If you are after an effective pore minimising program, our dermatologists & nurses can help you achieve this goal through various procedures & products, each chosen to deliver a specific role. We approach pores from a scientific angle, this ensures that we treat the cause of enlarged pores, leading to predictable results.  
We have a wide variety of enlarged pore treatment options:
  • Fraxel 激光
  • 化学换肤
  • 微型激光器
  • Hybrid Laser
  • 皮肤护理
  • Dermal Toning




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Aquagold Btx modulates pore sizing by relaxing the muscles attached to pores




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    TCA CROSS peels




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      Fully ablative laser resurfacing, best reserved for pores & scars


        Treatments for Enlarged Pores

        Fraxel 激光
        Best for: Shallow to medium depth
        Down time: 4-5 days
        Comments: Best for lighter skin types
        Best for: Medium to deep pores
        Down time: 2-4 days
        Comments: Best for deep pores
        Best for: Pores & pigment
        停机时间:0 天
        Comments: Best for darker skin types
        Hybrid Laser
        Best for: Pores & skin aging
        Down time: 6 days
        Comments: Best for mature skin
        Best for: Maintenance
        停机时间:0 天
        Comments: Maintain pore size
        Dermal Toning
        Best for: Shallow pores
        停机时间:0 天
        Comments: Cost effective treatments
        Diagnosis is the key to success
        Shrink enlarged pores effectively with fractional lasers

        The first step to getting it right is an examination. We take note of the size of your pores as well as the cause of enlargement. Genetics, age, excess oil production, & incorrect skin care are all factors that govern the size of pores. From there we will formulate a treatment plan based upon your factors. 

        Book a free* nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics to discuss the best treatment options for your skin. *T&C applies

        One of the main causes of enlarged pores is a lack of collagen support to the pore. This results in enlargement. A lack of collagen & support can be genetic, but it can also be age related. Fractional lasers can efficiently rejuvenate collagen, improve skin texture & quality & reduce the size of pores. 1-2 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart will give a predictable reduction in pore sizing.

         Learn more 

        Pores & oil, there is a relationship
        Peels & Pores

        If you have oily skin, chances are you will have enlarged pores. Excess oil production enlarges pores, which are in direct contact with the sebaceous or oil glands of the skin. If you have oily skin, slowing down oil production can reduce pore sizing as well as acne breakouts. 

        Dermatologists can achieve pore reduction with topical creams, lasers, peels & if indicated medical therapy including ant-hormones & oral vitamin A. Be guided by their assessment.

        Chemical peels are useful for both spectrums of pore sizing. TCA focal peels are best for ultra-deep & wide pores, whilst AHA peels including glycolic & lactic acids are indicated for smaller diameter pores. Peels function to increase dermal collagen, in turn providing pore support.  To see if peels are right for your types of pores, book a free* nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics. *T&C applies


        If you are after an effective pore minimizing program, our dermatologists & nurses can help you achieve this goal through the careful application of various procedures & products, each chosen to deliver a specific role. We approach pores from a scientific angle, this ensures that we treat the cause of enlarged pores, leading to predictable results.  


        为什么选择 Cutis 皮肤科?

        Our dermatologists have over 20 years of clinical expertise in the field of aesthetic dermatology

        Combined with the latest in state-of-the-art laser technology, our team can address even the most complex cases to deliver unparalleled results. Our portfolio of over 35 laser devices covers the very latest vascular laser technology, including pulse dye lasers, 532 hybrid lasers & BBL.

        Why are my pores enlarged?

        There are only a few conditions that enlarge pores, so fortunately it’s not complex.

        • Genetics. Pores are larger in ethnics. You can’t change DNA, but we can reduce pore sizing.
        • Acne & blackheads. Self-explanatory.
        • Oily skin. Increase flow of sebum, increase the diameter of pores.
        • Age. Reduces collagen production
        • Inflammation swells the skin, including pores. Classic example is rosacea.
        • UV damages collagen, resulting in actinic comedones
        • Sebaceous filaments; increase the diameter of pores

        What is the end goal of shrinking down enlarged pores?

        At Cutis Dermatology we angle all treatments based upon science, so you won’t find us advertising ‘glass skin’ or porcelain white flawless complexion. The aim or pore treatment is to shift your pores by 20-50 percent to the left of the bell curve. This means if you have huge pores to begin with the jump from big to normal is significant. Conversely if you have normal pores & would like a shift from the 50th centile, this shift may only be 20% – after 2 to 3 sessions.  

        Understanding these goals are paramount to getting good results. If you are on the spectrum of pore phobia – BDD, our consultants will tell you so, hence you know what to expect. 

        Can microneedling treat enlarged pores?

        Yes, but make sure the needles are smaller than the pores itself. Small spot, non-ablative lasers deliver far better results, in only 1-2 sessions with a very low side effect profile. Dermatologists perform microneedling on a daily basis, just not for pores.


        What is RF microneedling & why is this better than microneedling for pores

        RFM or radiofrequency microneedling generated controlled heat within the needles. This ranges from 67-69.6 degrees Celsius. Heat stimulates more collagen than ‘cold’ needling. We do employ RFM, however this is reserved for large pores. The current system is Genius RF, we have used Intensif, Intracel, Infini, Morpheus 8 & Secret in the past. 

        What is pico laser & why is it the best laser for enlarged pores in darker skin types?

        Pico lasers predictably reduce pore sizing in darker skin types. They target pigment, in turn causing a cascade of events that culminate in collagen production. We use both Picoway & Picosure Pro. Most cases can be improved in 2-3 sessions. 

        Learn more (link to Picoway under the laser section)

        What are medical treatments to reduce pore size?

        If pores are large due to oil production, your dermatologist may prescribe medication to reduce the flow of oil.

        What is the best way to treat enlarged pores in the mature age group?

        The best way to treat mature skin with enlarged pores is a combination of high density Fraxel non-ablative with CO2 laser. Most patients require one session. Downtime is 6 days, & the results last at least 4-6 years. 

        Fraxel provides bulk heating & treats superficially, while CO2 treats deeply, stimulating more collagen. 

        Learn more (link to Hybrid laser resurfacing in the laser section)

        How to treat enlarged pores on a budget?

        If you are on a budget, try this protocol. Wash with salicylic acid 2%, blot daily, add niacinamide 10% in the evening, ascorbic acid in the am, and book for nano Q Switch laser toning. They cost $139 per treatment, & over time you will get a reduction in pore sizing. 

        To get on board, book a free consultation with our laser nurses at Cutis Dermatology, Brisbane. T&C apply.

        Tox, microTox & Aquagold for pore refinement, what is it?

        We use micro doses of muscle relaxants mixed with hyaluronic acid & delivered via ultra-thin microneedles. anti-wrinkle relaxes the smooth muscle fibres, in turn reducing pore sizing. There is no downtime with the Aquagold system, results take 3-10 days to peak, & last a few months. It’s a good solution for ‘emergency’ pore refinement. 

        Learn more (link to Aquagold in the skin maintenance section folder)

        Can BBL SkinTyte be useful?

        In some cases, BBL can be used to stimulate collagen production. We don’t like this treatment for pore refinement because the results are less predictable than lasers, & you will require between 4-6 sessions. 

        Laser devices, performed with purpose & precision will give far better results than BBL or IPL. 

        Can nano-fractional RF devices work for pores?

        Yes. We do have the eMatrix or eTWO systems by Candela. These great devices & we used them a lot a decade ago. Compared to the US system, our treatment levels go up to 100mJ. These devices have been replaced with Tixel, pico & fractional lasers. The latest tech is more predictable than older nano-RF devices. 

        What peels are good for enlarged pores?

        Our team uses several chemical peel types, based upon clinical features.

        Salicylic acid: For pores with blackheads or pores with sebaceous filaments. 

        AHA/Glycolic acid: For tiny pores. 

        Retinoic acid: For maintenance therapy.

        TCA CROSS/Paint: For very big pores / deep pores with ice pick acne scars. 

        What is Tixel for pores?

        Tixel is a fractional short contact heating device. It can be used in all skin types & has minimal downtime. We use Tixel to treat acne, acne scars & enlarged pores. It works by generating collagen, in turn supporting the opening of the pore. 

        2-5 sessions are conducted, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Using the correct setting is paramount for good results with Tixel.

        What is the best skin care for oily skin & enlarged pores?

        Here’s a quick guide that can help some, but not all cases. 

        • Best wash: Salicylic acid, 2%. This BHA is anti-inflammatory.
        • Best ingredients: Retinol, retinoids, ascorbic acid
        • Exfoliate with: BHA or AHAs once a week

        The aim of skincare is to treat the underlying cause of enlarged pores. Retinoids reduce sebum or oil & reduces back up of the oil gland due to abnormal shedding of cells. Vitamin C increases collagen production & reduces UV damage to skin. AHAs & BHAs act as exfoliants. 

        Why is sunscreen important?

        It prevents collagen breakdown, in turn preventing pores from enlarging. It’s well known amongst dermatologists that with Brisbane’s high UV index, ageing accelerates. Pores enlarge with age due to loss of collagen support, hence the importance of sunscreens.

        Why don’t treatments work?

        Pore size reduction is generally predictable providing the causes are identified & treatments are appropriately executed. Failure to get to the end goals are –

        1. Expectations are not aligned. Pore size reduction, at least from a scientific POV is always measured objectively not subjectively. 
        2. You may have an element of BDD or pore phobia. Lasers don’t fix psychological problems. 
        3. Lasers aren’t good enough or wrong settings or more treatments are required. Pore size reduction is based upon your ability to stimulate collagen. Most do it well in one or two laser sessions, others may require 3 to 4. Again, it is a bell curve. 
        4. Treat the cause. If your cause is oily skin, & you don’t take effective measures, it is not going to work. You cannot stem the flow of a creek by just blocking it, you need to treat upstream. 

        Can diet affect oil production & pore sizing?

        Diet can play a limited role in oil production. Sugar, refined foods & dairy products, the usual suspects in acne, can increase sebum production. Hence if you are keen to try natural solutions to reduce oil production, follow the anti-acne diet guidelines.

        Learn more (Link to acne diet in the acne treatment section)

        What is the difference between subjectively big pores & objective assessments?

        Porephobia by definition are people who are afraid of enlarged pores. This may be real (objectively measured) or imagined by the patient (subjective assessment does not meet up with objective clinical assessments). 

        If you think you have huge pores, & other people (not just us) think you don’t, chances are you have a variant of pore-phobia. This is a spectrum of BDD or body dysmorphic disorder.  This is best managed by psychologists or psychiatrists.