NuEra Skin Tightening + Fat Reduction

NuEra is the very latest in non-surgical skin tightening. It is a generation three device & replaces the generation one Thermage. NuEra uses radiofrequency energy to heat & contract dermal collagen, in turn improving skin laxity on the face, neck & body. NuEra is a safer & often better way to tighten skin as compared to Ultherapy or HIFU. Read more to understand how specialists employ these devices to provide predictable skin tightening results.


  • NuEra is the latest non-invasive skin tightening device
  • It employs radio-frequency technology to heat the skin & stimulate collagen
  • RF reduces wrinkles & improves skin tone resulting in firmer skin
  • Treatments are painless

NuEra at a glance

For: Skin laxity, reduced skin tone
Procedure time: 20 minutes
Duration of results: Variable
Back to work: 4-6 sessions
Recovery: 0 days
Anaesthetic: Painless
Your specialist: Therapist, nurse




NuEra skin tightening

RF NuEra can improve mild lower face laxity. This treatment is best combined with collagen stimulating dermal fillers.




    NuEra Tight Connie Casad MD

    RF NuEra




      NuEra 1

      RF NuEra can improve mild lower face laxity. This treatment is best combined with collagen stimulating dermal fillers.



        What can NuEra do for my skin?

        NuEra can treat; 

        • Mild to moderate laxity
        • Wrinkles
        • Crepey skin
        • Reduced skin tone

        Radiofrequency works by contraction & renewal of collagen. The superficial & deep heating of NuEra make this RF treatment an outstanding option for patients looking to reduce laxity, wrinkles, & improve skin firmness & resilience.

        What areas can be treated?

        The most common areas include-

        • Around eyes, mouth, cheeks & neck
        • Jowls
        • Double chin
        • Bra & Back Fat
        • Flanks
        • Inner & Upper thighs
        • Abdomen
        • Buttocks
        • Upper arms


        4 to 6 sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart. NuEra works by stimulating your skin’s immune system to contract & produce collagen. Treatments work in concert with the body’s natural functions.

        Does NuEra treatment hurt?

        No. The temperature control technology ensures a comfortable level of heat during treatment.

        The treatment feels like a hot stone massage. Patients describe a warm sensation as energy penetrates the various depths of their skin. There is no downtime & you can return to your usual routine the same day, including exercise.

        How does NuEra skin tightening work?

        NuEra is a non-invasive treatment designed primarily to improve skin laxity. It emits precise but powerful radiofrequency waves to heat the skin’s surface superficially or reach deeper tissue levels. 

        By using the precise frequency & depths of heat, we can target a variety of conditions ranging from wrinkles, laxity, & cellulite. Unlike lasers that target the outer layers of skin, the heat from NuEra spares the epidermis & is concentrated in the collagen producing depths of skin. 

        What treatments can be combined with NuEra?

        At Cutis Dermatology we combine NuEra with other skin directed therapies, depending on your skin type, skin condition & end goals. A few combinations include-

        NuEra + CO2 lasers: this combination addresses skin texture as well as skin tone. CO2 laser treats superficial wrinkles & pigmentation, RF addresses skin tightening. 

        NuEra + IPL: this addresses pigmentation & wrinkles. 

        NuEra + PDO threads: this combination is best for patients with little sun damage, but more laxity. 

        NuEra + dermal fillers: fillers address volume loss, RF improves skin tone. Ideal as this combination has no downtime.

        NuEra + pico lasers: RF helps tighten skin, whilst Pico lasers are employed to improve pigmentation. This combination is ideal for Asian & ethnic skin patients. 

        How would I know which combination is best for me?

        Book a consultation with our expert nursing team at Cutis. They can examine your skin & degree of laxity & provide you with an accurate treatment plan. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with our dermatologists. 

        How long does each treatment take?

        NuEra is the fastest & most powerful RF device on the market. It takes 20 minutes for the face & 35 minutes for the body. The length of treatment is variable on the size of the area being treated.

        As a guide it’s 2-4 times faster than Thermage & Pelleve. 

        Can all skin colours & skin types be treated with NuEra?

        Yes, this device is not a laser. It emits colour blind heat known as radiofrequency, & hence is super-safe in all skin types. 

        In fact NuEra & other skin tightening devices are preferentially biassed towards darker skin types. The primary reason for this is that ethnic skin has more collagen producing cells that are often larger & react briskly to heat. 

        How long do the results last?

        The results of NuEra are not permanent as we have not found a way to stop the ageing process. On the other hand, results can be maintained with follow up sessions. Most patients undergo ‘maintenance’ treatments once or twice a year.  

        With occasional touch-ups, sunscreen use, & a good skin care routine, the results of NuEra can last many years.

        What goes on during the treatment?

        Treatments are conducted in a relaxing treatment room where you will lie or sit back comfortably. We first apply a moisturiser to the skin enabling the applicator to gently glide over target areas. 

        NuEra gradually intensifies the energy output to precisely heat varying layers of tissue. As energy is absorbed, you will feel a warming sensation. Facial treatments may take as little as 20 minutes, while body areas may take up to 30 minutes.




        NuEra is the very latest in non-surgical skin tightening. It is a generation three device & replaces the generation one Thermage. NuEra uses radiofrequency energy to heat & contract dermal collagen, in turn improving skin laxity on the face, neck & body.

        How does NuEra compare with Ultherapy?

        At Cutis Dermatology we also employ Ultherapy & Ultraformer to lift & tighten skin. Compared to NuEra, HIFU (Ultherapy) is better suited for mild to moderate laxity in patients who have a thicker dermal layer & subcutaneous fat. 

        Our experts will discuss the pros & cons of each treatment pertaining to your skin type, age, degree of laxity & expectations. 

        How does NuEra compare with Thermage?

        We have used Thermage for 4 years prior to NuEra, so here is our insight. Thermage can be considered as first-generation RF- it’s over 15 years old. NuEra is the latest RF device. In our unbiased opinion NuEra gives better results & is much more cost effective & comfortable for the patient. 

        How does NuEra compare with Pelleve - Tempsure?

        Pelleve is best for mild laxity in darker skin patients. It uses less thermal heat & takes longer to perform compared to NuEra. Pelleve is best for patients with-

        • Little or no sun damage
        • Mild laxity 
        • Static wrinkles around the eyes

        How does NuEra compare with Genius or Infini RF microneedling?

        Microneedling devices such as Genius, Infini, & Morpheus 8 are useful in patients with mild to moderate laxity in the lower face & neck areas. Compared to NuEra, RF microneedling-

        • Has a longer recovery time of 72 to 96 hours
        • Requires more anaesthesia
        • Is best combined with procedures to address textural changes, eg. laser

        Why do we like NuEra skin tightening after PDO threads?

        This is one of our favourite combinations. We use PDO threads in a very specific way– namely to strategically place them in the greatest density in what we term a vector. It’s very different from the Instagram way of thread placement (lots of threads in random locations). Dermatological & plastic surgeons understand vector lifting as we perform this surgical method daily. 

        We then use RF NuEra to heat the area several weeks after the initial PDO thread placement, this results in far greater outcomes than either procedures, hence treatments are synergistic. 

        Does radiofrequency treatment melt dermal fillers?

        No. RF energy gets to a maximum of 70 degrees, well below the ‘melting point’ of dermal fillers. RF does not degrade PDO threads. We have published this work in 2018 

        What are the risks & potential complications of RF treatments?

        Radiofrequency works by heating tissue at various depths. 

        Adverse side effects are extremely rare but include bruising & blistering of the tissue. The precise temperature-controlled technology of the NuEra Tight reduces these risks. We take every precaution to ensure patient comfort and safety during each treatment.

        What is our skinny on NuEra RF treatments & how do we really use this device?

        With over 35 laser & energy devices, we carefully match each patient’s profile with the best possible method or methods to achieve the end goals keeping in mind safety & predictability of treatments. Skin tightening devices including HIFU, RF, RF microneedling, collagen stimulating dermal fillers, threads, & lasers have a specific role to play. As a guide, the ideal NuEra patient has-

        • Little or no sun damage. If you have broken collagen, it will not contract. Deep chemical peels & lasers are indicated in this group. 
        • Mild to moderate laxity. If you have a marked decrease in skin tone, surgery is indicated, but you are more than welcome to ‘give it a go.’
        • Moderate dermal & subcutaneous fat. Too heavy & it won’t ‘lift’, possibly HIFU, or Ultherapy is best in this group.

        Healthy lifestyle. If you smoke, it’s unlikely you will respond well to any skin tightening therapy.