Pulse Fraxel Laser Peel

Cutis Clinic is one of Brisbane’s few specialist centres offering Pulse Fraxel Peel treatment. The Pulse Fraxel Peel takes laser treatment to a whole new level. This dual treatment combines BBL with Fraxel in a single procedure, meaning only one treatment is required for our patients.


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This treatment is ideal for improving:

  • Skin texture
  • Skin tone
  • Sun damage (a common occurrence in Queensland)

  • Combination BBL (Broad Band Light) and Fraxel laser in a single session
  • Cutis Clinic offers customised treatment protocols for every patient
  • Pulse Fraxel Peel treatment requires  3-7 days downtime; recovery rates are dependent on the individual and peel strength
  • Procedure can take up to 30 minutes and is painless
  • Local anaesthetic cream can be applied before treatment
  • Pulse Fraxel peel works great on sunspots, skin hyperpigmentation and fine lines
  • Most patients only require one treatment; however, additional treatments can provide even better results
  • Laser settings will be tailored according to your skin type and available downtime
  • The Pulse Fraxel Laser Peel is also ideal for discolouration, but not a good treatment for melasma

Pulse Fraxel Peel uses two time-tested light and laser based treatments within one setting, which removes skin pigmentation and sun damage while improving skin texture and tone.

IPL or BBL on the other hand uses intense light which targets brown or red pigmentation on the surface and shallow layers of the skin. Immediately after IPL-BBL, Fraxel laser is used. Fraxel laser delivers microscopic columns of laser light intothe  deeper layers of the skin. This targets deep pigmentation and collagen, allowing skin to tighten- hence enancing skin tone. Energy from lasers simulates rejuvenation, replacing old and damaged cells, scars and collagen with fresh, glowing and healthy skin cells.

Pulse Fraxel is Cutis Clinic’s unique combination IPL and Fraxel laser procedure in a single session. This combines two proven methods of skin rejuvenation in order to deliver outstanding results.

Pulse Fraxel Peel treatment is conducted as follows:

  1. Numbing cream is applied 45-60 minutes before treatment
  2. IPL-BBL administered at predetermined wavelength for treatment of superficial facial pigmentation
  3. Fraxel 1927 or Fraxel 1550 treatment immediately follows
  4. Downtime of  3-7 days depending on treatment parameters

IPL addresses superficial skin pigmentation and uneven skin texture, and in some cases facial flushing; Fraxel laser targets the deeper layers of the skin, such as dermal pigmentation, sunspots and fine lines.

The combination of IPL/BBL and Fraxel allows Cutis Clinic dermatology specialists the flexibility to treat numerous skin conditions using our unique and synergistic program. This includes the management of:

Sun damage and skin ageing

The Fraxel and IPL combination diminishes sunspots, brown pigmentation and fine lines. Your skin texture is also enhanced, rejuvenating your skin to produce a fresh, glow.

Wrinkles, fine lines and poor skin tone

Our specialists use the 1550 setting for the treatment of deeper wrinkles and decreased skin tone. Deeper wrinkles require multiple treatments. A series of 3 Pulse Fraxel Peels for heavy sun damage and/or marked wrinkle reduction is recommended.

Facial hyperpigmentation

Freckles, sunspots and uneven facial pigmentation can be safely and effectively treated with a single  IPL-Fraxel treatment.

We do not recommend IPL or Fraxel as first-line treatment of melasma, a unique form of skin pigmentation that should first be treated with specialist creams.

Rejuventation of the hands and arms

Fraxel –IPL can dramatically diminish sunspots and skin ageing on the hands, and forearms. In this setting, most patients will require a series of treatments (ideally 3) for the best results.

Rejuvenation of the chest and neck

This is one of the safest and most effective treatments for the chest and neck. We often combine Fraxel laser with either IPL, vascular laser or Q-switch laser devices to achieve successful fading of sun damage and dark pigmentation in these areas. Most patients will require a series of 3 treatments for best results.

Most forms of pigmentation can be very effectively treated with the Fraxel Laser. These include sun damage (solar freckles etc.) as well as non-raised age spots or liver spots.

Facial pigmentation caused by skin cancers, for example melanoma, or hormonal conditions such as melasma should not be treated with Fraxel. This is why an initial consultation with one of our dermatologists is imperative. We can then address exactly which type of face pigmentation you exhibit well before any laser treatment commences. This is because Fraxel or Pulse Fraxel Peel, while perfect for sun damage, can actually worsen hormonal pigmentation such as melasma. Cutis Clinic will rarely advise Fraxel as a single treatment for such conditions; however, used in conservative settings with bleaching creams Fraxel may be used in resistant cases.

A specialist assessment is the best way forward. Tailored treatment plans are set up according to your goals, your specific condition, your medical history, your skin type, your lifestyle and your available downtime.

Most patients undergoing Pulse Fraxel Peels may only require a single treatment to achieve their desired results. This is because we use a combination of IPL or BBL with Fraxel in a single session. IPL and BBL treat superficial pigmentation, while Fraxel treats deeper pigmentation, fine to mid-depth facial lines and improves both skin texture and skin tone.

As a guide:

  • Mild to moderate sun damage and facial hyper pigmentation: 1-3 treatments
  • Neck and chest rejuvenation: 2-4 treatments

Every patient’s skin is unique; some of you may require an additional treatment for desired outcomes.

* Your specialist dermatologist will be able to advise you as to the most effective number of treatments.

No. At Cutis Clinic we make patient comfort and safety our priority. The Pulse Fraxel Peel procedure is less painful than IPL; however, we still use a specialist mix of anaesthetic creams before each procedure to ensure that even your IPL or BBL treatment is painless. Anaesthetic or numbing cream is applied 45-60 minutes before your Pulse Fraxel peel.

Your skin will be red after treatment, similar to mild sunburn. Slight stinging may also be experienced after the effects of the anaesthetic cream wear off; ice packs and cold water compresses will alleviate any burning sensation. No bleeding or oozing is associated with this treatment. Swelling begins at around 12-24 hours after treatment and peeling within 3 days.

Pulse Fraxel Peel aftercare is simple. Skincare and rapid healing requires only 2 steps.

  1. Cleanse 2 – 3 times a day with the cleaning kit provided
  2. Use our special healing balm 3-4 times a day over a period of 3-5 days. This  balm aids in skin recovery.

Avoid the sun for 14 days after Pulse Fraxel Peel and use sun protection whenever you go outdoors, even on cloudy days.

You can return to your daily exercise routine within 4-5 days of treatment.

Your usual makeup products and personal skin regime can resume 5-7 days after Fraxel treatment.

Treatment types are dependent on your skin type, skin condition, individual goals, expectations and downtime. A consultation with one of our specialists allows us to determine the perfect treatment.

Pulse Fraxel Peel candidates want:

  • To see results after just 1-2 treatments
  • To improve skin texture and skin tone
  • To heal and remove signs of sun damage and skin hyperpigmentation
  • To diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Downtime is 3-7 days

Pulse Fraxel: Please contact us for pricing information.

3 Pulse Fraxel Peel Package: Please contact us for pricing information

* All prices include anaesthetic cream and nursing follow up
** 3 Pulse Fraxel Peel package is ideal for severe sun damage or pigmentation. Each treatment takes place at 4-8 week intervals.

No. Private insurance and Medicare do not cover Fraxel laser or BBL- IPL treatments. This treatment is classed as cosmetic under Medicare and Private Health insurance guidelines.

If you are undertaking this procedure for sun damage, photodynamic therapy (PDT) may be an option and can be eligible for a token rebate from top-level health cover. PDT treatment does not offer the additional cosmetic benefits of Pulse Fraxel peels.

“I started combination treatments with early generation fractional devices using our Quantum IPL device over 9 years ago and experienced great results with old-fashioned skin needling and first generation IPL. Our clinic then upgraded to second generation BBL and erbium fractional laser resurfacing. This proved to be an even better treatment; however, when compared to Pulse Fraxel peeling, earlier treatments were associated with oozing and pin-point bleeding – neither were desirable immediate outcomes. Nevertheless, results at day 7 were outstanding and predictable.

We have now further upgraded to a new, third generation mix of IPL and Fraxel that lifts combination therapy to yet another level! We use BBL (a form of IPL) to remove light and superficial pigmentation as well as diminish skin redness. The numbing cream applied before commencement of the procedure makes the experience a painless one. Fraxel laser is then applied. The combination of IPL- BBL and Fraxel is the basis of efficacious synergy treatments – ‘one plus one equal three’. This means one session can give great results without the inconvenience of multiple downtimes.

Unlike fractional laser treatments using CO2 or erbium, Pulse Fraxel Peel is extremely comfortable with no bleeding or oozing. Patient comfort is unparalleled.”