Excess arm fat & skin laxity can be treated with Coolsculpting. Ideal patients have a healthy BMI with pinchable areas of excess fat. Cryolipolysis can also improve mild to moderate skin laxity. In this area we often combine CoolSculpting with heating radiofrequency to compound skin tightening effects.


  • CoolSculpting can be very effective for reducing underarm fat or tuckshop arms
  • Typically, 1-2 sessions are performed, 4 weeks apart
  • Results can be seen as early as 4 weeks
  • Mild skin laxity is also addressed with this procedure
  • For even better results, we combine radiofrequency with CoolSculpting for better contouring

CoolSculpting For Arms at a glance

For: Stubborn fat, tuckshop arms
Procedure time: 60-70 minutes
结果持续时间: 终生
恢复工作 1-2 + 个疗程
恢复:0 天
麻醉 冷却
多少钱 $-$$




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CoolSculpting arms. Best for fat, not laxity




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    CoolSculpting can target abdominal & love handle fat in the one CoolSculpting can target abdominal & love handle fat in the one session




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      CoolSculpting to the arms is highly effective to reduce stubborn fat



        Is CoolSculpting effective on the arms?

        CoolSculpting is effective on the upper arms. If arm fat & mild laxity is a problematic area, CoolSculpting is the procedure that can yield a non-surgical solution to reduce ‘tuckshop arms.’ 

        CoolSculpting candidates are in good health, who are within 10 kilograms of their ideal weight. Patients with excess fat & mild skin laxity do best. An excess amount of loose skin will not be treated with this procedure. CoolSculpting for the arms is suitable for patients who have arm flab which diet & exercise has not improved its appearance. In many cases, especially in women, this excess fat in the upper arms can be hormonally related, often presenting in the early 40’s.

        How does CoolSculpting work on the arms?

        CoolSculpting works by cryolipolysis, or destruction of fat cells with cold, hence the term ‘fat freezing.’ CoolSculpting works by delivering controlled cooling to target the fat cells underneath the skin gently and effectively. 


        The targeted areas are chilled to minus 5 to13 degrees, resulting in crystallisation of the fat. This leads to programmed cell destruction. Your body naturally processes the crystallised fat, & eliminates these dead fat cells.




        效果可在 最早可在 CoolSculpting 低溫體雕纖體療法後 4 周看到效果。后 4 个月即可看到最佳效果。一次治疗可使局部脂肪减少 25%。


        6-7 个月后,皮肤松弛的情况会有所改善。

        How many CoolSculpting sessions are required for the arms?

        The number of CoolSculpting sessions depends on the amount of fat in the upper arms & your goals. Each session gives a 25% reduction in the area treated. If there is a significant amount of fat in your upper arms, typically two sessions are required, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

        Each patient is unique & a bespoke treatment plan will be formulated for you during the consultation. 

        How would I know if this procedure will be effective for my arms?

        At Cutis Dermatology we pride ourselves on giving the best outcomes for our patients. Book a consultation with our experienced therapists & nurses to discuss if this treatment is right for your goals. During the consult we-



        • Assess your BMI & weight
        • Assess the amount of fat vs muscle
        • Gauge the amount of skin laxity as a proportion of skin, fat, & muscle
        • Formulate a treatment plan based upon all these factors

        Does CoolSculpting address arm laxity?

        CoolSculpting is designed to reduce underarm fat, however it is effective for mild skin laxity. This is because cryolipolysis creates inflammation which contracts collagen. The improvement in skin laxity is not as predictable as fat reduction. Whilst fat reduction can be seen as early as 4 weeks, skin tightening often takes 6-7 months for best results. 


        If you have skin laxity, we often combine CoolSculpting for the arms with another treatment called radiofrequency.  More on this in the next question.




        Coolsculpting can effectively reduce arm circumference & in some cases tighten skin through collateral controlled inflammation. This leads to fibrosis of the deeper layers of skin.

        What other treatments do we combine with CoolSculpting for the arms?

        If you have mild to moderate skin laxity, you may be a candidate for skin tightening procedures that includes radiofrequency or HIFU. We prefer using radiofrequency in this area as it provides better results. At Cutis Dermatology we employ-


        NuEra radiofrequency: fast heating with great results. 4-6 sessions indicated.

        Tempsure / Pelleve: slow heating with good results. 3-5 sessions indicated.

        What are the side effects of CoolSculpting of the arms?

        CoolSculpting has fewer side effects than liposuction of the arms. Unlike surgical procedures, there are no skin scars with cryolipolysis


        Side effects include swelling, bruising & skin sensitivity. More significant side effects such as localised tenderness of the arms is due to prolonged inflammation of the fat. This resolves within 2-6 weeks. 


        Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is when fat cells in the treatment side enlarge. It is extremely uncommon, & primarily occurs on the abdominal areas in male patients.

        CoolSculpting 还能治疗哪些部位?


        • 颈部脂肪或双下巴
        • 侧腹或腹股沟
        • 腹部
        • Persistent bra fat
        • 大腿和膝盖脂肪
        • 香蕉卷

        手术与 CoolSculpting 相比有何优势?

        手臂上提手术称为 肱骨整形术 是一种去除手臂脂肪和松弛皮肤的外科手术。这种手术最适合腋下脂肪较多、皮肤松弛严重的患者,因为手术可以去除多余的皮肤组织。

        这种手术由整形外科医生在 GA 下进行。这种手臂上提手术 最适合体重明显减轻以及有大量多余皮肤和明显松弛的患者。恢复过程一般为 4-8 周。

        为什么我们要将 NuEra 和 CoolSculpting 低温塑形臂结合使用?

        NuEra 是一种射频治疗,用于 用于收紧皮肤.它适用于 轻度至中度手臂皮肤松弛的患者。 NuEra 是一种功能强大但非侵入性的射频治疗,它能加热皮肤深层,进而引起胶原蛋白收缩和刺激。

        在进行 CoolSculpting 低温塑形的同时,NuEra 可以用于身体多个部位的皮肤收紧,包括手臂、腹部、下巴部位、下颌角、臀部、腹部和腿部。这种治疗通常在 CoolSculpting 低温塑形术后 2-4 周进行。 

        What are adjunctive methods to tone the arms?

        Targeted exercises & healthy lifestyle choices will compound your gains. Remember CoolSculpting is designed for focal fat reduction. It does not replace healthy eating & moderate exercise. 

        A good way to tone the arm area is with resistance training. Ideally these exercises should be commenced prior to CoolSculpting & maintained post treatment. In most cases you can resume physical exercise 1-4 days after CoolSculpting for the arms. 

        The two groups of exercises for improving the tone of the upper arms include targeted triceps & biceps exercises. Triceps resistance training: include close grip push ups, or triceps extension exercises. Bicep resistance training: include curls & partial chin ups & pulldowns.