over the next 90 days as your skin continues to produce new collagen, resulting in further tightening.  We generally advise 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart to maximise the collagen remodelling as this gives the best & longest lasting results. 

How long do the results last?

1-2 years. Most patients undergo a top up treatment at 12 months. In more severe cases of aging, we combine PDO threads & collagen stimulating dermal fillers with Tempsure.

What is the science behind Tempsure?

This device uses RF to heat up the surface of your skin to about 40°c. Deeper skin levels will reach 60°c in turn causing stimulation & contraction of dermal collagen. 


The temperature is carefully monitored & adjusted accordingly to ensure the best possible results. This is repeated the treatment areas until a uniform result has been achieved. Immediate collagen contraction can be felt within the first few days of treatment, escalating to collagen remodelling over the next 6-12 weeks.

Is Tempsure safe?

Tempsure is completely safe. It is a TGA approved radiofrequency device for skin tightening.


The energy provided is radiofrequency & not laser light, hence it is suitable for men & women of all skin types without risk.

How long are treatments?

30-90 minutes depending on the size or the area to be treated. It’s super quick around the eye area, whilst the chest, decolletage & neck area takes the longest. The best part is that treatments are comfortable, with zero pain. 

What is the after care?

One of the best features about Tempsure is that patients aren’t subject to a lengthy recovery period, unlike laser resurfacing. 

Recovery is immediate & you can continue with your normal activities straight after the treatment. This includes going back to your own skin care routine.

Why does Tempsure therapy work better in darker skin types?

It’s all about the biology of skin. Darker & ethnic skin types have-



  • Thicker collagen
  • Less photodamaged collagen
  • More collagen producing cells called fibroblasts
  • More reactive cells
  • Larger fibroblasts


The flipside is that darker skin is more prone to skin colour changes & pigmentation. Our experts selectively match your skin type to the best treatments available. 

When is Tempsure unlikely to work?

If you have a thin dermal layer & sun damage, energy-based systems including HIFU & Tempsure are unlikely to work. You will only have a 20% chance of getting a good result. This is because efficient collagen contraction is unlikely to occur. 

Sun damages & fragments collagen. In these patients the use of deep chemical peels & lasers can rebuild damaged collagen. From there, Tempure can contract collagen more effectively.

How predictable are treatments?

If you have come to this question, you have got past the marketing bits. Here’s the truth- all skin tightening procedures have a failure rate. Picking suitable candidates of certain treatments is the key to success, this means figuring out who is suitable for Tempsure, Thermage, Ultraformer, Ultherapy, lasers, deep peels & who are only suited for surgery. 


In our hands, the success rate is about 70%. This does not mean you have a 70% chance of success; it means if you are selected for this procedure, in 70% of the time you will have a demonstrable lift in selected key areas. 

What is the best skin tightening technique for sun damaged skin?

Laser & deep peels as they improve the skin’s quality. These procedures reverse photodamage & stimulate collagen. If you have broken collagen, termed elastosis, you will most likely not benefit from skin tightening procedures. This includes Tempsure, Thermage, Ultherapy & Ultraformer. 




Cosmelan 脱皮疗法是清除浅表黄褐斑最快的方法之一,但需要一周的停工期。

How is Tempsure different from HIFU- Ultherapy?

Both are dermal heating devices. Think of HIFU as a microwave (fast heating over minutes) & Tempsure as an oven (slow heating over an hour). 


We prefer HIFU in patients with thicker dermal layers & fat, whilst Tempsure is best for slow prolonged contraction in patients with moderate dermal & fat thickness. Our clinical team will guide you. 

What combination of treatments do we use with Tempsure?

The most frequent combination is with PDO monofilament threads. Threads with energy devices such as Tempsure act synergistically to stimulate collagen production through a process called fibrosis. They order goes like this-



  • Threads in key vectors
  • Tempsure 4-6 weeks later
  • Tempsure 4-6 weeks after the first treatment 

How does Tempsure work when it comes to treating cellulite?

RF or radiofrequency works by contracting collagen & strengthening the layer between the fat pockets & the dermis. This provides strength & reduces extrusion forces from the pockets below. 

Tempsure is best combined with dermal collagen stimulation fillers.

What are other non-surgical face lifting techniques?

Our aesthetic team at Cutis will match a procedure based upon clinical examination, & your goals. We also use-



  • HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound with both Ultherapy & Ultraformer 
  • Collagen stimulating fillers
  • Silhouette threads
  • Mint Monofilament PDO threads
  • RF Microneedling with Genius & Infini RF
  • Deep Hybrid resurfacing
  • Deep chemical peels

How do dermatologists approach skin tightening?

It follows a complex algorithm based upon the age, race, gender of the patient, as well as clinical presentation & area of concern. 


We consider genetics as well as variables of the site of concern, namely the dermal thickness, quality of skin, amount of subcutaneous fat & the patient’s lifestyle. From there we formulate a treatment plan based upon the individual. The combinations are endless, namely variables in the equation include deep peels, lasers, Ultherapy, Ultraformer, PDO threads, calcium hydroxyapatite & PLLA fillers, PLLA threads, suspension threads, fast & slow heating RF, RFM & modified surgical procedures. 


If you would like a bespoke treatment plan, book an appointment with our aesthetic dermatologists at Cutis. Dermatologist initiated treatments start at $1990 per treatment & go up to $12,990 for a series of sessions. 

Will Tempsure melt dermal fillers?

No. The reason is that tissue heating from Tempsure is capped below 69 degrees. Fillers are stable at over 100 degrees for several minutes. 


Our dermatologists have published these guidelines in scientific journals.

What does my skin look like during & after the procedure?

During treatment you will be slightly pink for a short while with mild swelling. These effects are purely the result of minor skin irritation from the gentle heating, however, will generally subside completely within a few hours of treatment.

More sensitive skin may have redness for up to 24 hours after treatment.

Who are candidates for surgery over Tempsure?

For patients with significant laxity, the treatment of choice is with a deep plane facelift. Our specialists perform short scar or mini-s-facelifts, however a deep plane lift by a plastic surgeon is the preferred method of treatment. 

Remember to treat skin quality, volume & laxity in proportion. This gives the best, & most natural results. 

Why choose Cutis Dermatology for non-surgical skin tightening?

At Cutis we offer a range of surgical, minimally invasive & non-surgical skin tightening treatments. Our team of dermatologists & nurses are extensively trained in the application of laser, peels, energy devices & injectables to help you attain the aesthetic outcomes you’ve been dreaming of – whatever your cosmetology needs.

Our ethos is to carefully formulate the perfect regime for even the most stubborn & unusual of skin complaints.