Lip Volumizing Treatments

嘴唇是面部的核心特征。嘴唇是否自然迷人,与上下唇的轮廓、丰满度和比例有很大关系。 上下唇的清晰度、丰满度和比例有很大关系。漂亮嘴唇的一个主要特征是它们具有 和谐的外观,并能与面部其他部分很好地融合。嘴唇不应该是最重要的特征。 您可以预约 免费*护士咨询我们的布里斯班诊所与委员会认证的皮肤科医生 Davin Lim 医生合作。 *T & C适用。


  • 为了达到自然的效果,嘴唇不应成为面部的突出特征
  • 当我们平衡轮廓、体积和唇部比例时,就能达到最佳效果

Lip Volumizing Treatments at a glance

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        How can lips benefit from more volume?


        Lip augmentation adds shape, definition, & volume to the lips. Certain advanced treatments are designed specifically for lip augmentation. Together with the skills of an experienced clinician, treatments can create smooth, natural-looking results.

        What defines a balanced & natural lip outcome?

        Lip treatments must be age appropriate & blend in with the rest of the face. Though central to rejuvenation, the lips should NOT be the standout feature. For this reason, it is sometimes recommended that we combine lip augmentation with other treatment or consider other procedures to reduce wrinkles around the mouth, jowls & jawline areas.


        面部不对称很常见,也可以接受,但 唇部不对称需要矫正。如果唇部结构不均匀,就会影响整个面部的美观和谐,因为嘴唇是面部的中心点。

        Asymmetry is easily adjusted with volume. If you have been struggling with an unbalanced mouth – whether it is from birth, due to an accident, or treatment from another clinic our specialist clinicians can help. 


        Lip treatments can be performed in approximately 10 to 15 minutes & is literally a lunchtime procedure. Patients experience only mild swelling & bruising after treatment, which subsides within a few days to a week.

        When will I see the results from lip treatments?

        术后即刻。 最初几天(最多 12-14 天),您的嘴唇看起来会比最终效果大 10-25%。这是由于肿胀造成的。两周后效果最佳。

        If it’s your first time, we always recommend under correction, rather than over correction. It’s much easier to add volume, than to remove it (& more economical in the long run). 




        Lip volumizing treatments, performed by our experienced clinicians can enhance, volumise & define the lips. We take pride in giving natural results.

        How long do lip treatments last?

        With certain treatments, the results last 6 to 12 months. Your lips will not look strange or deflated during this process. They will simply resume their previous shape & volume. 

        What happens if I don’t like my lip treatment?

        You would be one of only a handful of patients over 15 years, but seriously, we can inject an enzyme into your lips. The procedure takes a few minutes, and the results are immediate.

        Remember that it does take a week or so after your lip treatment to see the best results. In rare cases, swelling can take 2 weeks before settling down. 

        What happens if I don’t like my lip treatment from another clinic?

        Our clinicians can use certain products to break down the lip volume, depending on what they used.

        There are many causes of lumps on the lip, including wrong product, too much product, incorrect placement & other factors. 

        如需准确评估,请预约 免费*护士咨询布里斯班诊所。

        *T&C 适用。 


        让成熟的嘴唇焕发青春要复杂得多比年轻时 比年轻嘴唇的年轻化要复杂得多。 我们认为

        • 嘴唇本身,即上下唇的体积、结构和比例
        • 周围软组织的支撑--木偶纹、下巴、鼻唇沟
        • 下层硬组织支撑--牙齿、颌骨和骨骼
        • 上唇与鼻梁之间的距离
        • 口周皮肤质量,即晒伤和皱纹

        Natural rejuvenation is not just filler in the lips, it involves improving all aspects as above. We employ volumizing, lasers, deep peels, & surgery to achieve balanced & harmonious results.

        复合唇部年轻化 由我们的程序性皮肤科医生实施。

        Can we use fat transfer for lips?

        我们的皮肤科医生接受过以下方面的培训 脂肪移植但是 不建议在嘴唇上进行原因如下

        • Whilst fat may last longer than other products, it does not give structure. Fat is akin to two big sausages. Not a good look.
        • Fat is not as predictable, with an absorption rate of 20 to over 50% in the first few months.
        • Fat in an artery is not reversible, as compared to other products.